Help build a clinic for the villagers of Mbara

Help build a clinic for the villagers of Mbara


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Started on 1st March 2021 West Pokot County, Kenya

Imagine having to travel 9 kilometres along a dirt road, often by foot, to receive any sort of medical attention. That’s the reality for the villagers of Mbara. The Yellowmen of Kadongdong (The Rotary Club of Senlac Charitable Trust) are raising money to build a clinic in this small village, which sits in the county of West Pokot, Kenya.


Currently, the nearest medical centre of any sort to the village of Mbara is 9 kilometres in one direction and few people have cars or motorbikes, so a visit to a medic means an 18 kilometre round trip. We want to help the people of Mbara by offering them a life changing medical centre saving them the heartache of not being able to receive crucial medical attention when it is needed most. 

Many have spoken of the heartbreaking consequences of the 9km trip. 

Richard, a 50 year old farmer, described how he was called by his mother to help his brother who was dangerously ill. Having no transport and in the dark, Richard put his brother over his shoulders and set off to walk to Sostin Clinic 9 km away. The way was torturous but vital. 


On reaching Sostin Clinic the medic there said that he did not have the medicines to treat the brother and recommended that he walk down the hill to Marich. Another 7 km. So in the pitch dark Richard heaven his brother back on his shoulder and started the walk down hill to Marich. As he reached the bottom of the hill and before tackling the last 3 km, Richard laid his brother down to discover the worst had happened; he had passed away.   

Others tell of pregnant women in difficulty who could not receive medical treatment and subsequently lost their babies, or the tragedy of those who have miscarried on their way down the track to find a medic.

These stories told time and time again show how desperately the people of Mbara need a clinic. 

About The Yellowmen of Kadongdong

The Yellowmen of Kadongdong are Sussex Rotarians who have been working in Central Pokot for the past ten years. The Yellowmen team includes doctors, nurses, engineers, builders, teachers, paramedics, a dentist, an optometrist, mechanics, linguists, students, a broadcaster and an accountant. They travel to the area twice yearly where the support local medical services and schools.

 Their projects to date include:

  • The building of a clinic in Tikeet
  • The refurbishment of a clinic in Marich and a hospital in Sigor 
  • The supply of medicines and diagnostic equipment to 5 local clinics 
  • Medical seminars for local doctors 
  • A series of health clinics including an optical screening programme and a dental survey 
  • Support for local HIV groups 
  • The Yellow Bike project 
  • The building of new classrooms and the refurbishment of existing schools
  • A professional development programme for local teachers   

1614759411_dr_mary's_new_clinic_at_sostin-1.jpg                                            (previous clinic build in Sostin)


How the Fundraiser came about

Land laws in Kenya make obtaining land difficult for a non-native, thanks to our existing relationship with the village, they have given the land pictured to build a clinic but don't have the money nor the expertise to build a medical centre.

With the incredible pro-bono help of Gensler architects Dubai office, we have had the plans (pictured) drawn up for the clinic. 


As a result of the pandemic we have been unable to travel to Kenya as we usually would and we have been able to continue fundraising for the community in our traditional ways. We wanted to take our story to Crowdfunder, to a wider audience. We believe that this past year, more than ever, has shown the importance of access to medicine. 

The incredible people of Mbara are on hand to begin to clear the ground and lay the foundations for the building, once we have the funds. We will be updating this page with the progress as soon as the build commences and once we are able to travel we will head out to help continue the project. 

How will the money be spent 

Below is a detailed breakdown of the building material cost of the project, as you can see just £10 will buy 100 bricks for the clinic. 

Rough idea of the building materials for the clinic:


Please note 100% of all donations and monies raised goes directly to the project. We do not take expenses of any kind. The Yellowmen of Kadongdong pay their own travel and accommodation costs. 



Mario Giovanni Sampaolo
1st July 2024 at 9:06am

Genuinely wish you to achieve this important goal soon !

Mario Giovanni Sampaolo
1st July 2024 at 9:04am

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12th May 2024 at 5:39pm

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Michael Sillitoe
23rd March 2024 at 8:41pm

We are passionate about supporting a sustainable project which can provide women and girls with the means to earn an income by making washable period pads within their communities. The pads mean that girls and women can take full advantage of education and every opportunity to live their lives to the full

Michael Sillitoe
23rd March 2024 at 8:33pm

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Martha Linfield
3rd February 2024 at 5:09pm

A little something from Jude and I towards the fabulous work you’re all doing. Safe trip!xx

Martha Linfield
3rd February 2024 at 5:08pm

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Mrs J M Massey
18th December 2023 at 3:23pm

Happy to support this project as you make such a difference at a grassroots level…. Just starting teaching about your work as part of my Kenya unit at school… thank you. Juliet.

Mrs J M Massey
18th December 2023 at 3:19pm

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6th November 2023 at 11:37am

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Mrs J M Massey
21st July 2023 at 8:52am

Happy to help support this amazing project - I often talk about your work in my Geography lessons.

Mrs J M Massey
21st July 2023 at 8:51am

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