Let's take the truth to Farage's Brexit march

by Led By Donkeys in United Kingdom

Let's take the truth to Farage's Brexit march
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People on Farage's Brexit march deserve to know what an elitist liar and hypocrite he is

by Led By Donkeys in United Kingdom

Looking for our billboard campaign? This Brexit chaos is founded on the forgotten lies of our leaders. Let’s remind the country of them with giant billboards.

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In a few days, on March 16th, Nigel Farage and his millionaire friends are launching a walk from Sunderland to London. The idea is to pressure politicians into leaving Europe in the most severe way possible.

In true Farage style, he is pretending that this march will be a protest of ordinary people against the elites. 

But we know that’s garbage.

The friend of Farage who’s bankrolling the march, Richard Tice, has a property empire worth £500 million. He famously set up Leave.EU with Arron Banks, another of Farage’s pals who is under investigation by the National Crime Agency over his donation to the Leave campaign (the biggest in UK history)..

These jokers won’t be doing the walking. Farage and his buddies will turn up for the cameras, maybe take a little stroll then hop back into their cars and private jets and leave the hard work to others.

But we’ve got a plan to make sure the true spirit of Farage is with the walk every step of the way.

We want to accompany this march with two advertising vans for the whole route. These digital billboards will be everywhere the marchers go, reminding them of the lies and hypocrisy of Nigel Farage.

The advans will make sure that the marchers - and the nation - get to see the “full Farage”, the man who is trying so desperately to divide our country.

The screens will be showing some of his hypocritical quotes that we’ve been pasting up and down the country. But we’ll also be featuring some of the videos that highlight what a fake this man is. Like this interview where he’s busted for taking a private jet to work:

We might not have his millionaire friends to bankroll this plan, but together we’ve shown that ordinary people chipping in a ten or a twenty (or whatever you can afford) can build a *real* grassroots movement to challenge these extremists. We're volunteers organising this. Every penny raised goes directly to making it happen.

Let’s expose Farage for the fraud is really is. Every step of the way.

Led By Donkeys x

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