Deposit for general election as member of MRLP

by Knigel Knapp MRLP in London, England, United Kingdom

Deposit for general election as member of MRLP
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Just can't afford £500 right now , seeing as we've been given such short notice. £250 would be great. I'll put in the other £250

by Knigel Knapp MRLP in London, England, United Kingdom

It costs £500 to stand in a general election.  I just can't afford to lose that amount of money at the moment. I will lose it - if I get enough votes to keep the deposit, which I won't, I will be kicked out of the party for not being loony enough. The Monster Raving Loony Party hopes to put up about 20 candidates around the country and just does not have enough party funds to pay for every candidates deposit so we have to raise our own deposit.

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