Medical Freedom Bill: Help us Protect our Rights

by Save Our Rights UK in Brighton, England, United Kingdom

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On 6th May 2021 we successfully raised £62,500 with 2385 supporters in 28 days

Save Our Rights UK are campaigning to lobby the Prime Minister and all MPs to pass a Medical Freedom Bill to protect our bodily autonomy.

by Save Our Rights UK in Brighton, England, United Kingdom

New stretch target

More money will mean more advertising, meaning a higher reach across the nation, meaning more engagement and a higher chance of success. 

The Government needs to know thousands of people are backing and demanding a Medical Freedom Bill so please help us to reach as many people as possible. Every penny will go into reaching more and raising awareness. 

Protecting our Medical Freedoms not just now but for generations to come. 

Protect Fundamental Human Rights in the UK  

We have been through a year of turmoil here in the UK as well as abroad. We are all looking forward to the reopening of society however there is a threat to us all. This comes in the form of vaccine passports or Covid-19 status certifications that infringe upon our medical freedom. 

Here in the UK we pride ourselves on a long history or standing for prestigious Rights and Freedoms across the world but specifically here at home. We have enjoyed full medical freedom until recently as mandated testing has started to be introduced in some sectors. 

The efficency and benefit of any proposed medical procedure is irrelevant as any mandating of medical procedures means that one cannot give full, free and informed consent. The Government does not give us our freedoms, they are ours already, they are meant to protect them. They should not only not roll out vaccine passports or Covid-19 status certifications themselves but they should be taking proactive steps to prevent anyone else doing so. 

It is coercive and discriminatory, to do so would mean that we have lost our medical freedom and bodily autonomy...once it’s lost how far will it go? We do not wish to start on this slippery slide so are campaigning for the Government to pass a Medical Freedom Bill to protect all of our rights now and for many generations to come. 

We need your help though, the Government already know about the campaign but now they need to know how many people support it so they cannot shy away from it. 

We need to raise money so that we are able to reach more people and get more people to take the actions, such as emailing Michael Gove, emailing their MP, signing the open letter to Boris Johnson, all of which you can do HERE, and attending events.


What is the Medical Freedom Bill and why:

Save Our Rights UK (SORUK) is campaigning to lobby the Prime Minister and all MPs to pass a Medical Freedom Bill to prevent: 

  • Mandation of medical procedures 
  • Introduction of vaccine passports or Covid-19 status certifications
  • Coercion into consenting to medical procedures by way of withholding services and/or freedoms 
  • Discrimination against a person based upon their decision to partake in a medical procedure

    Save Our Rights UK believes that all medical procedures should be a matter of personal choice and that to compel citizens through law or via discrimination and coercion to undergo a medical procedure contravenes fundamental human rights as defined by UNESCO’s Universal Declaration on Bioethics and Human Rights (2005):

    1. Human dignity, human rights and fundamental freedoms are to be fully respected.
    2. The interests and welfare of the individual should have priority over the sole interest of science or society.

    A Medical Freedom Bill urgently needs to come in to halt plans of private companies and corporations to roll out such things as Vaccine Passports, Covid Status Certifications and mandated testing to be allowed to enter their premises. The introduction of this Bill would prevent further discrimination and the impingement of basic human rights in the United Kingdom.

Human rights are under threat here in the UK:

Already, we are seeing discrimination and the infringement of humans rights in relation to vaccines and other medical procedures.

  • Companies are discriminating against employees and customers. For example, Saga Holidays will not sell holidays to unvaccinated persons while Pimlico Plumbers have declared that their workers must be vaccinated or face termination of their employment.
  • The UK government has implemented a “no test, no touchdown” travel policy which forces people to take medical tests before they can fly.
  • The EU are also considering implementing vaccine passports.
  • The UK Governement are actively dicussing bringing in vaccine passports or covid status cert

The above examples represent just the beginning of discrimination and the end to human rights unless our Medical Freedom Bill can stop from adopting further discriminatory practices.

Michael Gove is currently leading a review on whether these should be introduced by the Government but even if they choose not to do it themselves they ought to be taking proactive action to protect the countries citizens from private bodies, companies and corporations. 

We need a Medical Freedom Bill passed through Parliament:

A Medical Freedom Bill would ensure the freedoms of UK citizen by enshrining in law that no organisation or individual can legally mandate or coerce another to undertake a medical procedure or discriminate based upon their medical status. 

The Bill would legislate against any mandation or coercion in regards to any medical procedure by way of vaccine passports, Covid-19 status certification or any other such methodology for any reason.

Enshrining in law the right of individual to choose whether or not to be vaccinated would protect a fundamental human right. Preventing medical discrimination would boost public confidence in our healthcare system as individuals would be empowered to make decisions based on informed consent. Furthermore, organisations including employers would be made certain of their obligations and anti-discriminatory duties.

Where will the money go and why should you support this campaign:

Every pound donated on our dedicated crowdfunding page goes towards raising awareness of the Medical Freedom Bill and encouraging more and more people to join us in opposing any form of vaccine passport or medical status discrimination.

We know there’s growing concern in the wider public about the possible introduction of vaccine certificates and other means of segregating society based on medical status. This is all in spite of the media’s ongoing fear-mongering and its tacit support for a medical surveillance society.

Can you help us break through and disrupt this narrative?

We want to take this message to the masses via a nationwide advertising campaign.

Will you help us raise enough money to splash the message across billboards, spread the word via flyers and raise awareness through social media ads?

The louder we make our voices, the more people will join the chorus and the more politicians will be forced to sit-up and take notice.

Action now is paramount if we’re to avoid a medical checkpoint society where access to shops, bars, flights will be dependent upon your medical status.

So please support this campaign so we can progress the Medical Freedom Bill to protect all of ours medical freedom and right to bodily autonomy. 

Our Leadership:  

  • Louise Creffield is a single mum of four who founded Save Our Rights UK in April 2020. Her experience of working in politics had left her gravely concerned about the state of what is deemed to be democracy in this country and she felt, following the arrival of unprecedented infringements upon everyone’s human rights in 2020 and beyond, that her experience therefore may prove beneficial in readdressing the balance of control, so she formed Save Our Rights UK, assembling it from the ground up as a grassroots movement.

Our Team:

SORUK is staffed by a growing team of capable and passionate volunteers (over 40 at present), from all walks of life, including professionals in a range of fields as well as small business owners, freelancers, parents, and students. Our team members bring many different views and political perspectives to the table but we are all united by our core values courage, integrity, honesty and non-violence and we work towards SORUK's vision.

Key partners/endorsees:

  • UK Medical Freedom Alliance
  • Lawyers for Liberty
  • Workers of England Union
  • World Freedom Alliance
  • MP Sir Desmond Swayne (MP)

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