Mayor’s Food Bank Fund - closing May 1st

by Councillor Roger Whyborn in Cheltenham, England, United Kingdom

Mayor’s Food Bank Fund - closing May 1st
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On 19th September 2020 we successfully raised £3,966 ( + est. £812.25 Gift Aid ) with 71 supporters in 140 days

MANY THANKS FOR YOUR SUPPORT £3966 via Crowdfunder alone. The Mayor’s Food Bank Fund (launched to raise vital funds during COVID) now Closed

by Councillor Roger Whyborn in Cheltenham, England, United Kingdom

The Mayor’s Food Bank Fund was set up in April 2020 to aid local food banks who were struggling to cope with a rise in demand and insufficient donations. It has now raised over £23,000 as it beginning of April 2021. Food banks stocks in the run-up to Easter were reasonably good. However as the Mayoral year comes to an end in May 2021, we see an ongoing need, and hear about individual situations all the time, so in meeting that need we are directing donors towards the #feedcheltenham project - who also are to be found on this Crowdfunder website. 

Right now in Spring 2021, our need is for high value, high protein foods which are harder to come by through food donations than basic foods such as beans and pasta etc., but also some organisations are needing to buy equipment such as refrigeration and racking.

FOR YOU to help in the future, go to the #feedcheltenham project on this Crowdfunder website - or alternatively you may make a donation direct to the Mayor's charity not later than Monday 17th May 2021 via Cheltenham Borough Council's website.

So thank you to so many people for your support all year in which so many people have been helped by your generous actions. Councillor Roger Whyborn – Mayor

THANKS FOR Y1606690539_mayor_at_cornerstones.jpgOUR GENEROSITY The charities, led by Family Space working under the #feedcheltenham banner, have been supporting each other through the crisis with some help from Cheltenham Borough Council and others. The strong relationships developed through the crisis led to the collaborative bid to deliver frozen meals, and food parcels and Easter Eggs to children on free school meals 

The participating groups and their details are:

1) Cheltenham Open Door:

2) Cheltenham Food Bank (Trussell Trust) at Elim Church:

3) CCP (Caring for Communities and People):

4) Springbank Community Food Bank:

5) Cornerstone Centre:

6) St Peters and The Moors Big Local – Reduce Food Waste Project:

7) The King's Takeaway at Trinity Church:

8) SEWA DAY (within Cheltenham)

9) Lakeside Community Project (Hatherley & Warden Hill) (please search on Facebook)

Food parcel donations are also welcome at the individual food projects.

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