Mole Valley and Epsom & Ewell Green Party GE 2024

by John Roche in Dorking, Surrey, United Kingdom

Mole Valley and Epsom & Ewell Green Party GE 2024

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Fundraising to fight the General Election 2024. With no corporate sponsors, your support matters!

by John Roche in Dorking, Surrey, United Kingdom

🚨 Snap General Election 🚨

2024 is the climate election. We must make change now. Funds are urgently needed for our General Election campaigns to get more Green MPs elected. Our aim is to increase Green votes decisively, so that, whichever party is in Downing Street, the Green voice cannot be silenced.

Our two parliamentary candidates have great track records for delivering for our communities and getting powerful results:

  • Lisa Scott for Dorking & Horley
  • Stephen McKenna for Epsom & Ewell.

Unlike the other political parties, we don’t accept donations from big business. We're proud to do politics differently but that means we have to rely on people like you to fund our campaigns.

As the world faces climate breakdown and subsequent social collapse, it has never been more important to have Green voices at every decision-making table. None of the other parties are focused on the climate emergency, yet it affects our food security, energy prices and world peace.  Without Greens in Parliament there will be no voice for Nature. Greens are an independent voice. We are not whipped like the mainstream parties, nor lobbied by big business, so are free to voice the real issues that are impacting residents.

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The Green Party’s increasing popularity across the UK reflects a growing public endorsement of our commitment to environmental sustainability, social equity, and economic fairness. We are now the official opposition (the 2nd largest party)  in Reigate and Banstead which includes Horley, part of our Dorking and Horley constituency. By backing Lisa and Stephen, you’re not just supporting a candidate, you’re championing a movement dedicated to transforming our society for the better.

We are the only party calling for a wealth tax on the richest 1%, an end to section 21 (no cause) evictions, an end to the privatisation by stealth of our NHS, and public ownership of our water companies. We call for proportional representation, a national social care service, public ownership of all transport services and a ceasefire in Gaza now!

Have you heard of Short money? Every vote for the Green Party - including your vote - translates into funding for Green MPs during the next Parliament. More Green votes nationwide means more government funding for Green MPs anywhere.

How your money will help us

Your support will enable a campaign capable of reaching out to every voter in the two constituencies, making every conversation count, and ensuring our message of real hope, real change is heard loud and clear.

We’ve already raised £1,000 to cover the cost of our two General Election deposits. But to reach out to every household before 4th July we need a minimum of:

  • £1,700 for 65,000 leaflets (to be delivered for free by Royal Mail)
  • £140 for 5,000 calling cards to deliver when canvassing, so people know we have knocked.

If you can afford to donate please support us. Your donations will deliver high quality campaigning material and help us to gain as many votes as possible, securing our status as a national party, supported across the country.

Every donation - big or small - will make a difference. Thank you for anything you can contribute.

Other ways you can support us

The General Election is in just 5 weeks! Can you display a poster or posterboard somewhere prominent? These have a real impact on raising our profile and encouraging people around us to vote Green. We would welcome any time you can give at home or on the streets (eg. canvassing, leafleting, fundraising, researching, emailing, social media). We’re a friendly bunch. Please email us at:

          [email protected] or

          [email protected]

P.S. Being a political party … 

We're required to run electoral register checks of people making donations above £500.  If you donate over £1,500 during a year, we are required to inform the Electoral Commission and your details will appear on their website.

By making a donation you confirm that you are eligible to make political donations in the UK, and that this donation is not made for or on behalf of any other person. All donations received are subject to the regulations of the Political Parties, Elections and Referendums Act 2000. All donations go to MVEE Green Party election funds.

Promoted and published by John Roche on behalf of Stephen McKenna and Lisa Scott for the Mole Valley and Epsom and Ewell Green Party, c/o 10 Hawksmoore Drive, Beare Green RH5 4UZ


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