Mermaids Short Film

by Team Mermaids in Truro, England, United Kingdom

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No money. No career. No relationship. 20-something screw-ups Margo and Celeste have two choices: sink or swim. Short film.

by Team Mermaids in Truro, England, United Kingdom

 New stretch target

You've given us the green light to make our film. It's happening! We can't thank you enough for your support. Help us get to our stretch target and your money will go towards post-production which includes sound design, sound mix, grading and VFX to name a few. All additional funds will go straight into what you will see on screen, and empower us to make the best mer-movie possible! 

MERMAIDS is an independent black comedy/drama short film about friendship, returning home and being stranded in the ‘in-between’.

Struggling to come to terms with their underwhelming achievements, they find themselves in (quarter life) crisis. Like the myths of mermaids who came ashore on Cornish beaches, Margo and Celeste find themselves stranded in the ‘in- between’: the chasm between the sea and land, adulthood and childhood, countryside and city, in a state of both ‘becoming’ and ‘unbecoming’ as they search for purpose and belonging in their twenties.


Former childhood best friends Celeste and Margo haven’t seen each other for eight years - the same time it’s taken for them to both screw up their lives.

Failed journalist-cum-blogger, Margo returns to Cornwall disillusioned and broken from the city, while Celeste is struggling to keep her head above water as she works a deadbeat job at the village shop, pining over lost opportunities after becoming a carer for her mother, who is suffering with Parkinson's.

When they find themselves at the same hen-party dressed as Giant Starfish and Human Kelp, desperation (and an angry girlfriend) throws them together and forces them to reckon with the events that destroyed their friendship. Under the weight of disappointment and failure will the reunion cause them to sink or swim?



Yaz is a Truro5bcfc0bd38f89633b257311e54c2d2f5f29a1523 girl who ventured to the big smoke to pursue a career in film, where she worked for a multitude of British Independent production companies. She has been a script reader for Vertigo Films and BAFTA Rocliffe. In 2015, she was approached by Jo Brand’s What Larks! Productions to develop her book proposal MAN-TOX into a shorts format for BBC3 style audiences. Yaz associate produced and acted the leading role of Carly the in the award-winning short film LA LUNE FOLLE (CRAZY MOON), also starring BAFTA winning Dame Sian Phillips. Last year she co-wrote, -acted, -produced and - directed the comedy short CHICKEN. In 2017, she was selected for the Widening the Lens scheme run by Encounters Film Festival where she received mentoring for her script MERMAIDS by industry professionals.


After graduating in film studies from King’s College London, Jaz came to terms with the fact a wealth of theoretical cinema knowledge wasn’t going to get her very far in production management. She therefore cut her teeth into the industry working at an array of different production companies. She has worked on a range of independent features, including UK/Swiss/German co-production BAGHDAD IN MY SHADOW (Ipso Facto/Coin Film/Dschoint Ventschr) and MAKE UP (Quiddity Films).


Simeon is a London based DP who grew up in the fast paced environment of the digital revolution. Yet his journey began with an interest in stills photography during school in Bremen, a German town not too far from the North Sea. Along the way his main interest developed towards moving images, which is why he moved to Berlin to study Digital Film. 

f3639cc90671e61cd3ca846f54f47ca8a88f7847During this time he worked on projects including music videos and short films. After completing his studies he left the mainland to pursue his freelance (pirate) career as an international DP and moved to London, where he currently works for clients including GQ, Emporio Armani, Ted Baker and many more. While commercial work pays the bills, he enjoys telling stories that touch on every day life. He combines technical know how with an eye for aesthetics, always focusing on story first, to bring those stories to life. 


Since being obsessed with films from a young age Amber has been working on films since she was 14 and after her studies continued to work in various parts of the film industry from script development at Amber Entertainment. and then to the world of post production at LipSync. After a few years Amber moved to working full time on sets as an assistant director.
She has worked on various productions such as the BAFTA award winning MURDERED BY MY FATHER, CARMILLA Birdflight films, FISHERMAN'S FRIENDS Fred Films  and most recently HOPE GAP with Annette Benning & Bill Nighy and is beyond excited to return to the sea for the MERMAID’s adventure.


65787dec5316a93a0b560f8b349b688cdf311224Siân is an artist and graduate of Slade School of Fine Art.
She joins Mermaids as part of the art department, as well as creating graphics and illustrations for the film’s social channels.

Her works have been exhibited in UCL Art Museum and at the Hoxton Basement. She creates digital illustrations and lettering for brands such as LoveKnitting, and has a passion for puns.


66712b33378d3c4504c70c6018df66615812d4a1Dom was born and raised in West Cornwall.
While growing up he had a passion for the arts, drama and live performances. He studied BA Photography at Falmouth University, where his wide reaching practice saw him undertake large scale set build projects and introduced him to the world of film and media. Since Dom has pursued a career within Film and Television. Having worked a range of programming and companies including: BBC, Betty & TwoFour. He most recently completed a production & stills photographer  trainee placement on Claire Oakley & Emily Morgan's Ifeatures Project - MAKE UP

When he's not helping to make mermaids he can be found off surfing some waves with them.


 3559373078ae60d07b0b859d8a9395aba1650ff0Tris grew up in a small village of Nottinghamshire.  Coming from a musical family, music became a passion and key element in his life, as did an interest in technology.  Eventually he was offered an internship in a Dolby Post Studio, where he learnt the craft of sound design for film.  

He finally moved to London in search of work.  After rediscovering that his true passion is for music, he’s now trying to focus on producing music more.  

Most of Tris’ childhood holidays were spent in Cornwall, so it holds a special place in his heart with many happy memories. 


109891bd6f53c4a24eebd4b13426f9a1e92f029cNosa is a French/Nigerian London based Visual Storyteller and Graphic Designer and currently a Gallery Assistant at Saatchi Gallery. She has worked on several design projects; from educational animated commercial work as well as collaborating on humanitarian projects with UNHCR, etc. She is an emerging artist who has curated and participated in 4 exhibitions in 2017, including a 5th underway at the Ritzy Cinema Brixton in August 2018.

Using her animation and conceptual background it was an easy and fun swim working with Yaz & team to create the promo boards for MERMAIDS.

Support so far...

MERMAIDS received development support after writer, actor and director Yazmin, was selected for the Widening the Lens training scheme 2017, run by Encounters Film Festival.

Kate O’Hara, Development and Production Executive at Creative England/iFeatures, mentored Yazmin as a part of the scheme and oversaw the development of the script.

The project has been picked by CrowdFunder as one of their passion projects for 2018.

Emily Morgan, Quiddity Films, BIFA and BAFTA winning producer of I AM NOT A WITCH, is on board as Executive Producer for the project.


From costumes to equipment, to take our film from script to screen we are going to need some help. Here’s where your money will go…



Although our target of £5,000 will provide the bare essentials to make the film any additional funds will go towards post-production, festival submission and additional fees. 





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Money isn’t the only way you can help us make Mermaids. If you have a skill or resource that might be helpful during our Cornish shoot - we’d love to hear from you! Whether you’d be interested in being an extra, cook a mean pasty or help us raise finance, we’d value your ideas.


Thank you to our amazing sponsors for donating to our pledge rewards: 

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