Masks for Malawi

by Community Highlight in Domasi, Zomba, Malawi

Masks for Malawi

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We want to provide 800 community members in Domasi with one face mask and two bars of soap to protect them against Covid-19.

by Community Highlight in Domasi, Zomba, Malawi

 New stretch target

With extra donations we can provide more soap and masks for families across Domasi, Malawi.

Last month, as part of Community Highlight's Covid-19 project, our local MP Grace Kwelepeta donated 40 meters of fabric for us to make into face masks for community members. 


The tailor was able to make 260 re-usable face masks - these are going to be distributed this week, with priority given to the elderly. 

Face masks help to stop people from passing the virus on - when you cough or sneeze you release droplets in the air. Masks and coverings work by stopping these droplets from spreading and infecting other people. 

With Covid cases on the rise in Malawi (5,621 cases confirmed as of September 8th 2020) we need to ensure that everyone in our district has access to a mask so they can continue to protect themselves and their families. With your support we can make this happen. 

Through this project we want to provide 800 community members with one mask and two bars of soap. We've calculated that it costs 25p for one mask (this includes the fabric, and the tailoring) and 15p per bar of soap. 

So for just £5.50 you can provide 10 people with the basic equipment they need in order to protect themselves from coronavirus.

The masks are re-usable and we also offer information and advice on good hand-washing practice and when, where and how to use the masks effectively. 

The ultimate aim of this project is to provide 800 community members with one mask and two bars of soap - this would cost £450. However, any amount we make will go towards protecting your friends in Domasi from the virus that is wreaking havoc across the globe.

Thank you so much for prodding your screen or clicking that mouse - whatever you did to land yourself on this Crowdfunder page. We cannot show enough gratitude for everything you have done so far to help protect Domasi from Coronavirus. You are the very best of humans.

As always, if you have any questions, feel free to fire away.

Best wishes and zikomo kwambiri,

Evie, Emma, Anderson and the whole Community Highlight Team


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