Mock COP Phase 3

by The Mock COP team in London, Greater London, United Kingdom

Mock COP Phase 3
We did it
On 18th November 2022 we successfully raised £200 ( + est. £45.00 Gift Aid ) with 5 supporters in 49 days

Mock COP have lots of exciting plans ahead of, and during COP27. Can you support us to increase our impact?

by The Mock COP team in London, Greater London, United Kingdom

We are still busy campaigning for the implementation of the Mock COP treaty and have lots exciting plans but need some support to help our campaign activities continue. 

1.5 degrees

1662463550_1_(1).pngOur new project will analyse the course content at the top-ranked 30 universities around the world, as well as the top university from each region not represented in the top 30 (according to THE). We are focusing on engineering, economics, law, politics, and health since these industries and subjects have a large potential to effect change in sustainability. We will assess whether their teaching is compatible with keeping the global temperature increase below 1.5 degrees, as per the Paris Agreement, and rank them in order of how progressive they are in how they are preparing their students to tackle the climate emergency and ecological crisis through their future career, creating an online alternative league table. 

Teach the Teacher/Parent/Governor

Teach the Teacher logoTeach the Teacher (TtT) launched last year and brings students from across the world into their schools to talk to their educators about climate change. The workshop delivered by students to their teachers explains what it is like to be a young person experiencing a climate emergency, what climate anxiety is, and how exploring climate action can help students turn their fear into power. Last year we ran TtTs in 45 schools in 21 countries. This year, we hope to reach at least 30 countries with a focus on countries in the Global South, bringing to light the lack of training in climate and environmental literacy that educators receive and the state of climate education in schools globally. We will also be training youth to run Teach the Governor and Teach the Parent sessions. Teach the Governor will take a similar approach to TtTs and will aim to influence those in positions that make strategic decisions for schools, whilst Teach the Parent will take a more informal approach of initiating climate conversations between youth and their parents or guardians to encourage them to make changes in their day-to-day lives. 

COP27 and COP15

  • Mock COP is co-hosting the children and youth pavilion at COP27
  • We will launch 1.5 degrees at COP27
  • We will convene a panel discussion on university league tables and the importance of embedding sustainability 
  • We will participate in youth-led events at COP15 to lobby on our biodiversity policy asks of our treaty

Campaign Coordinators

We are leading the activities above along with volunteers. As part of this, we have been driving social media engagement, lobbying politicians and leaders on the Mock COP treaty, making plans to increase youth engagement with COP27 and climate action, and carrying out actions and developing relationships for better climate education. So far we have raised awareness about Mock COP and the importance of meaningful youth leadership at SB56 in Bonn; UNEP YEA! Global Summit; and will be representing Mock COP at the Transforming Education Summit, COP27 and COP15; and represented Mock COP in "Advocacy Workshop: Making Progress on Climate Education and Higher Education", organised by SOS International and UNDP.

 Your donation would help the campaign to continue by funding:

  • Provide microgrants to youth running in Teach the Teachers to cover the costs of items such as projector hire and internet data
  • Campaign Coordinators pay at the UK real living wage
  • Resource development to guide youth involved in our projects and the translation of these
  • Creating engaging youth spaces/events at COP27 and COP15
  • Digital and tech development, such as our 1.5 degrees online ranking table

Thank you for your support. 

Jodie, Aishwarya, Josh, Mohab, Porag, Kelo, Shreya, Saher, Via.

Contact us by emailing [email protected]

Phase 3 campaign coordinators

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