Marston Cycle Path

by Mina Samangooei in Oxford, Oxfordshire, United Kingdom

Marston Cycle Path

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The Marston community would like to raise money for a cycle path that floods, by building a raised timber path along the existing path

by Mina Samangooei in Oxford, Oxfordshire, United Kingdom

LETS START WITH A TARGET OF £1000! The Marston community has a quiet and safe cycle path connecting to the city centre. When this path floods, the community need to cycle through St Clements or down Banbury Road to access the city centre. This is not ideal due to the increasing congestion on these key vehicle routes into the city. There have been a couple of cyclist fatalities over the last 2 years at the St Clements roundabout (The Plain roundabout). Children cycle to school from the cycle path and need to be given lifts by car when the path floods.

The path floods at least 2 times per year for a minimum of 3 consecutive days. This is the minimum and is becoming much more frequent over the past 5 years. 

There is a google email group made by the community regarding updates on the cycle path, especially when it has flooded. This group shows clear evidence of desperation for the community to pass through flooded waters, with discussions such as needing wellies to walk through, needing wellies to cycle through, not possible to cycle through with wellies, needing fisherman's waders to get through etc.

There is a clear solution - to make a timber raised path on top of the existing hard surfaced path. This path would be about 368m and have a very gradual incline up and then down again. The path could be raised high enough to allow cattle to pass underneath it when there is cattle in the Marston Meadows. We don’t know how much this will cost but let’s see how much we can raise and then go from there. It’s likely that the crowdfunding will mainly build ammunition politically for a solution for the community. 


If this funding doesn't go far, perhaps we could purchase fisherman waders for Marston residents!

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