National Great Dane Rescue

NGDR relieves the suffering of Great Danes in need of care and attention; by seeking to provide and maintain rescue homes or other facilities for their care and treatment, then seek to secure new and appropriate homes for these Great Danes.

National Great Dane Rescue

The charity’s purpose is to provide and promote the welfare, care and protection of Great Danes.

National Great Dane Rescue is a charity offering a life line for owners who need advice or need to rehome their Great Dane. We provide foster homes and veterinary care, if needed, and facilitate the rehoming process. Our 24hr hotline is available every day and has been running for the last 35 years, offering the best welfare advice; caring for Great Danes.

Through cruelty and neglect or lack of knowledge, some Great Danes arrive dreadfully underweight and in distress, or needing expensive medical treat-ment. ie entropian, cherry eye, cancerous growths and heart problems. They also need our experience and understanding to help them adjust to their new circumstance.


Our website is a comprehensive source of up to date useful information for Great Dane owners.

The website features advice on how to tackle feeding problems, first aid and health issues specific to Great Danes, exercise, training and how to deal with behavioural problems.


If you have many years experience in living with Great Danes, could you help us by becoming an Area Helper to check potential homes?

Overnight stay facilities to keep a Rescued Great Dane for one night?

Sometimes a Great Dane needs to be moved immediately from its home. If you have experience in handling Great Danes and own a Great Dane size vehicle, preferably with a caged door so that the Great Dane cannot escape whilst the main door is being opened, then we would appreciate your help.


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