My Last Two Brain Cells

by Tom Hazelden in London, Greater London, United Kingdom

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Hello, we are My Last Two Brain Cells and we need your help to get us to Edinburgh Fringe this summer!

by Tom Hazelden in London, Greater London, United Kingdom

We’re back!

Hahaha. That’s right, we’re back! Back with a bang. Back with a vengeance and most importantly back. 

I can probably tell you’re wondering “OMG are those the guys who had the 7th highest rated comedy in Edinburgh in 2023 with their debut show ‘My Last Two Brain Cells?’”. In which I can confidently say ‘yes, yes we are’. 

If on the other hand you’re wondering “who the hell are these guys and why do they want my money?”, well good sir/madam/everyone in between, let me take you on a wonderful journey of who these brain cells are.

The Oxford dictionary defines a brain cell as ‘a cell in the tissue of the brain.’ but we like to describe brain cells as ‘cells in the tissue of the Underbelly Cowgate situated in the heart of Edinburgh’. 

Our show

Check out what these silly cells are up to in this brief safety announcement: 

“This absurdist, anarchic fast-paced hour of stupidly dumb comedy is set in the head office of TPL inc, the company who are in charge of running Gary Kane’s body. Invited in are the ‘honorary hormones’, aka the show's audience, for a special once in a lifetime opportunity - the tour of Gary’s brain. The tour's hosts for the evening? None other than Brain Cell Number 12 and Brain Cell Number 64,928,460,784. Unsurprisingly with these two bickering brain cells, things quite suddenly go awry, it seems they are the last two left and it is up to them to keep everything afloat and save Gary’s life.”

TPL inc? What’s that I hear you cry? Well…

TPL inc, or as it’s uncommonly known as Temporal Lobe incorporated, is the bespoke company in charge of running Gary Kane’s brain. Founded by brain cell number 2 in the year of birth, TPL inc has gone from strength to strength, winning numerous awards along the way including the Medco Legal Claims award and most recently The Cell Provider of the Year award. 

Check out our 5 minute highlight reel of the show to give you a nice idea of what you will be putting your money towards:

Who are we?

We are Joe and Tom, two silly boys who met at drama school, trying to make people laugh with our mother-loving show. 

We began the first iteration of ‘My Last Two Brain Cells’ as a 10 minute sketch piece for our end of drama school project in summer of 2022. We then began working more on it and releasing sketches online until we managed to land a spot at the legendary VAULTS festival. We extended the show to an hour and thus ‘My Last Two Brain Cells’ was born.

VAULTS was very successful for us with a sold out run plus extended dates towards the end of the festival. We will always be so grateful to the VAULTS and everything they’ve been able to do for us and so many theatre companies around the UK. It’s such a shame they are no longer with us but their legacy for so many shows continues around the world and we aim to carry the VAULTS torch to the very end.

Once VAULTS had wrapped up, we had managed to secure a place at Gilded Balloon for our first ever Edinburgh Fringe Festival! We went up with no money, no idea, just a car full of props and clothes for the month. Travelling up we would’ve bitten your hand off just to get a few people a night through the door. Cut forward to the end of the month, selling 60% of all tickets and Chortle ranking us the 7th best rated comedy show of 2023!  We had the absolute best time and loved every minute of our first ever Ed Fringe!

Our plan for this year (The next step, the big leap, the leap of all steps, the step of all leaps, one small step for man, one gigantic leap for brain cells kind (AKA our plan for this year))

Now this is where it starts to get real. That’s right, we’re about to go turbo mode. 

Of course, we did very well last year but we are diving into Edinburgh 2024 head first with more knowledge than ever.  We really want to take that next step and go for it this year. Which is where this fundraiser comes into play. 

What that will include:

  • Paying for advertisement posters around Edinburgh
  • Having PR onboard for the month
  • Paying a technical operator for the month to improve quality of the show
  • Bigger venue, bigger costs
  • More social media paid advertisement 

The costs

Taking a show to Edinburgh is very expensive with a lot of time and effort spent just to be able to get our show and ourselves into that first tech day in Underbelly. 

We want to be completely transparent with you and breakdown the costs needed for this year’s fringe. Overall we are looking to spend around £8,000 from start to finish to take this show to Edinburgh (not including preview shows). However, we are making our goal £2,000 - £2,500 as a realistic target for us to reach.

Anything you can give will help us! 

Those costs include:

  • Accommodation - £3,000
  • Marketing for the venue - £600
  • PR - £1000
  • Technical operator - £600
  • Venue deposit - £1,200
  • Travel - £200
  • Social media ads - £200
  • Ads around Edinburgh - £300
  • Flyers and posters - £200
  • The friends we made along the way - priceless (£2,500)

These are all estimations and there will inevitably be costs that aren’t included above too. We'd also like to add that this doesn't cover paying us for making and rehearsing the play and all the time we've taken off of work.

This money will go towards paying our team and covering our costs BEFORE paying ourselves. 


We are hoping that our shows in Buxton, Brighton, Manchester and London will help raise money for the cause but again, this will only be a small dent to what we need. 

We've had messages from a couple of our sponsors so far about the reward tiers. Make sure you select the reward you want when donating, they are just underneath the box where you type in the amount you want to give us. If you haven't selected the reward, but would still like one, send us a message and we'll get it over to you!


Thank you to each and everyone of you that chooses to donate. From here on out, you will always be a part of ‘My Last Two Brain Cells’. 

We will be forever grateful to you and your kin. We wish you a merry Christmas and a happy new My Last Two Brain Cells at the Edinburgh Fringe 2024.

Love Clive, 12, Tom & Joe



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