Move the Masses

by Move the Masses in York

Move the Masses
We did it
On 6th July 2018 we successfully raised £650 with 29 supporters in 56 days

We’re getting the masses moving with our fantastic interactive map, making people happier, healthier & more engaged in their local community

by Move the Masses in York

What's the problem?!

The nation are sat. They are sat in their cars, they're sat at their desks and they are sat in front of the TV. They are sat waiting for something to happen to improve their health. 

Not only is our physical health in decline, but we are in a poor state of mental health too. Stressful lifestyles and lack of physical activity is leaving us anxious, stressed-out and exhausted. The way we live our lives is paving the way for a future of social isolation, as we lack that face-to-face interaction and sense of community.

What are we going to do?

Move the Masses is going to change all that. We want to show the world (okay, first of all the nation..) how embracing physical activity can be fun and how it does an amazing job of boosting your endorphins, leaving you feeling happy and content. Physical activity brings people together too, a tough workout that you share with someone else forms a brilliant bond!

Most importantly we want to show everybody that you don't need a fancy gym or special equipment to get yourself fit. We are surrounded by open spaces, outdoor fitness equipment and urban obstacles- with the right guidance and expertise we want to inspire and motivate people to get outside and get fit, for free.

How are we going to do that?

We are going to create and develop a fantastic online, interactive map (the MoveMap) showing you where you can complete brilliantly fun workouts in your local area (MoveZones), and how to complete them too. We will have pop-up fitness workshops and fitness adventures (on foot or by bike) to teach people how to use all this amazing stuff around us and we will engage with all sectors of society to ensure everybody is included. We will recruit volunteers to become Move Champions in their communities too. 

If you're visiting somewhere else in the country you can use our map to show you where to go for a great bit of exercise and what to do whilst you're there.

What do we need the funds for?

We are a brand new venture (pending registration with the Charity Commission) and need this initial funding to develop our brilliant website and map feature. We also need to produce a lot of video footage for the map, so we need to fund the planning of the workouts, videography and production.


This project offers rewards in return for your donation. Please select a reward below.

£5 or more

Get a shout out from us!

We will publicly thank you for your donation on our social media.

£10 or more

Get an celebratory mini exercise video!

We will give you a personalised video shout out via social media with an exercise dedicated to you.

£25 or more

VIP invite to one of our York filming locations!

You'll get an invite to be in one of our York-based outdoor workouts and you'll be filmed for our website.

£100 or more

Donate a workout for those in need!

Pledge 100 quid to our cause and we will deliver a tailored workout to a group in need. You'll get a warm, fuzzy feeling and we will share a video from the group you sponsored.

£250 or more

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One for the businesses - sponsor a MoveZone!

If you or your business pledges £250, you'll be the official corporate sponsor of a MoveZone (place on the map with a workout!) and we will invite 5 of you to take part in a filmed workout.

£500 or more

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Pop-up fitness workshop and movie stardom

Pledge half a tonne and we will come to your community (anywhere in England) to deliver a pop-up fitness workshop for everybody. We will make you and up to 3 people of your choice the stars of TWO videos for the MoveMap.

£1,000 or more

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A whopping 5 workouts in your area!

If you pledge £1000 we will come to your area (anywhere in England) to film FIVE workouts for the MoveMap, with you and up to 3 people of your choice. Not only that but we will run a pop-up fitness workshop in your locale too. You will be the official sponsor of those five workouts on our website.

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