Help Miriam Brett Become MP of Orkney and Shetland

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Help Miriam Brett Become MP of Orkney and Shetland
We did it
On 2nd June 2017 we successfully raised £5,355 with 174 supporters in 28 days

Fund raising for Miriam Brett, SNP candidate for Orkney and Shetland in the General Election 2017

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 New stretch target

Thanks for helping us get over our target!

The original target of £3000 will help pay for the printing of two leaflets and their postal costs.

We've added a stretch target of £2000 to help us rent a premises in both Orkney and Shetland, for the second half of the campaign. This will act as a hub for members to meet, catch up with news and volunteer their time.  Its a place where leaflet deliveries can be organised and place from which we can reach out the public. It really boosts the moral of our troops to have somewhere dry to stop and have a cup of tea in between maning stalls or going door to door. Its also a place where the public can drop by and find out about our candidate and about the SNP and where non SNP volunteers can make contact with us. 

Thank you so much for donating past our original target. 

My name is Miriam Brett. I was born and bred in Shetland, and am the SNP candidate for Orkney and Shetland in the 2017 General Election. 

The snap election announced by Theresa May has left us very little time to campaign. Elections are expensive, and we need to ensure that our vision reaches as many people in the Northern Isles as possible in the short time that we have.

The constituency of Orkney and Shetland has voted Liberal Democrat since the 1950s. An SNP vote in this election would make history. 

The harsh realities of a hard Tory Brexit pose a threat to the economy and community in the Northern Isles. Where is the safeguarding for critical EU funding to vital sectors such as farming? Where is the robust trade strategy? Where is the protection of the rights of EU citizens who have chosen to make Orkney and Shetland their home? The SNP has a strong track record on holding the UK Government to account, and if elected I will work tirelessly to ensure that the voices, concerns and visions my constituents are heard throughout the Brexit negotiations. 

In the two years since the 2015 electoral victory, we have seen what a positive force for good the SNP have been at Westminster. 

  • We have opposed the counterproductive austerity agenda at its source.
  • We have been instrumental in securing UK Government u-turns to cuts to Tax Credits and disability benefits. 
  • We have passed landmark legislation to end violence against women. 
  • We have forced the UK Government to investigate companies using Scotland to evade tax. 
  • We have been the only clear, consistent and unified opposition to the £180bn of taxpayer money utterly squandered on Trident nuclear weapons. 
  • We have fought to end the Tories’ draconian two-child tax credit cap and abhorrent Rape Clause. 
  • We have campaigned to reform the UK Government’s punitive sanctions regime, which has forced so many into hunger. 

And our work doesn’t stop there. From supporting the WASPI women, to calling for a robust energy strategy and campaigning for a simplified tax system that works for people and businesses, the efforts of the SNP in Westminster are far from finished. 

We have just weeks to make history, so every donation is welcome!

If you are kind enough to donate more than £50 to my campaign your name and address will be checked against the electoral register to ensure that you are eligible to donate. Your name but not your address will be made available to Council on request after the election. 

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