NGYT and Local Artist Coronavirus Impact Fund

by Next Generation Youth Theatre in Luton, England, United Kingdom

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To raise funds for NGYT core costs in order to survive the impact of Covid-19 and create 10 x £250 Hardship Awards for local Luton artists.

by Next Generation Youth Theatre in Luton, England, United Kingdom

 New stretch target

This will enable us to further the monetary support for local artists and freelancers in our community and freelancers within the NGYT Team who literally live hand to mouth.

We have created this fundraiser in response to the impact Covid-19 is having on our sector, our business, our arts family of freelancers and artists and our town. 

The creative and cultural industries are now valued at £111.7 billion, growing at twice the rate of the economy. These same industries are reliant on the labour of freelancers, self-employed workers and artists, yet these are the same people who are at the front line of precariousness.

In times of crisis, change, cuts & pandemics, the foundation of our workforce that we "celebrate" annually for their contributions to economic growth are most vulnerable.

Many workers face economic uncertainty, while bills, childcare costs, rent and livelihoods demand so much.
We are about to enter even more turbulence. Tie all of this with no statutory sick pay, cancellations, pending lockdown and an industry not centred on care, the potential for further harm is greater than ever.
We are already seeing artists and freelancers unable to work due to the closing of theatres, events, civic spaces and public gatherings.

We aim to raise £5,000 through this fundraiser. £2,500 of this will be used by us at NGYT to continue to pay for our core costs such as storage facility, our Insurance costs and our freelance team who are now not delivering their sessions across all of our local schools.
The other £2,500 will be for local Luton artists.

The idea is to provide 10 x £250 Hardship Funds for any local Luton based artists, practitioners and creative freelancers that cannot work during this time or who have been affected by cancellations or other impacts.

These will be distributed on a first come first served basis. Details of how will be released soon but if this fund speaks to you, we want to help.

If you can give, please give generously. If we make more than what we're fundraising for, we'll be able to support more artists.

We hope these will be available by the end of April. If we get lots of generous donations, we'll go again, for as long as we can.

Keep Safe,


Laura & David Lloyd
NGYT Co-Directors

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