No Relief for Sport Relief

No Relief for Sport Relief


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Started on 12th February 2020 Redhill, England, United Kingdom

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Duncan Parker posted an update on 20th February 2020

Thanks for your support so far guys! 20% done!

I am raising money for Sport Relief. They help people in the toughest of circumstances and so I thought I'd tough one out for them.

Here's the thing. I'll do XX reps of anything, anywhere wearing what you want (within reason and decency) based on the amount of money you donate and you name the exercise or challenge in the comments. I'll make sure I video it and upload in the updates area for you to enjoy/endure

For example, 

£20 = Dunc do 20 star jumps in front of the fish counter in Sainsbury's. 

£50 = Duncan do 50 push ups in the mud wearing your white shell suit

£100 = Dunc, impress your work colleagues by eating a hundred pickled onions in the office this week (no reheated fish pie dares please - world wide office ban)

You get the idea. The more you give, the more likely I am to make an idiot of myself and the more you hurt me.

Show Sport Relief the love gang.


Anonymous pledged £30 + an est. £7.50 in Gift Aid

14th March 2020 at 7:46am

Paul Collier commented

Could you drink a coffee dressed as you.

20th February 2020 at 3:20pm
Paul Collier pledged £20 + an est. £5.00 in Gift Aid
20th February 2020 at 3:19pm
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Duncan Parker posted a new update
20th February 2020 at 3:01pm
Andrew Barker commented

Great effort Duncan in aid of Sport Relief - from Sally & Andrew.

18th February 2020 at 2:03pm
Andrew Barker pledged £50 + an est. £12.50 in Gift Aid
18th February 2020 at 2:02pm
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Su Johnston commented

Great Charity - hope you smash your target.

12th February 2020 at 11:21pm
Su Johnston pledged £15 + an est. £3.75 in Gift Aid
12th February 2020 at 11:20pm
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Adrià Tarrida commented

Dunc, do 20 push-ups dressed as a heavy metal star with System of a Down blasting on your Bluetooth speaker!

12th February 2020 at 6:23pm
Adrià Tarrida pledged £20
12th February 2020 at 6:22pm
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Duncan Parker commented

Dunc do 20 mins running in a the hottest place you can find.

12th February 2020 at 6:20pm
Duncan Parker pledged £20 + an est. £5.00 in Gift Aid
12th February 2020 at 6:19pm
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