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by Newport County AFC in Langstone, Wales, United Kingdom

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by Newport County AFC in Langstone, Wales, United Kingdom




Newport County AFC supporters will be able to wear the club’s 2020-21 shirt with even more pride than usual – because YOU will choose the sponsors for the season.

With the Covid-19 pandemic continuing to cause uncertainty and considerable economic challenges, all clubs are having to be creative as they seek to maximise income at a time when many companies are reducing their marketing and sponsorship budgets.

As a supporter-owned football club, the Exiles want to involve fans with the front of shirt sponsorship for next season and also help raise awareness of one of the fantastic charities in our community – many of whom are struggling financially as a result of the pandemic.

How will it work? 

Today, Newport County AFC launches a crowdfunding appeal to raise £40,000 for next season’s first team home shirt sponsorship – with the sponsors’ space on the front of the first team home shirt going to a charity chosen by those who have donated. 

If donations exceed £40,000, 50% of any additional donations will be shared on an equal basis with our three selected charities. 

Those who donate can choose one of three charities with close links to Newport County AFC to be on the front of next season’s first team home shirt. 

The three charities are:

Alzheimer’s Society Cymru

Chances are we all know someone who has or been affected by dementia; it’s the UK’s biggest killer. Someone develops it every three minutes and there’s currently no cure, creating a scary period facing up to and accepting it, but we must confront the biggest health and social care challenge of our time.

Alzheimer’s Society Cymru is part of a UK organisation that is facing dementia head on, working with us all to build a movement to lead the way in support, society and research. There are 5 main facts about dementia that we should all know:

  • Dementia is not a natural part of ageing
  • Dementia is caused by diseases of the brain
  • Its not just about losing your memory
  • People can still live well Dementia
  • We are here for anyone affected by Dementia

Covid-19 is a dementia issue. Older, more vulnerable people are at a significantly increased risk from the virus. We are adapting quickly to ensure that people affected by dementia have the support they need. For more information on Alzheimer’s Society Cymru please visit

JDRF: the type 1 diabetes charity

Recent NHS findings revealed that people with diabetes are at higher risk of death from Covid-19. In these challenging times, JDRF is doing all it can to help people of all ages with type 1 diabetes keep informed and keep safe.

JDRF’s vision is a world without type 1 diabetes, and we are dedicated to improving lives until we find the cure. To achieve our mission of eradicating type 1 diabetes and its effects for people in the UK, we:

  • Fund world-class research to cure, treat and prevent type 1 diabetes
  • Work to accelerate the pace of research and the delivery of treatments in the UK
  • Give support and a voice to children and adults living with type 1 and their families

Type 1 is an autoimmune condition and can occur at any age. It is important to know it is not your fault if you are diagnosed with type 1 diabetes – it is not caused by poor diet or an unhealthy lifestyle. In fact, it isn’t caused by anything that you did or didn’t do.

Treating type 1 diabetes means replacing the insulin that your pancreas doesn't make and monitoring your blood glucose levels. We are developing new treatments to lighten the burden of managing type 1 diabetes such as the artificial pancreas system that can automatically deliver the right dose of insulin at the right time. For more information on JDRF UK please visit


We are all aware of how damaging bullying can be and the potential long-term impact it can have on a persons’ life. We know on average 1 in 4 children have experienced bullying and as many as 16,000 children were absent from school in 2019 alone due to bullying.

During Covid-19, many children will have experienced isolation and loneliness, while other children will have sought some relief from being away from the physical impact of a bullying situation, however, all children will now be presented with the daunting challenge of returning to school, and potentially the transition to high school.

Kidscape have continued to offer their help and support during the pandemic by providing informative online workshops for children and their families.

Kidscape’s vision is for all children to grow up in a world free from bullying and harm, with adults who keep them safe and help them to reach their full potential. Their mission is to provide children, families, carers and professionals with advice, training and practical tools to prevent bullying and protect young lives.

The Charity focuses on 5 methods to reduce the impact of bullying and harm:

  • Building communities of support
  • Reducing isolation and loneliness
  • Promoting positive relationships
  • Supporting resilience and wellbeing
  • Helping children recognise and respond to bullying behaviour

Kidscape give hope and help to thousands of children and families each year and work with communities to not only help keep children safe, but to enable them to thrive throughout their lives.

For more information on Kidscape please

We will be sharing more information on all three charities over the next few weeks.

How can I donate?

A crowd funding page has been set up and by following the link below you can make a donation. To donate please visit

The Crowdfunding page is open from today and will run for approximately 8 weeks, ending on Monday 10th August with the charity that will feature on the front of next season’s home shirts being announced later that week.

How can I vote for one of the charities?

Email your donation receipt along with your choice of charity to [email protected] You will receive confirmation from the club that your vote has been registered.

Where can I get more information?

If you have questions or require more information, please email [email protected]

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