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Neuro Dropin is an award-winning charity that has been running in North Lancs since 2011 and we welcome anyone affected by any neurological condition (MS, Parkinsons, ME, Stroke, Epilepsy, MND, MG, Acquired Brain Injury, Cerebral Palsy, Huntington's and many more). Since 2011 we have holistically supported on average 90 people pw, their families and loved ones. We aim to provide a safe and friendly space where people can join in a wide range of activities including physical activity tailored for those who we support. The added benefit of peer support has tremendously positive effects on living with a long-term condition

Who is Neuro Drop In

Founded in 2011 by Sharon Jackson, Neuro Drop In is a friendly and welcoming place that supports all of those who are diagnosed with a Neurological condition, their families and carers. Our objectives are:

1. to offer the relief of sickness and help preserve the health among our members

2. to preserve, support and protect the health of those affected by neurological conditions

3. be a dedicated Centre that does not currently exist elsewhere in the local area, giving our members and volunteers the opportunity to be actively involved in how our services evolve.

Who do we Support

Neuro Drop In is there for anyone affected by a neurological condition, such as multiple sclerosis, MND, Parkinson's disease, stroke, epilepsy, dementia, cerebral palsy, Huntington's disease, ME, MG, MSA and acquired brain injury, the list is endless.

If you are recently diagnosed or have lived with a condition for a long time, have a family member with a neurological condition we are there to support you.

We regularly welcome and remotely support around 100+ people weekly. The Neuro Drop In community is extremely loyal and we can always count on our supporters and volunteers when we are in need.

We are a family and a lifeline to many, who without would feel alone or isolated.

A Bump in the Road

Our charitable aim is to provide a ‘one stop’ drop-in offering a warm welcome, listening ears from our volunteers and staff, a variety of services, classes and workshops including:

  • Neuro Physio
  • Foot Care Services Yoga
  • Tai Chi Mindfulness
  • Meet and Greet Carers Group Art Therapy Workshops Creative Writing
  • Counselling
  • Singing for Wellbeing
  • Circle of Friends Dementia Group
  • Highly subsidised café providing nutritious meals to our members and the community

In 2020 we received the devastating news that we had to vacate our home after a fabulous 7 years and we were faced with being made homeless. 2020 a year most would want to forget, we then had an even bigger challenge of navigating around the Covid19 pandemic. Our volunteers and small team of staff stepped up and although homeless still supported our members, 100s of wellbeing packs were delivered, telephone calls made, and doorstep chats were all made possible for the amazing support we receive.

In 2021 we moved to our current location at Torrisholme Methodist Church. A temporary home in a shared community building. We open 3 days a week and offer a pop-up café, serving simple lunch options, offer a place to meet and socialise and have a wide range of activities for our members to get involved in. We would not be able to open our doors without the support of our fabulous volunteers and the local community.

What we do is unique, our members think that what we do is fabulous! One thing for sure is that, whilst we are all in the same boat neurologically speaking, we don’t spend too much time discussing our ailments, there are too many good distractions and new diversions for that!

You will find a very warm welcome, listening ears if you want them, and a comfy home from home to relax, make new friends, and join in. We don’t have all the answers, but we do have solutions to many of the day-to-day challenges all of us face. What could be better, a home-from-home environment without a hint of institutionalisation.

We are constantly evolving, supporting our NHS and GP’s, committed to sustainability, and supported by a dedicated team of staff & volunteers many of whom have lived experience of life with a neurological condition and without whom the Centre would not function.

The Dream

After over 18 months at Torrisholme Methodist Church (TMC) who welcomed us with open arms and an understanding to our needs, we are finding ourselves at a turning point.

We regularly welcome nearly 100 members to our 'Pop-up Café' weekly and they access a broad variety of activities including seated exercise, mindfulness, art for wellbeing and singing for wellbeing: to name a few.

Our tenure at TMC works only because of a lot of physical effort by our small team of staff and volunteers, many of whom have neurological disabilities, to deliver efficient effective services to our community.

The new home is within reach, an accessible space so that we are not turning people away and so that we can offer support therapies simultaneously, a luxury we did not have in our previous location but one that was always on our wish list.

To enable this exciting move, we NEED YOU. We want to offer the best facilities to keep our members comfortable and make their time at the Centre one to enjoy. 

The building requires alterations to fit fully accessible toilets and to make our exercise room the perfect place to carry out the activities. 

What we want to do

Continue to support and reduce the workload of our GP services and the NHS by offering a place of safety, with practical and ongoing support services available to user groups including but not exclusive to:

  • Neuro Physio 
  • 0 – 4-year Neuro Physio, parent peer support group and sibling support play 
  • Accessible and supported Tai Chi, Zumba, Yoga and Pilates 
  • Talking therapy such as counselling and Chat Café podcast Circle of Friends Dementia support and somatic dance exercise. 
  • Foot care services
  • Mindfulness Art Therapy Singing for Wellbeing 
  • Educational programmes

Plus, we plan to extend our volunteer training programme to offer placements to trainee Drs, OT, social care etc.

We plan to continue supporting young people as they make the transition from full time education into society, we can do this with supported job experience in a safe managed environment.

Sustainability is key to our success and having a way of generating our own income is a necessity. We would look to have a café open to all and investigate opening a charity shop on site or in the local area.

Who we work with

  • Neurocare Physiotherapy
  • Dr Melanie Brierley Somatic dance therapist with Parkinson's and other Neurological conditions as her specialty
  • Lancaster University particularly Imagination projects and Health Engagement and Innovation Team, student placement, volunteering
  • Cumbria University OT, physiotherapists, student placement, volunteering Local schools, colleges including Grizedale
  • L&MC ICC
  • Local practitioners Care Homes

We receive referrals from GP services, hospitals, OT services and physiotherapists. We believe that what we offer reduces visits to GPs and helps reduce demands on NHS services.

Member Testimonials

“Neuro Drop In is a great charity and service. We`re lucky to have it in the area.”

 “Really enjoy the centre. I attend the Shared Reading group and Art for Wellbeing” 

“What a beautiful centre that offers so much. A community space truly, which offers something unique. Much love for this place”

“It is a lifeline for me and many more. Long may it continue. A big thankyou to Sharon for all her hard work.”

“Thank you so much! Being able to garden here means so much, meeting other people with the same/different abilities helps me identify as a real person, volunteering as well as being a service user gives me a sense of purpose and belonging. THANK YOU ”

Our Values

People First - We value and support each other, no one should feel alone and everyone is welcome.

Together Better - We come together to improve the lives of anyone affected by a Neurological condition.

Innovation - We innovate across everything we do. Creative, courageous and with pioneering spirit, we strive to continually improve.

Spirited - We live and breathe our purpose. We set clear goals and strive to deliver the greatest impact for everyone affected by Neurological conditions.


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