MAYDAY - River Thames Family Business Sinking

by Danny Collier and John Collier in Twickenham, England, United Kingdom

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We are seeking financial assistance. No sailings. Overheads mounting. We fall between government financial safety net.

by Danny Collier and John Collier in Twickenham, England, United Kingdom

We're still collecting donations

On the 4th June 2020 we'd raised £16,687 with 432 supporters in 42 days. But as every pound matters, we're continuing to collect donations from supporters.

Sending Out An SOS 

Colliers Launches, a small family owned boat hire company, running since 1975, operates a seasonal service contributing to London’s tourist industry.

Colliers Launches ferries thousands of passengers during the summer months between Westminster, Kew Gardens, Richmond and Hampton Court Palace.

Our vessel, Princess Freda, is a war time hero contributing to Churchill’s call to evacuate stranded soldiers off the beaches of Dunkirk. Many people enjoy the nostalgia of taking a relaxing trip on this historic boat.  

We have also contributed to many happy memories of our customers including weddings, engagement parties, birthdays and work events. 

In The Same Boat 

Like many small businesses across the UK we are financially struggling due to the Covid-19 pandemic, with our income streams depleting before our season even started.

We unfortunately closed due to the social distancing restrictions.

Close To Sinking 

Thankfully, all our staff have been put into the furlough scheme while we try to keep our heads above water.

However, access to funding intended to support businesses like ours has been difficult.

We are now at a financial crunching point, being unable to access financial help, such as grants, insurance and loans. 

Help To Keep Afloat 

Please help us to raise the vital money required to stay afloat.

We need to raise a minimum of £25,000 to pay our overheads, such as licenses, tax and mooring rents.

So here it is, a big ask, but please support us if you can.

Being tied up for good should not be an option.

We hope to be out on the River Thames with you again.

Thank you for your support. Stay safe.  

Giving Back To Our Supporters

It’s not all take and we would like to recognise your generosity by giving back.

As a thank you, we will randomly select a supporter to enjoy a private boat party for up to 50 people on a round cruise from Richmond upon Thames to Hampton Court.

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