Missing Katrice

by Stu McKenzie in Hereford, Herefordshire, United Kingdom

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Through photography, we reflect on the disappearance of toddler Katrice Lee, raise awareness, and support her family's search for answers.

by Stu McKenzie in Hereford, Herefordshire, United Kingdom

Missing Katrice

Saturday the 28th November 1981 was Katrice Lee's second birthday, it was also the day she vanished without a trace.

The "Missing Katrice" project is a deeply personal endeavour that aims to shed light on the unresolved disappearance of Katrice Lee, who vanished from a British Military supermarket in Schloß Neuhaus, Germany. As a documentary photographer and a witness to the impact of Katrice's disappearance on her family and community, I felt compelled to explore her story further and offer support to her family in their quest for answers.

I am asking for your help with Missing Katrice to raise awareness of Katrice's disappearance and help to re-energise the quest for answers that the family deserves.

Here is a recent news story about Katrice: 


Understanding the Project:

Since 1981, the Lee family has been on a relentless search for answers about Katrice's disappearance. Their journey has been marked by emotions of loss, trauma, and hope, compounded by flawed investigations and a loss of faith in the authorities.


Project Focus: "Missing Katrice" is a documentary photography project that sensitively captures the Lee family's experiences, emotions, and resilience throughout their search for answers. Through portraits, relevant imagery, and symbolism from the natural world, the project offers a contemplative exploration of their journey.

The project aims to produce a photobook and major exhibition with a series of community outreach workshops, showing first in Germany and then planned to tour to two venues in the UK.

The photobook will help to raise awareness and reinvigorate interest in Katrice's story. 


Personal Connection:

As someone who lived nearby when Katrice went missing and later served in the same area with the military, I felt a personal connection to her story. My memories of the event and a desire to tell her story led me to reach out to the Lee family and embark on this project.

As a nine year old boy, my family often shopped in the same supermarket from where Katrice disappeared. I remember as clear as day the description of Katrice on the radio, the turquoise duffel coat and red wellington boots are forever present in my mind. 

The images I have made for this project are rooted in an emotional connection, they are a response to this tragic story and a the emotions experienced by the Lee family.  


You can read more about me here: https://www.stumckenzie.com/about

The Photobook:

Structure: The photobook will be divided into two sections. The first section will feature original documentary photography, reflecting the Lee family's experiences. The second section will contain archival material provided by the family, offering context and insight into Katrice's story.

Launch and Distribution: The photobook will be launched during an exhibition in the old supermarket at Schloss Neuhaus, Germany. Following the launch, the book will be available for purchase online via my website, ensuring accessibility to a global audience. You can also get hold of the book through one of the many rewards on offer. 

The book will be designed by a brilliant and experienced designer, I'll keep you updated with the design and what it looks like as and when it happens. 


Richard Lee, Katrice's Father.

How You Can Help:

Your support is crucial in bringing the "Missing Katrice" photobook project to fruition. Here's how you can help:

Pledge: Your contributions will directly support the production and distribution of the photobook, ensuring that Katrice's story reaches audiences worldwide.

Spread the Word: Share our crowdfunding campaign with your network, amplifying our reach and raising awareness about unresolved missing persons cases.

Stay Updated: Follow our progress on social media and through our website for updates on the project's development and launch.


Additional Funds: 

Any funds raised on top of the target will go towards funding the exhibition. All proceeds from book sales will be donated Missing People UK. 

Thank you:

Thank you for supporting the "Missing Katrice" photobook project. Together, we can keep Katrice's memory alive, raise awareness about missing persons cases, and offer support to families like the Lees who continue to seek answers.


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