New Centrist Pro-EU Political Party for the UK

by Chris Formaggia in Monmouth

New Centrist Pro-EU Political Party for the UK
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Initial set up of a new UK Political Party through a salaried administrator and office. Party fully established with Electoral Commission

by Chris Formaggia in Monmouth

Initial set up of a new UK Political Party through a salaried administrator and office. Establishment of party, constitution, membership and website.

On June 23rd 2016, millions of people voted for the UK to remain in the EU - the group often now identified as the "48%".

In the year between, a large number of these Remainers have felt themselves politically adrift - not able to align to the hard right Brexit of the Tory/DUP alliance or the socialist Brexit of Corbyn. Many backed the Liberal Democrats during the 2017 General Election who offered the best hope to pro-European UK citizens. However, the Liberal Democrats were not forgiven by the electorate for their former involvement with the Conservatives and student fees. They failed to make any impact in the election and have since lost their leader. The likely successor is unlikely to take the anti-stance on Brexit that so many Remainers seek.

During this period, politically abandoned Remainers have watched the progressive advances of inspirational centrist politics in France and Canada  - and rightfully asked why cannot we have this here?

We can!

The establishment of a new party in the UK is no mean task but just because something is difficult does not mean it is not worth striving for. Worthwhile things require effort and hard work.

The proposal is to form a new political party. At the core of the party's political philosophy is the desire for the UK to be an active and willing member of the EU.

The party will campaign for:

1] Remaining in the EU by defeating Brexit, or failing that taking the UK back into the EU at the earliest opportunity

2] Proportional Representation.

The party will formulate a range of centrist political policies. Not a one issue party but a party that recognises that Brexit is the greatest political challenge facing the UK since WWII.

The group is currently underatken its activities at:


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£10 Reward

Every pledger offering £10 or more to this crowdfund will be recorded and will be entitled to describe themselves of a "Founder Member" of the party. This status will be enshrined in the constitution of the party.

£100 or more

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Pledgers of +£100 will receive Life Membership of the new party.

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