#MeTU Solidarity Fundraiser

by MeTUwomen in London, Greater London, United Kingdom

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#MeTU fundraiser to support victims/survivors of sexual harassment, sexual violence and bullying in the trade union and labour movement.

by MeTUwomen in London, Greater London, United Kingdom

There is widespread structural sexism, sexual harassment and bullying in the trade union and labour movement - and it's time to stamp it out once and for all. 

Women working for trade unions who have experienced bullying, sexual harassment and violence have been silenced by a climate of fear that includes the appalling use of Non Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) to silence them. 

Often they have been forced to leave while the perpetrators are protected, continuing and even thriving in their unions. 

We believe her. We believe the women speaking out and those facing legal action for doing so and gaslighting. These terrible things happened and these women are not lying.

 We need independent investigations in every union such as the GMB- commissioned Monaghan report. We need to make sure that NDAs are never used to silence women ever again. And most of all, we need a fundamental change of culture in our unions to make clear that this disgusting behaviour is not acceptable - and the perpetrators have no place in our movement. 

We know that both men and women are complicit in lies and cover ups and that some existing structural and cultural difficulties are hard to challenge. But we have to be brave. It’s never too late to speak out and make our collective stronger. We are all part of the solution - or we are part of the problem.

But to enable this we need to make sure we can support women who are brave enough to speak out. We will need money to compensate women who break their NDAs and thus lose associated payments. We will need money for legal costs in the face of court action. And we will need money to support women who are forced out of their jobs and are left unable to pay their bills.

So please help us by contributing to this fundraiser - every pound we raise will give more confidence to women to take that crucial first step of breaking the silence.

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