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We want to deliver amazing coffee, food & homewares to you at home, or by click & collect. The Mayor of London will match fund up to £5000!

by MAKEMAKECOFFEE in London, England, United Kingdom

We're still collecting donations

On the 19th March 2021 we'd raised £10,962 with 89 supporters in 28 days. But as every pound matters, we're continuing to collect donations from supporters.

 New stretch target

THANK YOU to everyone for every order and contribution! We're so grateful and encouraged and the match funding will be so helpful. We can't wait to send all of the packages to you in April! Thanks to the amazing support we reached our target in record time and we still have two weeks to go! We are just so thankful for all of your interest and support. It means a lot. So as the Pay It Forward initiative says - now we will do our best to make sales here to get our online store and covid-safe shop off to a good start. There's a huge amount to be done! As we had just opened our new shop, the shutdowns did come at a very difficult time for our business and the issues and costs have been building up.

As we all know, all of the recent changes have happened very quickly. We would use any cashflow from sales to recover and develop the business further. As well as adding new products and services we also need to cover costs and borrowing incurred during the Covid crisis. It would be very helpful if we could put some money into marketing the new online service. 

We also need to invest more in ongoing Covid prevention. We need to purchase an air purifier which has been found to significantly reduce the chance of spreading viral particles and reduce the spread of Covid-19. This equipment is expensive but would protect our customers and staff. We also need to install a window hatch so that we can offer click and collect services to customers if necessary.

It's true that the costs of closure, adaptation and maintenance of the business have all added up very quickly. We have built up a significant amount which we have lost or borrowed and need to repay. Any further online sales will help bear these costs and help re-launch the business into a pandemic-adapted world. 

Hi we’re MAKEMAKECOFFEE - aka Jonny and Olivia.


Thank you for getting involved in our Pay It Forward campaign! Here's how the Mayor describes this platform:

"The global COVID-19 pandemic has created a very uncertain landscape for  millions of British small businesses, which is going to make it very challenging for businesses to survive. Together we can help them. This platform, working with the Mayor of London, is to allow all UK small businesses to pre-sell their products, for cash now on a promise to redeem these at a later date."

Courier costs are included in all of our bundles and for multiple purchases from the same person we can combine packages where possible and add an extra item with a value equal to courier costs saved.

Bundles can be delivered UK-WIDE! They will arrive via courier to your door.  


We’ve run a coffee van for 6 years outside Haggerston Station, and we opened a coffee bar three months ago in Surrey Quays. Both are closed during Lockdown 3. This is due to the severity of the current stage of the pandemic, the increased transmissibility of the new variants, specific health risks within our small team, and a drop in sales of roughly 80% - causing the cost of trading to be unsustainable.


We don't want to complain, because of course, everybody is experiencing difficulties at this stage of the pandemic. However, it is probably worth saying that, because we had just opened our new shop, the huge drop in footfall and the continued lockdowns did come at a very difficult time for our business. The many issues and costs have been building up. That being said, we will now move on to our plans, hopes and adaptations - which is where this project comes in. 


While our physical sites are closed we want to deliver the delicious speciality coffee, tasty produce, and useful goods we usually offer in person, to you at home.  

We are doing this via the ‘Pay It Forward’ platform because with Pay It Forward the mayor of London has recognised the challenges of the moment for small businesses and will match fund 50% of our total sales on this platform (if we make our target amount of £10,000). 

So, by buying our specially-sourced bundles of coffee and other essential goods, you will unlock additional funding from the Mayor for us, which is an amazing opportunity at this time. It will help our business weather the difficulties of this phase of the pandemic. It also means we can develop an online shop system for the future.


Our 4-week campaign runs from February 19 - March 19th. If the campaign is a success and hits the target, we will then deliver the deliciousness to you on, or very near to, April 16th. This pre-sales model is invaluable for us at this time. It means we can pivot to online sales without unmanageable upfront costs in stock and packaging. Additionally, before Covid, we were not a delivery-oriented business, so we’ve set this realistic delivery timeframe, to ensure the deliveries all come together as expected. Hopefully it can be a delivery to look forward to!

Please note that courier costs are included in all of our bundles and for multiple purchases from the same person we can combine packages where possible and add an extra item with a value equal to courier costs saved. 

This project is running via the Mayor of London team on the 'Crowdfunder' platform. (NB The tip which the platform suggests at the checkout is paid to the business who run the platform - not to the business you are purchasing from. You can adjust the tip percentage to your chosen number, before processing your payment.) If you'd like to check out what we're up to or sign up for updates from us - our website is


Our business has been built on making delicious, speciality coffee (from the pioneer East London roastery Climpson and Sons) with care, warmth and efficiency. 


This coffee is ethically sourced from smallholders and eco-friendly producers around the world, before being expertly roasted less than a mile from our home in East London. You can order some to taste for yourself in the coffee, chocolate and tea bundle!  


But we are offering more than coffee! Our coffee cart and new bar are outside stations, and to be as useful as possible to our customers - at the bar, called Kiosk 1, we’ve brought together a range of goods that belong in what we call a beautiful convenience store, a place where you can grab a coffee in the morning, and maybe something to read on the train, but also somewhere where later, you could pick up some delicious products to add to your cooking at home, or a useful item from a range of eco-friendly home essentials.  


We spent two years working towards this expansion, from the original mobile coffee cart to a coffee bar and deli, which we opened... on the first day of the November lockdown! To get there we: signed the six year lease; designed and built the shop with an amazing architect and team of fabricators and contractors; sourced many local and small-scale suppliers; stocked up on masks and visors for us to wear, and stocked the shelves … but 2020 did not give us the lift-off we needed! And in fact, the new year brought the renewed challenge of new covid variants and the closure of the store.



In this context, we hope that for our valued regulars in London and supporters around the UK this campaign will be a chance to order the goods you would have been able to buy at our new bar if circumstances allowed you to visit! There’s hopefully something for everyone. From a single origin coffee grown in Ethiopia and roasted sustainably in London - that will brighten your morning - to olive oil, linguine and pesto we’ve handpicked from a brilliant Italian wholesaler - to brighten your evening. From some reading material selected to enliven a lunch break, to a sustainably produced bar of soap to make the WFH grind that bit nicer. 


Everything you’d find at Kiosk 1 is chosen to add flavour to the everyday in one way or another. The bundles we’ve put together here are designed to bring that flavour to you at home: useful combinations of tasty, ethically-produced independent deli goods and home wares. We hope you find them essential, excellent, and beautifully convenient. 

As well as our core products, we’re excited to also be offering our first ever T-shirt run. With two screen-printed designs on 100% organic, combed-cotton crewneck T-shirts, sourced and manufactured sustainably and ethically.  



For us, hitting the target for this campaign would not only safely sustain our business through online sales in this uniquely challenging time. We would use the match funding from the Mayor to develop and launch a professional online shop, investing in eco-friendly packaging and delivery systems, and rebuilding our stock in order to be able to offer efficient order to delivery timeframes. It would mean we can adapt to the shockingly fast changes which have impacted the business to offer fast-home-delivery of coffee and other consumables into the future. 

Which all means that in future we would be able to deliver delicious things to you at home* - or to a friend who needs a delicious and useful present - on a sustainable, consistent basis.  


Thank you for your support. Please spread the word. Simply put. If you order bundles of amazing coffee, food, and eco-homewares from us here, we will send them to you by courier in early-to-mid April. With the boost of match funding from the Mayor of London, you will be directly contributing to our business navigating these stormy seas, safely - while helping us set up a service you can enjoy in future.

*or for click and collect 


When will my order arrive?

On or around 16th April. This ‘pay it forward’, pre-sales model and timeframe will allow us to invest in stock and packaging and delivery systems after a significant number of sales are secured.

How will it be sent?

By courier, so that delays in the postal service do not affect the delivery. 

Is shipping extra?

No. Shipping and packaging costs are included in the price of the bundles. 

Please note. If you order more than one bundle and we are able to send them in one parcel, then we will include extra items, to the value of any surplus you have paid in shipping costs built in to each individual bundle. 


We ask project owners to honour their rewards wherever possible but please note that all pledges are donations and there is no guarantee that you will receive any rewards from the project owner. Please see our Terms of Use for more information regarding rewards for pledges.


This project offered rewards

£49 or more

The Speciality Coffee, Chocolate & Tea Bundle

Love flavour? So do we. Bring MAKEMAKECOFFEE's go-to flavours home. This bundle brings together speciality coffee, chocolate and tea from independent producers who put flavour, production ethics, and quality first. Lasts weeks or days - depending on you! 3 x 250g bags of Climpson & Sons speciality coffee. 2 x speciality chocolate bars from independent producers. A box of delicious Good&Proper Tea loose leaf tea bags. MAKEMAKECOFFEE Tasting Guide

£28 or more

The “Make My Day” T-Shirt

Get yourself an exclusive! MAKEMAKECOFFEE’s first ever T-Shirt drop. This is a lush, heavyweight, short-sleeve, crewneck black T-shirt. 180gsm, with a slightly oversized, relaxed fit. Made sustainably and ethically with 100% organic combed cotton by Stanley/Stella. Screen-printed with our “Make My Day” Graphic. The T-shirt is a unisex fit, available in sizes from XS to LL. Courier Costs Included!

£28 or more

The “Full Steam Ahead” T-Shirt

Get yourself an exclusive! MAKEMAKECOFFEE’s first ever T-Shirt drop. This is a lush, heavyweight, short-sleeve, crewneck white T-shirt. 180gsm, with a slightly oversized, relaxed fit. Made sustainably and ethically with 100% organic combed cotton by Stanley/Stella. Screen-printed with our “Full Steam Ahead” Graphic. The T-shirt is a unisex fit, available in all sizes from XS to LL.

£49 or more

The Eco Home Bundle

Love the planet? Same. Grab some eco-friendly home and beauty essentials from independent producers. Special, innovative products with green credentials. Bar of Friendly soap, Bamboo Toothbrush + Toothpaste tablets. Hand Sanitiser, made in Brighton, scented with essential oils, in a glass refillable spray bottle. Stylish amber glass spray, for use with the dissolvable sachets of non-toxic cleaning products included. Compostable natural sponges

£49 or more

Home Chef's Bundle

Love cooking? Got into cheffing during the lockdowns? Up for enjoying super tasty and fragrant ingredients? This bundle is for you. From stone cold classics: (Maldon sea salt) to new stars (White Mausu's rayu). Includes: Sea Salt, Olive Oil, Miso Paste, Peanut Rayu, Cashew Crunch cooking condiment, Ceps Porcini Mushrooms, Risotto Rice, Stock Cubes, Herbs. (Courier Costs Included.)

£49 or more

Best of the Deli Bundle

This delicious bundle is a mix of imported Italian and independent British produce. Easy, elevated store cupboard essentials selected for our Deli, and healthy high-end treats (bring the bar snacks to you!). Stock up on: Extra Virgin Olive Oil, 250ml. Balsamic Vinegar, 250ml. Al Basilico Cherry Tomato Sauce. Pesto. Linguine. Passata. Tomato Relish. Harrissa. Roasted Peas. Smoked Almonds. Veg Crisps.

£49 or more

The Reader's Delight Bundle

Reading & coffee, two of life’s great pleasures. This is our selection of the best independent cultural magazines, bringing you the brightest contemporary writing on books, the natural world, politics and culture. Plus some outstanding coffee. Grabbing something to read at a station kiosk is a well-worn tradition, but you won’t find these illuminating reads at Smiths: nplusone, The Believer, It’s Freezing In La, 250g bag of coffee, chocolate bar.

£49 or more

The “Full Steam Ahead” Gym Kit Bundle

Essentials to eat, drink and wear, for the Gym Sharks among you. Get jacked in style. Includes: 250g of amazing Climpson and Sons Coffee; lush heavyweight organic cotton T-shirt bearing our ‘FULL STEAM AHEAD’ graphic; 5 x Pulsin Plant-Based UK-made, raw Protein Bars (mixed flavours) - the best protein bars we've found and the ones you'll find flying off the shelves at Kiosk 1.

£52 or more

The Guzzler Bundle

For the purists. This is literally a bundle of amazing coffee. 5 x 250g bags of Climpson & Sons' world class speciality coffee, from a variety of global growing regions. Plus a MAKEMAKECOFFEE Tasting Guide. Speciality coffee is our first love and original mission. Climpson and Sons are a pioneer East London roastery who have provided us with coffee of exceptional character day-in day-out for 6 years. At home, this will brighten mornings.

£99 or more

The All-in Bundle

A taste of everything. Coffee, chocolate, Italian produce and Eco-home essentials, something to read, our first ever T-Shirt. Every item has been sourced and selected by us. You will find a range of special, useful and delightful foods and products from independent producers, bringing you the best possible flavours from our deli range and other goods and treats you'd find on the shelves of Kiosk 1, our beautiful convenience store, were it open

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