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Support BAMER-led non-profits & place decision-making where it belongs: in the hands of those driving transformative impact via Dragons Den.

by Money4YOU in London, Greater London, United Kingdom

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On the 27th October 2023 we'd raised £5,270 with 34 supporters in 84 days. But as every pound matters, we're continuing to collect donations from supporters.

Money4YOU Presents: Dragons Den 2023
Supporting BAMER-LED non-profits and Igniting Change through Equitable, Inclusive and Participatory Funding #WorldChangers

Who are we?

Money4YOU is not just a charity; we are a movement of #WorldChangers. Our relentless mission is to eradicate economic inequalities faced by underrepresented youth, non-profits, and entrepreneurs through quality financial education. We believe in the power of collaboration and actively seek partnerships to drive change and tackle inequality head-on.

What are we trying to achieve?

We are on a mission to maximise the funding we are able to award to BAMER-led non-profits at our annual Dragons Den event in 2023:

Friday 20th October 2023
Ohana Floor, Salesforce Tower, London

Participatory grant-making in action, our Dragons Den Event serves as a powerful platform that connects Black, Asian, Multi-Ethnic, and Refugee (BAMER) led non-profits with grant-makers, fostering meaningful connections and advancing our goal eradicating financial inequities head-on. 

Join us as we create a stage for BAMER-led organisations to showcase their transformative work and secure the funding they deserve.

Last year in 2022, we raised more than £100,000 and this year we’re on a mission to at least double that figure; pushing to £200,000 to re-distribute to our amazing BAMER-led non-profits


Our story so far:

Since our inception in 2012, Dragons Den has ignited the flames of transformation for over 1100 BAMER-led non-profits, unlocking more than £300,000 in funds directly to our communities. In the face of unprecedented challenges during the pandemic, we fearlessly adapted, hosting a resoundingly successful online event in 2020 and 2021, providing vital lifelines of support to our cherished members. Dragons Den 2022 saw our monumental 10-year anniversary, and this year,we are ready to soar higher and champion change like never before.

Your support will empower BAMER-led non-profits to shatter barriers in fundraising and amplify their impact to unprecedented heights. By bridging the gap between grant-makers and these incredible organisations, our Dragons Den Event propels opportunities for greater support, enhanced visibility, and long-term sustainability for our incredible BAMER-led non-profits. 

Together, we can forge tangible change in the lives of marginalised individuals and our communities, paving the way towards a future in which we all can thrive.


Dragons Den: a place where innovation and empowerment converge for good

What is Dragons Den?

Dragons Den is an annual event organised by Money4YOU that continues to transform how BAMER-led non-profit organisations are supported and funded; bridging the gaps left by the mainstream funding landscape. It is an engaging and impactful gathering that brings together Money4YOU's wider community, including graduates and alumni of our flagship AVOCADO+ Accelerator Programmes and members of our ever-expanding BAMERHUB, our partners and associates, as well as a panel of experienced and esteemed funders and investors.

Last year, we welcomed funder representatives from: The Leathersellers' Company, Tudor Trust, City Bridge Trust, The Childhood Trust, Action Funder, CommUNITY Barnet, The National Heritage Fund, Baobab Foundation and Trust for London.

“This is beneficial for people wanting to clarify their pitch and reach funders in a more personal way, especially those who found barriers from funders who closed their grants at the time.

Networking with funders is a sphere that grassroots Black and working class-led multicultural groups have systematically been excluded from."

- Dragons Den 2022 Attendee


How it Works:

  • Activating change through collective decision-making: BAMER-led non-profits pitch their projects, initiatives, and ideas to a live audience and expert panel.
  •  Grants and funding are awarded to the non-profits that pitch on the night based on votes from attendees and panel members, creating an extraordinary example of participatory grant-making.
  • Nurturing collaboration and impact: Dragons Den, as an event, becomes a true catalyst for significant impact; fostering a vibrant ecosystem of BAMER-led non-profits, encouraging collaboration, networking, and knowledge sharing, uplifting and empowering organisations for long-term success and meaningful impact.

“I enjoyed attending and meeting such wonderful, kind people and I also had a great time getting to know the Dragons and other Charity representatives." 

- Dehab Woldu, Da'aro Youth Project


Our Dragons Den events provide BAMER-led non-profit organisations the exciting opportunity to present their projects, initiatives, or ideas to a live audience and expert panel in order to pitch for funding. They showcase the incredible work they are doing to address social issues and create positive change within their communities. 

On the night, the attendees and the panel play a crucial role in deciding the allocation of grants and funding. Each non-profit presents their pitch, and the audience and panel members have the opportunity to vote for the most deserving organisations to receive financial support. This collective decision-making process is what sets us apart and makes Dragons Den an extraordinary example of participatory grant-making in action.

“Never just an event; but always a transformative experience for all.”
- Dragons Den Supporter


Our Vision for Dragons Den 2023

This year, our Dragons Den event promises an electrifying gathering of influential grant-makers, charity sector leaders, and passionate individuals united by a shared vision to drive positive change in our sector and beyond. 

Prepare for thought-provoking panel discussions, networking sessions teeming with opportunities, and awe-inspiring funding pitches that will redefine the trajectory of social impact. 

With your support and shared #WorldChanging spirit fueling us, Dragons Den 2023 is set to make Money4YOU history as our most impactful and game-changing event yet.

How your donation will be used:

By giving to our Dragons Den, you are directly contributing to the triumph and longevity of BAMER-led non-profits, catalysing a ripple effect of empowerment and change across their organisations and the communities that they serve. Your donation will contribute to essential financial support to BAMER-led non-profits. No matter the size, your support and donation will play a pivotal role in empowering BAMER-led non-profits to thrive, create lasting change, and addressing the economic inequalities faced by under-represented communities. 


Donate now and be part of the revolution—support Dragons Den 2023 and be a champion for inclusive funding. 

Our Dream:

We envision a world where BAMER-led nonprofits no longer face systemic barriers in accessing the funds they need to create lasting change, and a world in which everyone can thrive, free from financial exclusion and inequity. Your support is the key to transforming this dream into a resounding reality, where each act of generosity fuels innovation and propels us closer to a world where everyone has the opportunity to soar.

Join us and support us, because when we unite as #WorldChangers, our collective power knows no bounds. 

Your contribution today will pave the way for a future where funding opportunities are no longer dictated by privilege but are instead guided by a shared commitment to justice and equality.



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Champion Supporter PLUS Entry to Dragons Den 2023

With your Champion Supporter PLUS package, you're not just attending an extraordinary event – you're actively driving positive change and making a lasting difference with 50% of your pledge going directly to BAMER-led non-profits as grant-funding.

£10 or more

Virtual Attendance - Dragons Den 2023 (BAMER Only)

For BAMER Guests Only! Can’t make Dragons Den 2023 in person? That’s okay! Pledge £10 and receive entry to our Virtual Streaming of the Dragons Den 2023 pitching Event.

£25 or more

Basic Ticket - Dragons Den Evening (BAMER Only)

Experience an evening filled with inspiration, innovation, & impactful pitches as BAMER-led non-profits present their transformative projects and ideas LIVE. You will witness participatory grant-making in action. For BAMER Guests Only! Your Standard Ticket grants you entry to an extraordinary event and also contributes directly to equipping and supporting underrepresented communities.

£50 or more

VIP Ticket - Full Day@DragonsDen 2023 (BAMER Only)

FOR BAMER GUESTS ONLY: Your VIP Ticket not only grants you a front-row seat to participatory grant-making in action but also entitles you to a Money4YOU Swag Bag upon entry PLUS entrance to extra sessions earlier in the day on 20/10/23. At least £10 of the cost of your VIP Ticket will go directly to BAMER-led non-profits as grant-funding.

£70 or more

VIP Allies Ticket - Entry to Dragons Den 2023

FOR ALLIES: Your VIP Ticket not only grants you a front-row seat to participatory grant-making in action but also entitles you to a Money4YOU Swag Bag upon entry PLUS entrance to extra sessions earlier in the day on 20/10/23. At least £10 of the cost of your VIP Ticket will go directly to BAMER-led non-profits as grant-funding.

£5,000 or more

Gold Sponsorship

Level up your support! Join our mission as a Gold Sponsor, gaining all the benefits of the Bronze package, plus entry to Dragons Den 2023, an exhibition table and seating for 2 Guests, plus the opportunity to include your branded materials in our event goody bag.

£10,000 or more

Platinum Sponsorship

Elevate your engagement whilst supporting our vital BAMER-led non-profits. Our Platinum Sponsor package offers entry to Dragons Den 2023 plus exclusive networking with Award Nominees, VIP seating, and the chance to present one of the awards, in addition to all the benefits included in our Bronze and Gold packages. Be a driving force for transformative change and unleash the full potential of your impact!

£25 or more

Standard Ticket - Entry to Dragons Den 2023

Experience an evening filled with inspiration, innovation, and impactful pitches as BAMER-led non-profits take the stage to present their transformative projects and ideas, and witness participatory grant-making in action. Your Standard Ticket not only grants you entry to an extraordinary event but also contributes directly to the empowerment and support of underrepresented communities.

£1,500 or more

Bronze Sponsorship

Amplify your brand's impact and reach whilst supporting BAMER-led non-profits. Our Bronze Sponsorship package offers inclusion in email campaigns, social media promotion, and logo placement, connecting you with our 2,000+ members.

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