New Roleplaying System

by Ross Edward Fortune Lombardi in Redcar, England, United Kingdom

New Roleplaying System
Not quite
Unfortunately this project was not successful.

I have been using a self-designed role-playing system among family and friends and I feel that I would like to make it publicly available.

by Ross Edward Fortune Lombardi in Redcar, England, United Kingdom

New Roleplaying System


Hail all fellow RP geeks!

I have been using a self-designed role-playing system among family and friends and I feel that I would like to make it publicly available.

This latest version will be Mk 5.

I call it BATTLE DIRGE mk 5

This will NOT be sold commercially.

It will instead, be given out for free as a PDF and on a Bespoke web site, as a “public domain” to anyone who wants it.


The systems features are…



A universal ANY world setting system all fitting in one single PDF, including Ancient, Fantasy, gunpowder, modern-day, and sci-fi worlds!

(Instead of hundreds of different world and setting books)



Mass Combat and Ruler Infrastructure systems included.

From lowly peasant to ruling an empire!

(Cities, lands and armies will all have their own “Character sheets” and game systems.)



Optional “reality conflict rules” where sci-fi world elements and fantasy elements have an allergic reaction to each other….



Ascension rules for various stages of levels of becoming a higher being (good or evil)

(That will work well with the “Reality conflict rules”, imagine A Fantasy God vs a Planet Destroying sci-fi Battle Cruiser!)



(potentially only, not promised)

An included world setting with all the factions against a backdrop or two realities melting into one another.

Sci-Fi universe vs a High Fantasy One.

Each universe can only survive if the other one is destroyed

– And time is running out!



A system so simple that you will not need a calculator and whose rule book will be under 250 pages!

If you can count to 100, know your 2x table, and roll a D20 then you can use it!

(System will need a full dice set, D4, D6, D8, D10, D12, and a D20!)

Not hundreds of reference tables and charts needed!

The aim is to have the finished work pruned back to being only 100 pages long and very intuitive!




It will only potentially be done, time and expense permitting!

And it will have to be a second (but again, free to all) book of about 100 extra pages.


The finished work will take at least 100 man-hours, (not including all the illustrations I will also do)

 So the £1500  is for my time, which will work out as well under normal minimum wage,

This is ok, as this is a work of passion and labour of love,

But I still need to eat…


The project will take about 3 to 6 months…



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