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Our Mission is to raise the quality of life of individuals and their families affected by autism ensuring the highest standards in education.

by hearts-and-minds-challenge in Sale

Hearts and Minds Challenge have partnered with The Manchester Phoenix Sports Foundation, together we are raising funds to produce and print our first nude fundraising calendar.All funds raised from this calendar will be used to fund the vital family support services offered by both charites.

Heart and Minds Challenge

Hearts And Minds Challenge are planning to open a Family Support Centre in Manchester to support children with Autism and their families. This centre will provide a friendly and safe environment for families to come and will provide a number of support services aimed at securing a better start for their children who are growing up facing unnecessary challenges and potential disadvantage later in life.

Autistic families face many hurdles that they have to overcome to ensure their children are given the chance to reach their full potential and this can put a great strain on the families’ day to day life with many parents left feeling isolated, frustrated and angry. From this centre we will offer a wide range of support programmes for the whole family which will include the following:

Advice surgery: This will take place twice a week in the Centre, offering face to face legally based SEN advice and support.

Online support information service: Information will be readily available to parents, at the point of need. Additionally, an online form for families to complete will be available, should they require further personalised information. Email responses will be detailed with clear, next steps advice given. This service aims to provide a quick response clarifying the family’s legal position and giving support to enable the family to progress their case to the next stage. A confidential database will be developed and allow scrutiny / monitoring of advice given.

Casework support: In more complex cases, we will provide a bespoke casework approach. This provides a family with ongoing, personalised, legally based advice and support throughout their case, including tribunal preparation and possible representation at a Hearing. This service is limited and we recognise the importance of empowering parents to move their situations forward with a ‘lighter touch’ approach available through our comprehensive listed services.

Social skills workshops: These workshops provide parents and children with the tools and strategies to support and develop communication skills at home. Improvements in social skills will enable parents to take children into social situations with fewer incidents and less anxiety and stress.

Sibling Groups: Siblings may pick up from an early age that their brother or sister is different, even if they don't understand what is actually wrong. They may also notice other people's reactions, especially their parents' and grandparents', to their sibling. Having a brother or sister with autism may make them feel many different ways including being angry, sad, jealous, frustrated and confused. This may be because they feel that their brother or sister does not seem to get told off when they are being naughty and receives more attention from their parents than they get.

These sibling groups help them to understand that their brother or sister is not doing these things on purpose to try and hurt them and that their parents may act differently towards them because their brother or sister may need more help with the things that they can do without any help. For example, they may not be able to get up, get dressed and get ready for school in the morning without a lot of help and persuasion from mum or dad and this does not mean that their parents love them any less or that they are not as important to them. Understanding their brother or sisters condition can reduce the negative feelings experienced by siblings and help them to feel secure in the family unit. It also helps to build a closer relationship with their brother or sister. These groups also allow them to meet and talk to other children their own age who understand how they feel.

The Manchester Phoenix Community Sports Foundation (MPCSF) was created to bring sport to the whole community especially those affected by physical, emotional or economic difficulties. This season the Manchester Phoenix Community Sports Foundation aims to inspire 10,000 disadvantaged members of the community into creating their own better future by providing opportunities for role models to emerge. We wish to promote inclusion for disadvantaged members of the community through our outreach programme.

Community and Charity Partner

MPCSF are a proud charity and community group partner assisting in fundraising along with donation incentives and providing safe and inspirational activities for members and their families. MPCSF also help charities and community groups thank you the great volunteers and carers by hosting them and their families at live sports games.

The Manchester Phoenix Community Sports Foundation's Sledge Hockey Team

We aim to provide equipment and kits to The Manchester Phoenix Sledge Hockey Team. Sledge Hockey is the only true fully inclusive sport which allows able and disable bodied players to compete on a level playing field.

The Manchester Phoenix Community Sports Foundation's Women’s Team

We aim to provide equipment and kits to The Manchester Phoenix Women’s team who play in the English Premier Women's League. The team welcomes women of all playing experiences to get involved in sports.

Pledge your support and get your hands on the first steamy Manchester Phoenix nude calendar - a great reward for supporting a great cause!


Hearts And Minds Challenge

Registered Charity Number: 1143636





This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£10 or more

£10 Reward

A digital copy of the calendar

£15 or more

£15 Reward

A digital copy of the calendar with a signed thankyou letter from one of the team before general release

£30 or more

£30 Reward

* EXCLUSIVE * A hard copy of the calendar before general release PLUS copy of the digital calendar and a signed thank you letter from the team.

£50 or more

£50 Reward

A signed copy of the hard calendar and a digital copy before general release along with a signed thankyou letter from the team

£100 or more

£100 Reward

As £50 pledge plus a digital copy of some bonus pictures taken on the day

£250 or more

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£250 Reward

As £100 pledge plus present man of the match on calendar launch night. Go on to the ice and present the trophy at the end of the game.

£375 or more

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£375 Reward

As £250 pledge plus 2 VIP tickets to the Manchester Phoenix Christmas Party on the 11th December.

£500 or more

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£500 Reward

As £250 pledge plus 2 VIP tickets for the Hearts And Minds Studio 54 Ball and after show party on 29th November.

£750 or more

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£750 Reward

As £375 pledge present man of the match on calendar launch night. Go on to the ice and present the trophy at the end of the game and get your picture taken with the man of the match. ( Bring a guest with you )

£1,000 or more

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£1,000 Reward

As £500 pledge plus be the match sponsor at the calendar launch game. ( Bring up to 9 guests with you )

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