Stopcocks Register of Tradeswomen

by Hattie Hasan MBE in Todmorden, England, United Kingdom

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To empower vulnerable women by helping them gain access to skilled tradeswomen to increase their safety at home through a Register & School

by Hattie Hasan MBE in Todmorden, England, United Kingdom

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On the 2nd September 2020 we'd raised £21,313 with 296 supporters in 28 days. But as every pound matters, we're continuing to collect donations from supporters.

 New stretch target

Begin the set up of a school for tradeswomen.

Create a Trust, where women can access grants/bursaries to empower them to access training, apprenticeships and employment in trades


COVID 19 has brought the plight of victims of domestic violence to the headlines as women and children have been locked down with their abusers. I have been working with and for women for 30 years as a plumber/heating engineer and have heard these stories 1st hand and have personal experience. It has been a dream of mine (Hattie Hasan MBE) for many years to create something that will be a lasting and sustainable way to help empower women who find themselves in violent and dangerous situations. Learning a trade not only gives women a very useful skill, but it also gives a sense of pride, and adds to their ability to earn money and lift themselves and their children out of the situation they find themselves in. 

For many organisations working with vulnerable women it is often very difficult for them to find tradeswomen to carry out maintenance tasks. This often results in having to evacuate properties while the work is done by tradesmen. This displacement adds to stress and vulnerability felt by women and children. The National Register will serve many purposes. First to be able to have a 'One Stop Shop' for all trades, making it easy to find tradeswomen to carry out works in women’s homes and in refuges, but then to use profits to create a 'School for Tradeswomen' and a Trust Fund. 

When women see women empowered and strong, they will feel that working in skilled trades is within their grasp, especially if they can access finance to train in a safe and supportive environment. This is how we’re going to create sustainable change.

We're going to use the crowdfund to help us get going quickly. It will pay for an easy to use website and secure portal where the tradeswomen will be fully verified.


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You know those 'small' projects that end up big? Don't you wish you had professional advice without it costing a bomb. Get 20 mins with a plumber, electrician or painter and decorator from our tradeswomen register on the end of the phone or video call to get you out of trouble. This reward gives you a voucher valid for 12 months. You can buy as many as you like, even give them as gifts. Each voucher must be bought separately.

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Thank you

You'll be listed on our website as fabulous supporters and as a crucial part of our story.

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You'll be named on our website and receive some kind of merch. Probably a mug

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Sponsor a woman to change her life

This amount pays for 1 woman to train as a Taps, Traps and Toilets Doctor. Meaning she will have a skilled trade from which she can generate her own income as a competent self-employed Taps, Traps and Toilets Doctor. Empower her to change her life with a sustainable income. You'll receive regular updates on how she's doing. These courses will restart when we're able to meet together in rooms again.

£2,500 or more

£2500 Reward

Corporate Supporter Advertise on website in banner and if appropriate to your industry in emails to tradeswomen as appropriate.

£2,500 or more


At this level you're really changing people's lives and that entitles you to be a Patron of the Stopcocks Tradeswomen CIC. Includes all other rewards including Sponsor a Woman to Change Her Life. As well as all the other rewards you'll be invited to an annual celebration where you can meet some of the beneficiaries of the Stopcocks Tradeswomen services.

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