MALADMINISTRATION - Legal Advice for 1950s Women

by Scales of Justice for #50s Women in Aberdeen, Scotland, United Kingdom

MALADMINISTRATION - Legal Advice for 1950s Women
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by Scales of Justice for #50s Women in Aberdeen, Scotland, United Kingdom

Maladmininistration - Update 11/12/2020 - Merry Xmas

1607718754_pixies.jpgDear Supporters and Friends

I hope that you are all safe and well in what has been a tumultous and very scary year. - Wishing you all a very Happy and Safe Xmas

Throughout this year while women have patiently awaited any maladministration progress I have presented, along with a lawyer and a QC any further information to the PHSO which, I hope has strengthened our cases. To this end I am extremely grateful to Inor who has kept an invaluable library dating back many years and is a font of information both past and present and also very grateful thanks to Dee who provided lots of valuable time and research and professional pensions information and lastly thanks to the many other men and women who have stepped up to the plate to provide meaningful data from a variety of 50's womens groups.

Things have moved along a little and I have an important meeting with the Lawyer scheduled Tuesday 15th December. (Legal Privilege does not allow me to share this just yet). - What I would ask that you all do is if finances allow (and I recognise that Xmas is an extremely pricey time for all of us), is to please place something aside on the mantlepiece to ensure that we are ready and able to progess effectively further legal help in what I hope will be the final phase. - We pulled the last crowdfunder as it was obvious we were being stalled yet again and also because it was felt unfair to ask for further monies when there were impending court cases and we were all financially stretched. However I wish to emphasise that it can only be a legal fix that ensures we are fully protected. So please remain vigilant, for further updates here / Twitter and hopefully we can all look forward to a much brighter New Year xx Fran xx

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