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by Mums In Need in Sheffield, South Yorkshire, United Kingdom

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We need your help. Mums In Need is a small, mainly volunteer-run charity. In order to help more women, we need to strengthen our team.

by Mums In Need in Sheffield, South Yorkshire, United Kingdom

National Emergencies Trust Local Action Fund

We’re taking part in the National Emergencies Trust Local Action Fund. Donations to our project will be matched by the fund up to the value of £250 to help us overcome the effects of the pandemic.

Please note only one donation per supporter will be matched by the National Emergencies Trust Local Action Fund.

How can you help?

We need to raise £18,630 to appoint a Team Lead/Operations Manager to support our amazing staff and volunteers, and run MIN’s day-to-day operations. We are committed to appointing a Finance Lead and a Media & Marketing Team Lead to drive those areas of the charity. 

These roles will contribute vitally to the development of MIN's work.

What is MIN?


Domestic abuse is always underpinned by intimate terrorism, the emotional and psychological elements of control that shatter lives. Violent assault is just one piece of the jigsaw that makes up the complex patterns of abuse; the tip of the iceberg. Mums In Need recognises that what goes on beneath and beyond physical violence is mainly unseen by other services, despite changes in legislation that recognise coercive control as a diverse range of control strategies.


 An escalation in relentless emotional and psychological abuse is common post-separation and is often sustained through shared care with children. Many mothers are left struggling to find the understanding and resources to cope with ongoing, often invisible abuse. This can be a lonely and desperate situation that impacts work-life, other relationships, motherhood, and health, commonly causing anxiety and depression. 

What is Coercive Control?

Coercive control is an act or a pattern of acts of assault, threats, humiliation and intimidation or other abuse that is used to harm, punish, or frighten their victim. Coercive control can happen in any type of intimate relationship and includes behaviours such as insulting the other person, making threats, exerting financial control, and using sexual coercion.


Our charity offers a tailored service to individual women, providing them with a community of fellow survivors, experienced professionals and the support to rebuild their lives. Since humble beginnings from the laptop of our CEO in 2013, we have supported over 200 women. 


We have offered a range of support, including counselling, 1:1 sessions, legal support through family court, financial advice, self-esteem and stress management workshops, yoga and well-being sessions, Peer support groups, and much-needed pamperings such as massage and beauty treatments.

Despite the growing media coverage of coercive control, cultural understanding remains inadequate. We rely on sustainable funding to continue our services and achieve our service users' development and expansion as a charity. To help us raise these funds, we are starting a Crowdfunding campaign to make sure that we can deliver these services to the best of our ability.

MIN offers a tailored service to individual women, providing them with a community of fellow survivors, experienced professionals and the support to rebuild their lives. 


This project offers rewards in return for your donation

£15 or more

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Aloe Bio-Cellulose Sheet Mask & flannel Aloe Propolis Creme & emery board Forever Bright Tooth Gel & Eco toothbrush/Eco Toothbrush Holder Aloe Deodorant & Lip Balm Aloe Vera Gelly

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A bottle of wine

Bottle of wine

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Tote Bags

Hand tie-dyed cotton tote bags - donated by a small business NikRiksWorkshop

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Signed Poetry Book

Dharma Drama poetry book by local author Michelle Esberg- These are signed copies

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Soy Wax Candle

Rose & Patchouli soy wax candles

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Crystal Chakra Treatment

Crystal Chakra Treatment a 30-minute crystal treatment at Sisu Sheffield. Crystals therapists use specific crystals on certain acupuncture pressure points to help further balance. This treatment is incredibly relaxing.

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Social Media and website post

Individual tailored social media shout out, along with a mention on our campaign page with your logo, company description as a thank you!

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Pair of Vue cinema and popcorn vouchers

Vue cinema ticket and half-price popcorn! Expiry date: 13/07/22 - Valid for standard 2D, 3D, VIP or XTREME screenings.

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Pair of Sheffield United FC Tickets

2 x Category B home fixture tickets for Sheffield United to be used during the 21/22 Season.

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2 x Sheffield United FC V Middlesborough tickets

Get them now!! New Years Day Footie! We have five pairs of Sheffield United FC V Middlesborough

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Amazon Voucher

£10 Amazon voucher

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Art Print

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