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by Emma Lowther-Wright in Preston, England, United Kingdom

Mandala Yoga - Supporting Communities

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The pandemic has created uncertainty for millions of people, we've closed our doors for now but we want to continue to support wellbeing

by Emma Lowther-Wright in Preston, England, United Kingdom

We're still collecting donations

On the 14th May 2020 we'd raised £1,081 with 49 supporters in 56 days. But as every pound matters, we're continuing to collect donations from supporters.

This project aims to support people in the Lancashire area during the pandemic, especially those who lose a loved one during this period and are unable to have a proper funeral due to the restrictions.

11,000 people die in the UK every week. During the Covid-19 pandemic lockdown funeral attendance is limited to immediate family, some families are not able to have a funeral at all, and of course loved ones are unable to gather to support each other.

Why the project is important 

We know that physical health is hugely affected by mental and emotional health and that losing a loved one is one of the most emotionally difficult times of our lives. 

When we experience bereavement in normal times we gather to share stories of the departed loved one, which helps us to celebrate their life and to acknowledge our sadness at their passing, but to also be grateful for our love. 

We support each other with hugs, we care for each other with meals and cups of tea, we provide our bereaved loved ones support and space to cry and to express guilt, anger, confusion and sadness, and all of this is crucially important in ensuring we remain physically and mentally well. 

At this time we are unable to gather and support each other which can be very stressful and we want to support those who experience the loss of a loved one at this time with yoga and relaxation therapy to release mental and emotional tension.

What is the fundraising for?
1: During the pandemic we will offer free online courses and classes for those experiencing bereavement, financial hardship, anxiety and loneliness.

2: Once the physical distancing has been lifted we will be offering free 4 week gentle yoga courses and relaxation therapy for those affected by bereavement during the Covid-19 pandemic. If we are able to raise enough with match-funding from the National Lottery we will also offer free counselling.

We will take referrals from Local Authority registry offices, housing associations and debt advisory and funeral directors.

Anything Else?
You can access free classes (voluntary donation to the Crowdfunder. Visit the website for how to join the classes

We aim to work in our community to support the bereaved to grieve, to discover the joy of movement and build positive relationship with body, mind and each other through yoga and meditation. Thank you for reading, Emma and the Mandala team xxx

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This project offered rewards

£100 or more

£100 Private Group Soundbath

Pledge £100 for a private 90minute soundbath for you and 4 friends when we are able to congregate indoors again. Valid for 6 months after the lift of the physically distancing recommendation.

£5 or more

£5 Mandala Tote bag

Pledge £5 for a Mandala Tote bag to carry your water and yoga clothes to class while promoting your favourite place in the city :)

£6 or more

£6 Online Class attendance

Suggested donation of £6 to participate in one of our online classes.

£15 or more

3 x Alison Gough Meditation & Nidra Recordings

Recordings of Alison's soothing voice guiding you through 3 meditations to help you to drift into a deep sense of calm.

£25 or more

£25 Mandala Hoodie

A snug hoodie to keep you warm walking to class while advertising your fave place in Preston :)

£25 or more

£25 Month of classes

One month of our online classes

£30 or more

Private online yoga and meditation

Pledge £30 for a private yoga and meditation class by video during the physical distancing, or in person when we are permitted to be physically present again.

£35 or more

£35 Mandala Bundle

A lovely bundle of eco-cotton tote bag, sweatshirt and water bottle so that nobody will be in any doubt as to where you practice your yoga!

£40 or more

Corporate Team-Building Live Video Yoga Class 1hr

Corporate team live video yoga class. Bring your team together even if they're working from home! Your choice of gentle or more challenging yoga class and a beautiful guided meditation. Morning, lunch and after-work slots available.

£150 or more

£150 Private Yoga & Sound Treat

A bargain for up to 10 friends, just £15 each for 4 hours of yoga, guided meditation and a soundbath when we are allowed to congregate again. Valid for 6 months after the social distancing has been lifted.

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