Docu-drama reveals truth of refugees killed in EU

by Film Team | Mooshi in United Kingdom

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Thousands of asylum seekers are killed by EU border violence. Help us make a docu-drama that'll bring this truth to the mainstream.

by Film Team | Mooshi in United Kingdom



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We are consulting with survivors closely at every step to authentically depict the truth about Europe's deadly border violence in our drama portraying one boy's journey.  

Above is a video of our Writer-Director speaking to a survivor. 

Our cinematic film will be inspired by true stories, bringing the topic of deadly pushbacks to a global platform.


You are privy to an early pre-launch page for individuals from the creative and humanitarian field to invite you to support the project from the outset. 

We have already received significant investment, we kindly ask for help in covering our remaining funds. 

We are activists & award winning Oscar qualifying film makers with an ambition to catapult this film and this issue into mainstream discourse.

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Our film, MOOSHI follows a cheeky and playful 8 year old boy, Amir, as he, his Mother and Uncle, are forced to flee Iran and make the treacherous journey to Europe. All the while, Amir dreams about getting a pet bird and naming it 'Mooshi'.

Their journey takes a dangerous turn when they attempt to cross the Mediterranean Sea and they are confronted by the Greek Coastal Guard. 

Amir and his family's story also reflects one of the many real cases brought before the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR); the survivors of the Farmakonisi tragedy all attest to the Greek Coast Guard damaging and forcing their vessel to Turkey leading to the destruction of their boat and the death of 7 children.

Despite the ECHR ruling in favour of the victims, the practices of Greece's border violence & deadly pushbacks on asylum seekers have continued systemically.


Filmmaker, Actress & Activist  Maisie-Richardson-Sellers is Executive Producing MOOSHI. 

Here she is talking about the importance of this film:




When Coastal Guard, police or government-hired third parties; forcibly 'push' asylum seekers back outside of their territory, they use deadly strategies which have killed thousands, like sabotaging boats while they are on the water, disabling engines, puncturing dinghies and even abducting & torturing those who do make it to the mainland & forcing them back onto the sea.


Over 2000 deaths on the Mediterranean Sea are linked to border violence and illegal pushbacks but the real number is believed to be far higher as 29,000+ refugees are missing along the Mediterranean Sea.

89% of the pushbacks documented use disproportionate and excessive force.

Particularly violent cases include kidnap, stripping asylum seekers naked, beating and torturing them.



Pushbacks violate many Geneva Conventions, International Maritime Law, EU legislation & the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

But despite them being illegal the Greek Coast Guard are systematically continuing this deadly practice. 

And now UK funded french forces are employing the same tactics according to documents leaked by the Observer. 


For over a decade there has been footage of the Greek Coast Guard intentionally endangering lives when pushing refugees back.

As recently as March 2024, chilling footage has emerged of the French Coast Guard (allegedly financed by the UK government) employing tactics identical to those of their Greek counterparts. 


BUT the footage, and the news reports, have not been enough, we need to do something different - we need to humanise these stories to make a stand.



Survivors of the Farmakonisi pushback.



In the UK, the Post Office vs Bates scandal, was on the news for many years.

But it was only through a TV dramatisation that the minds and hearts of the public were captured and this resulted in  the injustices finally becoming public discourse. 

  • +20,000% increase in Google news searches on the Post Office scandal (despite the original story breaking in 2009)

  • The Government debated the issue in parliament and has now begun exonerating the victims after the dramatisation.

We plan to do the same with Mooshi, raising awareness with an audience who otherwise are unaware of this harrowing truth about border violence.

Source * Guardian



Together, with your help, we will use this cinematic film about a child and his family, who suffer at the hands of a deadly pushback, as a tool for activism and lobbying within the mainstream film world with screenings in festivals that specialise in Human Rights and a parliamentary screening.

Global Press channels will be invited to panel discussions with survivors at each regional screening, and a petition will accompany our PR launch.


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