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by Neston High School Makers in Neston, England, United Kingdom

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Problem-solving is a highly rated employment skill; this skill best learnt with. Project-based learning aka MAKERSPACE

by Neston High School Makers in Neston, England, United Kingdom

This part should not be about me: Mr Link; even so, the story about the Makerspace dream needs telling from the beginning. I came into teaching to share the skills and knowledge I gained in years of working in Industry.  My goal and ambition are to develop the ability for students to learn and develop new skills; make, design, create, modify, invent, build and fix.

Hands-on learning requires:

  • critical thinking  
  • problem-solving
  • communication
  • collaboration

 Makerspace: "Flexible thinking, problem-solving, collaboration are all 21st-century habits that a Makerspace can provide for you and your students. Providing an environment where students can create and dream of new ideas is the best way to instil those skills."

2013 was when I found Precious Plastic and started to build a shredder to recycle plastic with the plan to create new raw material for a project from HDPE material students can make, model and experiment. Before the shredder, plastic was cut up by hand and remoulded with a Panini press; this was hard work but created a great new raw material.

It is essential to establish more information about Precious Plastic Manifesto:

"A scarce resource plastic made from oil, a fossil fuel that took thousands of years to create. We trash plastic in a matter of minutes. Once we burn it, it is gone. Forever. Oil is running out and plastic with it. It is time to treat this rare material as a valuable, scarce and finite resource."

The long term vision of the Neston High School Makerspace it to take this afterschool project into the KS3 curriculum and mix it with the fourth industrial revolution influence to disruptive technologies, Internet of Things (IoT), robotics and the possibilities are endless!

There should be no limit to the imagination of Neston High School students and share these ideas with the community.

Our dream is to build a pedal-powered Strandbeest, 3-D print drones…

What we will need to make this happen:

1.   Shredder development;

2.    Larger scale press and extruder for plastic in all sizes;

3.    3-D printer to print with any filament resulting in a professional finish.

4.    Carbide3D Nomad 883 Pro Desktop CNC Machine 

Currently, we are only getting started with things for our Makerspace, each of the points breaks down in lists of nuts, bolts, steel etc. so many to name that are required to make this happen and the success we are hoping for.

With the help of your generous donations and support, we could be starting to build our Makerspace and join the fight against plastic pollution. We would also welcome links to the industry to work with us; if you would be willing to consider this exciting opportunity.

We hope that Neston High School Makerspace becomes as central to a classroom; as a reading corner in the Library or a manipulative Math shelf. Flexible thinking, problem-solving and collaboration are all 21st-Century habits that a Makerspace can provide for our students and us. We firmly believe that providing an environment where students can create and dream of new ideas is the best way to instil those skills.

“Give the pupils something to do, not something to learn; and the doing is of such a nature as to demand thinking; learning results naturally.”  John Dewey

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