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Maiden is a Global Ambassador for the empowerment of girls through education. Maiden tours the world raising funds for girls education.

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On the 6th August 2020 we'd raised £142,900 with 726 supporters in 70 days. But as every pound matters, we're continuing to collect donations from supporters.

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We know that if every girl has a full education, the world will be a better place – for everyone.

However, studies show that when schools resume after Covid 19, the group of children most at risk of not returning to education are disadvantaged and vulnerable girls and those in poverty.  We are raising funds to Keep Maiden Moving so that our work with their communities can continue! 

30 years ago, Maiden carried the first all-female crew to sail around the planet when she competed in the worlds’ toughest ever yacht race. Her mission was to prove that women could compete alongside men.  In 2015 she was restored to her former glory and in November 2018 Maiden set sail on a new mission; to empower and inspire women and girls around the globe and to enable girls into education.

But now, she needs your help!  In March 2020 the world tour was postponed due to the pandemic. But we must keep going so that when it is safe to do so we can set sail again. When the tour resumes, we will be covering 150,000 miles over three years and visiting over 60 destinations in over 30 countries.  The more we can raise for each mile, the more communities we can work with and the more girls we can support.

PLEASE help us by sponsoring a mile for as much as you can. 

You can donate without or with a unique Maiden reward as a thank you from us!

The Maiden Factor - A tale of determination in the face of adversity

Skippered by Tracy Edwards MBE, Maiden carried the first ever all-female crew to sail in the 1989/90 Whitbread Round the World Race. 

Despite fierce opposition, sexism and criticism, at 11am on 2nd September 1989 Tracy and her team squared up on the start line of the Whitbread Round the World Race. They went on to win two of the toughest legs coming second overall.

Maiden was sold after the race and lost for 25 years, then in 2015 she was found, rescued and restored to her former glory.


Maiden Now!

Maiden set sail in November 2018 on an initial three-year world tour.  During the tour so far, we have facilitated; 

- Storybooks and other reading materials in local languages, together with teacher training and on-going support as well as child-friendly learning environments

- Training for women to give life skills classes and camps for girls

- Girls’ tuition, uniforms and safe transport to school

- Mentoring for communities and families

- Resources for girls to learn to read and write

- New teachers and provided coaching for a year

We work with and support communities and groups who wish to enable girls into education and empower and support them to remain in education through their teenage years. 

Maiden is living proof, to the girls whom we support, that Anything is Possible.

Maiden inspires and empowers girls and shows them what they can achieve.

Maiden proves to girls that if we work together we can achieve real equality.

Our work is more important now than ever.  


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If you want to create your own fundraiser you can join this fundraising campaign and support The Maiden Factor Foundation in our mission to enable girls across the globe into education.

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Additional Information

The Maiden Factor Foundation works with and supports communities and groups that enable girls into education and empowers and supports them to remain in education through their teenage years. The programme participants are girls, aged five to eighteen, teachers, schools, communities and groups who are engaged at each of the stops that Maiden makes during her voyage. 

Maiden visits each place for various lengths of time and days are utilised to engage in activities related to our Community Engagement and Awareness Program which can include;

Open Day - Local schools and members of the public visit the boat to learn about sailing around the world. The children are also inspired by the all-female crew who sail on the boat 

School Visits - The crew and team do a presentation at some local schools that is designed to encourage and inspire the children and teach them about sailing

Messages of Hope - Schools at each stop are selected to write Messages of Hope. These are then taken on board Maiden to the next stop/country and also added to our website

Hands on the Spinnaker - Children are invited to place their handprints on the spinnaker sail which is seen everywhere Maiden travels to, as a symbol of joining hands around the world

Screenings - We hold screenings of our BAFTA nominated film 'Maiden' depicting Maiden’s historic race 30 years ago, at the places where Maiden visits and we have a Q&A afterwards for the children

Sailing - We can take up to seven young people out sailing at stopovers and we also take Milebuilders on Maiden for each leg of her world tour where they are mentored by top female sailors to help them into the sailing industry

Schools’ Online Resources - Resources for teachers and schools are currently being developed and will launch in 2021

Legacy Grants - Grants will be made to community programmes at stopovers, which empower and enable girls into education and support them to complete their schooling


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This project offered rewards

£50 or more

Signed Photo of Maiden

Downloadable iconic image of Tracy and the Maiden crew signed by all. The black and white image we have chosen is one our favourites and is of Tracy and the crew with their first Beefeater Trophy as they had won the longest and toughest leg of the Whitbread Round the World Race; Uruguay to Australia.

£10 or more

Downloadable signed image of Tracy Edwards MBE

This image of Tracy is at the end of the Whitbread Round the World Race on 28th May 1990 and we think it is one of the most joyful of the whole amazing day as she and the crew knew by then that they had finished in second place overall and she is busy spraying champagne over the crew! Tracy will be signing the picture.

£20 or more

Maiden Keyring

Made from ropes from the iconic Maiden. Carry a piece of history wherever you go! A great conversation starter and a great way to spread the word of Maiden's important mission!

£30 or more


A white ‘The Maiden Factor’ logo T-shirt. These T-shirts were printed in honour of The Maiden Factor World Tour and have been sold at all of the stopovers to raise money for Maiden community projects. On the back it says “Educate a Girl - Change the World” Wear with pride!

£40 or more

A message from Tracy

A short, recorded message from Tracy for birthday, motivation, congratulations as a gift. Tracy will take requests for your message and email to them or you or your chosen recipient. It could be for any event and will be a personal and unique video.

£60 or more

'The Maiden Factor' Logo Wheel

Own a piece of Maiden. Our logo, made from aluminium removed from her hull during the restoration. When Maiden was rescued in 2016 she was in such a dreadful state that we had to completely restore her to her former glory and to do that we had to replace some of the plating from her aluminium hull.

£70 or more

Sign Maiden’s Log Book

Add your signature to Maiden’s log book which travels on Maiden around the world. You can send your signature to us and we will add it to the Log book or if you live near a planned stopover on our tour, you can visit Maiden, come aboard, meet the crew and personally add your signature.

£100 or more

A4 Maiden Film Flyer

Limited Edition produced by the film distributor to promote the film Maiden, signed by Tracy Edwards MBE. This is Tracy’s favourite image from the whole Whitbread Round the World Race and shows the crew on Maiden with their legs over the side whilst racing upwind. Dogwoof made the image into their promotions poster for the Maiden film when it was premiered at the Toronto Film Festival

£150 or more

Signed Limited Edition Print

A copy of the iconic ‘Maiden Finish’ Photo signed by the photographer and Tracy Edwards. This once in lifetime image was taken by Andrew Sassoli-Walker as he was out on the water, along with a welcome flotilla of 600 boats, when Maiden made history as the first all female crew to sail around the world when they crossed the finish line of the 1989/90 Whitbread Round the World Race.

£1,000 or more

30-minute webinar by Tracy Edwards MBE

Select a webinar for your Yacht Club, School or Company. You can choose from these subjects; Around the World in 9 months, Learning to be a Leader, Choosing and working with a great team, Equality in Sport, Why is girls’ education so crucial to us all.

£10,000 or more

Day Sail on Maiden for you and 7 guests

Spend the day sailing with the wonderful crew on Maiden, anywhere on her world tour at any of the stopovers (once resumed). You do not need experience … or you may be a sailing superstar! (Food and soft drinks included) “One of the best experiences of my life! I have done a little sailing but not much and I was worried I would be in the way, but Wendy and the crew were just amazing. They were so kind and patient and I even steered!” Elizabeth

£12,500 or more

A VIP private event for you and your guests

Host an event for your guests at your chosen port on Maiden’s world tour (once resumed). A special and unique opportunity to enjoy the iconic Maiden in a social setting. Your guests will be given a tour of Maiden and the crew love to share their experiences onboard and projects we have supported on our world tour. (The no. of guests will be determined by the berthing. We can organise caterers but the cost of food and drink not included)

£25,000 or more

The name of a loved one on Maiden

You can have the name of a loved one on the Maiden hull along with our Maiden Factor Voices Whoopi Goldberg and Jamie Lee Curtis and other inspirational women for the duration of the tour (when resumed). This makes a very special and unique gift for a Mother, Wife, Sister, Girlfriend, Daughter - or anyone else!

£50,000 or more

Your company’s name/logo on Maiden’s Hull

You can have your company name or logo on Maiden’s hull for the duration of the tour (once resumed). Maiden will be covering 150,000 miles and visiting upwards of 60 destinations in over 30 countries and we receive a massive amount of coverage at each stop, where we are nearly always based in a central location. This is a wonderful opportunity to not only support Maiden and girls’ education but to show that support to the world

£250 or more

Original Maiden T-shirt Currently owned by Tracy

Worn during the race (washed!) When Tracy first announced that Maiden would be the first all female crew to sail around the world, she needed a snappy project title and so the team got together and came up with Maiden Great Britain as a play on words. When Royal Jordanian Airline sponsored Maiden, Great Britain was dropped. The T-shirts went out of print and became a collectors item. The crew wore them whilst sailing offshore.

£500 or more

Original Maiden Sticker

The only remaining iconic Maiden Great Britain sticker that we know of! (currently owned by Tracy Edwards MBE) When Tracy first announced that Maiden would be the first all female crew to sail around the world, she needed a snappy project title and so the team got together and came up with Maiden Great Britain as a play on words. When Royal Jordanian Airline sponsored Maiden, Great Britain was dropped.

£750 or more

Original Maiden Jacket

The jacket worn by Tracy Edwards MBE in the final photo of the Maiden Crew together at the end of the 1989/90 Whitbread Round the World Race. At the end of the race Henri Lloyd, who had supplied the foul weather gear to Maiden, produced a one off set of jackets for the crew to commemorate their achievements. The Crew had pink jackets and Tracy had a blue jacket. They wore these jackets in the final photo together before they dispersed.

£2,000 or more

Tracy's original Tamaya NC77 Navigation Calculator

Introduced in 1978 and made till 1991. Tracy used this calculator when Maiden came first overall and second in her class in the first race she ever competed in; The 1988 Route of Discovery trans-Atlantic, when she beat all the other Whitbread boats. The calculator is excellent condition, the navigation modes function correctly, dead reckoning is fine, but the inbuilt almanac for the Celestial navigation part finally expired in 2007.

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