Motivate and Lead - BA Better World

by ML Community Enterprise in London, England, United Kingdom

Motivate and Lead - BA Better World

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A 3 year education and employment project going beyond skills building to support emotional and personal development of at risk young people

by ML Community Enterprise in London, England, United Kingdom

 New stretch target

While the project has secured most of it's funding from BA Community Fund (with huge thanks!) and local funders, we still need to raise 19,980 each year to support a volunteer manager, special outings/experiences for disadvantaged young people, and the therapeutic service development and supervision.  

We expect to engage around 180 disadvantaged young people/young adults over 3 years. The project sets out to work with the individual needs of each beneficiary, through the lenses of racial justice, culturally appropriate and trauma informed working; while providing opportunities to first understand and overcome their past adverse experiences, build confidence and prepare for future education, employment and life opportunities. 

The project will provide therapeutic support and one to one key work alongside skills building workshops and practical employment work, helping them to take control of (and shape) their futures. Most importantly, we are doing so in a safe and inclusive learning environment, removing barriers (financial burden, travel, stigma and marginalisation) to accessing support. 

The work includes developing personal insight, healthy coping strategies and personal and professional relationships, therefore improving the ability to engage positively with new opportunities. 

Our approach is rooted in developing the self by interrupting negative mindset and behaviours (including issues like alcohol and substance misuse or risk-taking) alongside practical employability skills. Thereby moving young people/adults from a position of hopelessness to a position of feeling empowered and supported to pursue, enter and sustain meaningful employment.

Project activities range from IAG (information, advice and guidance), mental health and wellbeing support, employment readiness support, skills building, self-exploration and positive engagement with people from diverse socio-economic groups. We are empowering people to overcome multiple and complex disadvantages (social and economic deprivation, mental health and wellbeing, racial injustice), thereby moving towards their full potential.

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