MPs have a Duty to Uphold the Law

by Restore Parliamentary Standards - Fight Corruption in Oxford, England, United Kingdom

MPs have a Duty to Uphold the Law

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MPs voted on 14th September to break the law. That was a breach of his Oath of Office by the Lord Chancellor

by Restore Parliamentary Standards - Fight Corruption in Oxford, England, United Kingdom

Democracy is arguably built on the Rule of Law. The current Prime Minister Mr Johnson is a known liar , but he has now instructed his MPs to vote to break the law. On 14th September a large number of Mr Johnson's MPs voted to break the law, in breach of Article III.5. of their Code of Conduct. 

It is not appropriate for the UK to have unethical Members of Parliament who vote to break the law, so we have created a website which names all of the MPs who have voted to break the law : . The legal advice we have received so far in this matter is that the Lord Chancellor, Mr Robert Buckland QC MP, may be in breach of his statutory duty ( under the Constitutional Reform Act 2005 ) to respect and uphold the Rule of Law by his conduct in respect of the UK Internal Markets Bill. 

On the basis of that advice, Mr Buckland was asked by an 18 page letter on 7th October to explain why he is not in breach of his statutory duty. A reminder was sent to Mr Buckland today - Wednesday 21 October 

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