NET 360 CIC Sports Crowdfunder

by JOSE CARLOS CALDEIRA in Whitley Bay, Tyne and Wear, United Kingdom

NET 360 CIC Sports Crowdfunder
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Our top sporting youngsters need your help!

by JOSE CARLOS CALDEIRA in Whitley Bay, Tyne and Wear, United Kingdom

At NET 360 CIC our mission is to promote sports at both grassroots and elite levels. We have been at the heart of our local community since 1920, providing affordable and accessible sports programmes to enthusiasts of all ages and skill levels. Our commitment to development goes beyond the sport; it’s about nurturing individuals, instilling discipline, and fostering a sense of community


We have 2 Crowdfunding pages: The first is to support our ongoing work in the community and this one is about supporting elite young athletes.

Many burgeoning young careers are cut short due to financial limitations, which acts as a barrier to their potential.

We are looking for your support to help youngsters from any sport or club in our community to help them make the next step towards performing at a higher level by providing financial support to make this happen.

With your aid, we aim to nurture dreams and break down the financial obstacles hindering the pursuit of excellence in sports. Please join us in broadening the field and making success in tennis, as well as other sports, accessible to all. We would like to support people in the North East, but wish to widen the support nationally in the future. 

This will include: Travelling, accommodation, tournament fees, and training at the very least. Your contribution could not only uplift this talented player but also pave the way for others within our sporting community.

We envisage a sporting community that transcends financial barriers, welcoming families from lower income brackets and individuals with untapped potential. Historically only players with affluent parents are able to reach such heights. A child from a lower economic background with talent and the right mental and physical skills can lift the community and potentially the nation, if they have sufficient endorsement and support. If players had the financial support, with a holistic and comprehensive programme they could elevate to the greatest echelons of the sporting world.


Meet Teddy: On the right of the picture an extremely promising junior tennis player, who is currently ranked number three nationally for under 16 years, top fifteen nationally for under 18 players, and within the top 60 players in the entire country. Teddy recently played in the highly esteemed Lexus Masters Junior semi-final, in which she competed against players with access to travelling coaches and hitting partners. She is constantly reaching new heights despite facing the financial hurdles that come with performing at a high level in any sport. Playing at a high-level demands resources beyond many families' means, as the support from the LTA falls short.

In total Teddy's family have spent over £30,000 each year which understandably provides them with immense strain. Her father's dedication, working over 60 hours a week with multiple jobs, highlights the sacrifices made for the aspiring athlete. These financial challenges highlight the pressing need for comprehensive support in ensuring that talent isn't hindered by financial constraints, emphasising the importance of fostering a more accessible and inclusive programme.


What your donations will go towards? 

Junior Development Groups: essential resources, quality coaching, and equipment, ensuring that young talents receive the guidance and support they need to excel in their sport.

Pickleball School Programs: funding pickleball school programs, introducing young individuals to this dynamic sport and instil and cultivate values of teamwork, discipline, and sportsmanship from an early age. Pickleball is a sport that has potential to bring communities together.

Leadership Awards: recognising and celebrating leadership is key to fostering a positive and inclusive sporting environment. Establishing leadership awards, highlighting individuals who demonstrate exceptional leadership qualities and contribute significantly to our sporting community's growth. 

Exchange Programme Trips: We would love to be able to offer unique opportunities for our athletes to broaden their horizons through exchange programs. Your support will help sponsor hard-working athletes, allowing them to participate in enriching exchange trips where they can learn from and experience diverse cultures, share experiences, and forge lifelong connections. 

Young Leadership Programme: The objective of this programme is to cultivate skills and instilling values of teamwork and resilience. This programme would cost £40 per child for a group of 30 children. We would like this programme to empower young minds to become future leaders both on and off the field and be an impressive feat to add to their CV's. 

Coach Mentoring Programme: This 26 week long programme will nurture the next generation of coaches through intensive mentorship and training. The cost would be £120 per trainee coach (4 trainees). The goal for this programme is to invest in the development of skilled and compassionate mentors who will guide and inspire budding athletes. 

ACE's Programme: This 12 week intensive programme aims to provide accessible, high-quality coaching to talented individuals from underprivileged backgrounds. This would require £50 per hour to support talented children from disadvantaged areas, and would aim to break down barriers to sport participation and encourage excellence among those with untapped potential. 


We would like anyone to help us. Please contribute whatever you can. Every little helps.

If however, you are a business and want to offer support, we are open to discussing tailored sponsorship packages that best suit your philanthropic goals. For example, there are other ways in which you could support NET 360 such as providing our players with accommodation or meals when they travel for tournaments. We would greatly appreciate any support towards our sporting community in any way.

If your business would like to help us we invite you to learn more about NET 360 CIC and discuss how your partnership can make a significant impact on our sporting community.


This project offers rewards in return for your donation. Please select a reward below.

£20 or more

1 free lesson on any of our programmes

Donate £20 to receive a free lesson on any of our programmes of your choice. The free lesson can be gifted/used by another person if you wish.

£40 or more

2 free lessons on any of our programmes

Donate £40 to receive 2 free lessons on any of our programmes of your choice. The free lessons can be gifted/used by another person if you wish.

£60 or more

3 free lessons on any of our programmes

Donate £60 to receive a 3 free lesson on any of our programmes of your choice. The 3 free lessons can be gifted/used by another person if you wish.

£80 or more

Free 1 hour individual private lesson

Donate £80 to receive a free individual private coaching lesson. The free lesson can be gifted/used by another person if you wish.

£100 or more

Receive a Street Racket Set

Donate £100 to receive a free Street Racket set.

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