Support Republic, so we can #AbolishTheMonarchy

by Republic in London, Greater London, United Kingdom

Support Republic, so we can #AbolishTheMonarchy
We did it
On 17th March 2022 we successfully raised £5,467 with 264 supporters in 28 days

Now is the time to ramp up the campaign for the abolition of the monarchy.

by Republic in London, Greater London, United Kingdom

New stretch target

Republic has been making a big impact on the monarchy debate over the past twelve months. Now is the time to make the campaign louder and stronger, with more digital and outdoor advertising, more media work, more investigations and research and more lobbying of MPs.

As we approach the end of the Queen's reign, the scandals rocking Charles and Andrew, and the accusations from Harry and Meghan, are leaving the monarchy looking more fragile than ever.

The royals are shaming this country and it's time to move on. Your donation will help Republic:

  • Run digital and social media adverts
  • Organise events up and down the country
  • Do more work on getting the message into the media
  • Lobby MPs, ministers and devolved parliaments on crucial issues
  • Present the democratic alternative to a much wider audience.


We make an impact

Republic is making a difference:

  • We organised a letter signed by more than 150 ex-military, calling on Prince Andrew to be stripped of his honorary titles. That happened the same day the letter was published.
  • We reported Prince Charles to the police for alleged cash-for-honours. The police are now investigating. 
  • We have debunked the myths about royal tourism and the cost of the monarchy, changing the debate about the benefits and costs of a republic.
  • We have challenged Prince Charles and William on climate change hypocrisy.
  • We will be running a major campaign through the jubilee and toward the succession.

With your donation and support we can do more.

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