Murphyz-folly.....rebuilding, restoring & dreaming

by Chris muphy in Portugal

Murphyz-folly.....rebuilding, restoring & dreaming

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Eco tourism aimed at young families to explore the knowledge and freedom nature can supply

by Chris muphy in Portugal

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On the 20th January 2021 we'd raised £10 with 1 supporters in 28 days. But as every pound matters, we're continuing to collect donations from supporters.

1608451437_fb_img_1581865888194.jpgI would like to raise £25000 to cover the final stages of the renovations and the costs of the insurances needed to start my eco tourism project for young families.

After 5 years of creating green spaces in private residences (dirty handz landscaping (my old business name) i managed to save up the £15k needed to buy the building plot i wanted to start my new ventures and future life for my young lad.

I purchased a slice of overgrown and untamed mountain in a sleepy village of center Portugal. Now 2.5years later i am so close to opening the new business sharing the offgrid ideals of natural living and exploration.

In the last couple of years i have single handed rebuilt an old stone ruin, cleared the monocultures forest and revitalized the land back to its former glory, with only my dogs for company and the family project managing over video calls in the evening.

The ruin has been completely rebuilt from the stones and timber created by reworking the land. With some clever engineering i have harnessed the natural spring water to supply the house along with solar collection and natural gas the house now functions completely self sufficiently. The house is completely solar powered and features a full bathroom and kitchen rebuilt in a traditional antique Portuguese style.

The surrounding areas have been landscaped with natural plants and materials even using the water caves to create an abundance of natural areas for the wildlife that shares the mountain. Along with my wild cats , mountain dog chickens and ducks we enjoy a healthy eco system of boars foxes deers rabbits squirrels gennets even vultures and kites could be a daily visitor.

I have also manicured a private terrace with its own watercave and astonishing views of the valley and river below. It will have (under construction)  an outside bathroom and kitchen ideal for those who would love the more wild style camping with some luxurys of home,

Being born in a concrete jungle i loved going out into the wilds to play build and explore... This is what i want to give back to the world when less and less green spaces are available to people.

Once the house and private camp spot is completed and legal I plan to offer affordable accommodation and adventures to young families. Once at the property i will be offering trips to abandoned mountain villages,  hidden waterfalls and swimming spots and even canoe trips up the cleanest river in the country. The gardens and surrounding mountains also offer lots of seasonal fruits veg and herbs to spruce up any meal after a little foraging trip... A nd for the grown ups theres lots of traditional fire water made from the fruits of the land


This project offered rewards

£10 or more

wild camping

2 nights free camping on your own private garden hidden from the world over looking the valley below

£20 or more

olive oil

1 liter of REAL extra virgin olive oil.... Vegan friendly organic oil..... picked pressed and bottled all in my local village....

£30 or more

wild camping

1 week free camping on ur own little private piece of heaven

£40 or more

Fire water

Traditional portuguese fire water.......also known as medronho........not for the faint of hearted

£100 or more

king of the mountain

for 100 or more i would offer a free day\night stay in the faux castle...The house has 2 bedrooms one with a queen bed the second with bunkbeds..... ideal for 4 people..... I would also take you on a guided trip to a local beauty spot of your choice

£500 or more

Queen of the mountain

for 500 or more i would offer 7 nights stay in the faux castle with 5 guided trips to the local natural beauty spots. again the house sleeps 4

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