Nims For London

by Nims Obunge in London, England, United Kingdom

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I'm running as an independent Mayoral candidate to work with Londoners in creating a safer, more prosperous city. Let's Step Up For London!

by Nims Obunge in London, England, United Kingdom



Step Up For London


My name is Nims, and I believe that London is a city we can all be proud to call our home and we should work together to preserve and protect all that represents it as we step up to make it the best city in the world!


I believe our city is now at a point where we can no longer leave our destiny in the hands of politicians alone. Neither do I believe one political party has the answer to the many challenges we face. A collaborative effort is the only way we can see our city thrive. 


To achieve this I have decided to run as a truly independent Mayoral candidate in May 2021. I will step up and work together with professionals and practitioners to make our city safe, affordable, greener, healthier electric and prosperous.


Over the last 30 years I have served in different roles across London working as a financial adviser, faith leader (Freedom’s Ark), CEO of The Peace Alliance, governor of an FE college, and been a board member for different government agencies including the London Criminal Justice Partnership. I believe my experiences within London and my continued position as an advocate against violence on our streets and homes make me the ideal candidate to put Londoners’ priorities first.

Covid has changed many lives and I see through the lives of over 3000 people that the charities I lead feed. I want to end this food poverty.  

Please join me on this exciting and challenging quest as we step up for London and make it truly ours! Let’s move London forward  because we can do better  


What's Next?



My team and I are constantly  listening to the voices of Londoners - the voices of those who live, learn and work in our city. We want to hear your thoughts on how we can;


Make London Safe

Make London Affordable 

Make London Prosperous

Make London Electric 


These conversations are the building blocks on which we form our policy positions. So why not get involved and join our Big Policy Conversations!


Follow us on Social Media and help us reach  your community! 


What Will My Donation Do?


As we approach May 6th your ongoing donations will assist us drive our social media, billboard and in person campaigns 

Your donations can range from £1 to £1000’s. No matter what you give we will always be grateful and promise to be prudent with all spending. 

As an independent candidate, we cannot rely on political party funding. This journey can only be successful when we work together for a common cause. Your support of this movement will help us fund aspects that are critical to the success of this campaign and cover expenses such as;


1. A city wide advertising campaign that enables us to garner widespread reach and visibility:

  • Ads in newspapers
  • Digital advertising (social media & relevant websites)


2. Hosting events which will prove critical in driving momentum and enthusiasm for the campaign


3. Expenses for our administration, staff and volunteers


4. Campaign Merchandise  


Thank you for your kind support


Please note; 

  • Any donations made over £500 by anonymous donors cannot be received 
  • Any donations (single or aggregate from the same donor) over £500 will be subject to permissibility checks and donor information will appear in the election return
  • Any donations over £1500 will result in the donors identity appearing on the Electoral Commission website 
  • Multiple donations from the same source will be aggregated for recording and reporting purposes

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