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by emma-knight in Neath, Neath Port Talbot Principle Area, United Kingdom

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We will bring Neath Boys and Girls Club up to 21st Century standards; creating a space that enables children and young people to thrive!

by emma-knight in Neath, Neath Port Talbot Principle Area, United Kingdom

We're still collecting donations

On the 23rd May 2022 we'd raised £3,194 with 56 supporters in 21 days. But as every pound matters, we're continuing to collect donations from supporters.

 New stretch target

£5,000 means we will be able to cover the full amount of the insurance from the crowdfunder and so the money we already have in the bank can immediately go towards starting the renovations.

£80,000 will cover the minimum estimated cost of the 1st year of renovations without relying on or waiting for grants to be received

Anything in between will not only allow us to make a start on work but would also be a massive help to show funders that we have support for this project, and give us the option of applying for grants that require match funding.

After trying for over a year, we have finally found a company willing to insure the Neath Boy's And Girls Club building, but it's going to cost £5000!!


We have raised £2000 already, but need to find the rest in the next 3 weeks before the quote becomes invalid and we lose what may be our last chance to make progress.

The building has so much potential and is a massive asset to the community, but it needs a lot of work done to bring it up to current standards before we can open it as a brand new youth focused facility!  

We are going to need grants to get us there, but haven't been able to meet funding criteria because of the lack of insurance. 

Until now, we've been in a catch 22 situation!  

This is a small but vital hurdle to cross and it will open the way for something really special for local children and young people.

Our team are all volunteers, so everything you pledge will go directly to the project where it is needed the most!


In 2019, the former club committee were about to disband but, before doing so, put one final shout out for help asking for another group of people in the community to take on the building before the decision was made to sell it.  

FAN Community Alliance stepped up and, working with the last remaining members of the Boys and Girls Club committee, NPT Council for Voluntary Service and the Boys and Girls Club of Wales, agreed to form a new team to take the club forward in the hope they could retain the facility for the community.   The new committee was formed at the start of 2020 - just before the pandemic hit!


They fundraised, paid off outstanding debts, got the power reconnected and cleared out all the damaged, damp and dated items that were piled high in rooms throughout the building - just so they could see what needed to be done.


In order to get insurance quotes, a building survey was needed, which was also not cheap!  The survey showed that while the building itself was structurally sound, a great deal of work was needed to bring it up to current standards and we would not be able to open until this was done.  The surveyors created a 3-year plan, with the 1st year requiring around £80,000 of work.  

We were not deterred!! 

It meant we would most likely be looking at grants rather than fundraising events, but to get the grants... we needed insurance.  Company after company turned us down due to the length of time the building had been closed, the scale of work required and the length of time it could take to acquire funding.

Then, a firm specialising in construction insurance was recommended - they don't normally provide cover for more than 6 months but they agreed to quote for a year, which should be long enough for us to get the ball rolling!  

But, quotes don't last forever and that's why we are here now with an ALL or NOTHING crowdfunder to raise £5000 in 3 weeks.  

We believe in this project and creating better opportunities for local kids.  

If you do too, put your faith in us and donate today!


They say it takes a village to raise a child...

Right from the outset, the team stated they would not re-open the club the way it used to be.  It would be more about building community and engaging young people with events and activities.  It will be a youth-led centre; giving them a space where they have ownership and control as well as a sense of responsibility. It will be somewhere they are enabled and encouraged to reach for their dreams, no matter how unrealistic they may seem at first!

When F.A.N Community Alliance started as a small residents group back in 2008, it in only took 2 years for the young people of the street to form their own fully constituted group, "Mini FANs" - following in FAN's footsteps but with a focus on youth.  Supported by the community, their dreams quickly escalated from wanting to go on an ice-skating trip, to running their own youth circus with stage shows and public fire spinning! As impossible as it seemed, they got that circus, trained, performed and provided workshops across Neath Port Talbot.  It lead to the catch phrase that "Nothing's impossible... unless it's illegal!" and it allowed them to believe it.

In 2016, FAN signed the lease to the old Neath Pensioners Hall - another abandoned building.  Within just a few months it was up and running as the thriving Friends And Neighbours Centre.  (you can find out more about FAN and the things they do here: https://www.facebook.com/BringingPeopleTogether.CreatingCommunity).

The current Boys and Girls Club committee are all also members of FAN.  Between them, they have years of experience bringing the community together and continuously evolving as the community changes.  More importantly they know the sense of family that it creates and the impact it can have.  

The vision is to create a space that replicates the FAN Centre but dedicated to the needs and dreams of the children and young people of Neath.  Following in FAN's footsteps just like the last generation of mini FANs had done years before, it will become somewhere they can be proud of; and a space that they can call home.


This project offered rewards

£20 or more

Kids Party at FAN

Receive an invite to an exclusive kids party at the Friends And Neighbours Centre with bouncy castle, UV disco and food!

£2 or more

Social Media Shout-Out

Along with the warm glow you'll feel for knowing you've helped local children, we want to celebrate every donation, so will make sure you get a shout out on your preferred social media platform!

£5 or more

Virtual Pledger Badges

We'll send you a personalised "Pledger" badge with your chosen background colour, that you can use as your social media profile picture!

£10 or more

Thank you video

Receive a heartfelt video thank you from one of our team or a local young person telling you what this project means to them

£20 or more

Zumba Gold

She has no idea if or when she may get her classes back up and running, but if you've desperately been waiting for Zumba to restart, here's your chance to dust off the cobwebs! Receive an invite to a one-off Zumba Gold session with Emma K!

£50 or more

Private Circus Workshop

Private adult juggling / poi / diabolo / contact ball workshops (tailored to group) for up to 5 people from "Starry Valleys Circus". Great for a team building activity, hen and stag parties, or a special birthday!

£100 or more

Private 3-Course Dinner

A private 3-course dinner for a group of up to 10 people at FAN's surplus cafe, followed by karaoke if you want to make an evening of it!

£500 or more

Pre-opening Tour

Invitation to a private pre-opening tour and thank you reception for high pledgers! **This pledge obviously depends upon on us getting to the stage of opening. We're confident we will get there, but are extremely thankful to anyone who believes in us enough to choose this reward**

£2,000 or more

Name A Room

Have a room named in your honor - this can be your name or a name of your choosing! You will be given a choice of rooms, with the 1st pledger to take this reward getting the 1st pick etc. You will also receive an invitation to the private pre-opening tour and thank you reception for high pledgers! **We're confident we will get to the opening stage, but are extremely thankful to anyone who believes in us enough to take this reward**

£5,000 or more

Platinum Pledger - Cut The Ribbon!

We would give you the honour of cutting the ribbon at our opening ceremony! In addition, you will have your name on a plaque at the front of the building. And, of course, you will be invited to the private pre-opening tour and thank you reception. **This pledge depends upon on us getting to the stage of opening. We're confident we will get there, but are extremely thankful to anyone who believes in us enough to choose this reward**

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