Save the NHS with new documentary UNDER THE KNIFE

by Pam K Productions in London, England, United Kingdom

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The VISION: Get this film seen FREE for NHS staff, trade unionists, campaigners, pensioners, medical students and the general public

by Pam K Productions in London, England, United Kingdom

We are crowdfunding £20,000 for a nationwide launch of the feature-length documentary - UNDER THE KNIFE - a film that uncovers the systematic dismantling of the NHS in England through cuts, closures, underfunding and privatisation.

"This is the best film around on the NHS. UNDER THE KNIFE shows the vital importance of the NHS to society and exposes the dark threats facing it. But most important of all, the film gives hope to those who are campaigning to keep the NHS safe for our children. You just have to see it"

Dr Tony O’Sullivan Retired consultant paediatrician, co-chair of Keep Our NHS Public

The film has been produced by Pamela Kleinot, an investigative journalist, who in 2014 started to research into why the NHS services she was familiar with appeared to be underfunded and undermined. What started out as a personal project grew into a four-year investigation resulting in a 90-minute documentary film, made with award-winning director Susan Steinberg. The film features speakers such as John McDonnell, Gina Miller, George Monbiot, Tony Blair, Dr Phil Hammond, Dr Lauren Gavaghan, Lord Owen, Michael Mansfield QC and others. It's an empowering film that brings new light to this fight. 


The film is finished, and we need your support to help launch a series of premiere screenings nationwide during the week of October 14-18 so that as many people as possible can see this film. With your help, UNDER THE KNIFE will raise awareness and be a catalyst for a UK-wide campaign. We aim to organise at least 20 FREE screenings.

26 local 'Keep Our NHS Public' groups have agreed to work with local unions and host screenings in their area; but we need funds to hire the cinema space, promote and co-ordinate the events. The more funds we raise, the more places we can screen UNDER THE KNIFE to health workers – doctors, nurses, cleaners, admin teams – and health campaigners, trade unions and members of the public. Apart from cinemas, we are keen to host screenings in community centres, town halls, hospitals, universities and schools. 

 I believe this film is important. Everyone should see it. 

Every penny raised through our crowdfunding campaign will go directly to ensuring that as many people as possible have the chance to see this film for free through nationwide screenings.


- July/ Mid August = scout and confirm venues 

- End of August = Messaging / PR

- 1st October = Registration Opens 

- 14th / 18th October = Screenings 


We have a choice: either accept the undermining and privatisation of our healthcare or take up the fight to preserve Britain’s favourite institution.

Pamela Kleinot, Producer of UNDER THE KNIFE: 

I grew up in Johannesburg, South Africa, where access to health care was not equal. I was a medical journalist and witnessed how the severe inequality for blacks under apartheid impacted every facet of society. My father was a doctor and worked in a state hospital for black people. He always told me how wonderful the NHS was. When it began in 1948, it was revolutionary in providing free healthcare to everyone. It is one of the best institutions that humanity has ever created and was the gold standard for the world. As I became increasingly aware of the crisis in health care, I began to investigate. During my two years of research, I found that the NHS was being undermined through underfunding, cuts and closures. It was also being covertly privatised which heralds the end of universal health care. Do we want to go the route of the American health care system which has bankrupted so many? I was committed to making a film about the NHS to inform the public about how we have got to this place. I have devoted my time and personal money to make this project possible as I think it is vital that we try and save this national institution.  

Communities, health care professionals and campaigners have fought to defend hospitals and services threatened with closure through the courts, in council chambers and on the pavements. Campaigners have saved Ealing and Charing Cross hospitals after seven years of struggle. They have followed in the success of the people of Lewisham who won against the government and saved their hospital. The battle rages on as hospitals and GP surgeries around the country close or are at risk and private companies are creeping into the system – most disgracefully in mental health.

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Screening and Bag

First 20 people to pledge £50 have the chance to attend a screening of the film in London with a friend and an Under The Knife bag!

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Link to the unreleased film

First 20 people to pledge £100 or more get a link to the film for an insight into how the NHS is being undermined and privatised early enough to start campaigning as Brexit deadline nears.

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Private Q&A Skype Chat with Director&Producer

First 10 people to pledge £200 or more get a Skype Q&A with the director or producer and an exclusive link to watch the film online

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Social Documentary - Masterclass

The director of Under The Knife will offer a full-day workshop to small groups of 2 or more filmmakers on the making of a social documentary. She will use the film, Under The Knife as an example. Steinberg is an Emmy award-winning director and editor and also taught filmmaking at New York University and other universities in US & UK.

£500 or more

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Dinner with the Producer

Veteran investigative journalist and NHS worker Pamela Kleinot will take a lucky someone out for dinner and explain how the film was made and where the future of the NHS rests.

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