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Join us! Donate to create facilities for all in Bingham Park, a basketball/ netball court, a mini skateboard and scooting area. Wow!

We're still collecting donations

On the 7th July 2021 we'd raised £7,688 with 234 supporters in 111 days. But as every pound matters, we're continuing to collect donations from supporters.


After five years of consultation with our fab community we have our plan in partnership with Netball England, Basketball England and SkateboardGB to convert the derelict old tennis courts to create:      

  • A netball/ basketball court

  • A mini skateboard park. 

  • Children’s scooter and cycle track

1622296180_fab_big_park_image.jpgThe Bingham Park Community Group (BPCG) is entirely run by local volunteers. It was set up in 2016 when the much-loved old activity area (the old tennis courts) were at risk of being permanently lost to the local community. A group of local people, two mums, Ros, and Kate and Linda, 79, shouted 'No, we can't let this happen!'. In 2016 they organised a community meeting, packed out the bowling club with over hundred people desperate to save the facilities. BPCG was born!

Here's a short message from one of our fabulous Founder, Linda  (she is a star and still centrally involved)

Our Vision

The area in Bingham Park around the courts has been sad and dilapidated for years but even in that state they were still used for ball games and bike riding. 

BPCG, with the involvement of the community, wants to make it fabulous again. Our vision is to create an activity space where everyone feels welcome, young and old, local and visitors, family, or groups. We were sure it must be free and open access at all times and create a hub of activity and community togetherness. 

Most importantly, we wanted it to be what the community wanted so the plan to create a netball/ basketball court, a mini skateboard park and Children’s scooter and cycle track is a result of five years of consultation. We have lots of ways for the community to get more involved with the design and how it will look so look out for more details. 

We hope to raise £20,000 from our Crowdfunder, Make Bingham Park Brilliant. The project will cost in total £50,000! We plan to raise the remaining £30,000 from charitable trusts, companies and anywhere else we can think of!!! 

Please help us to transform Bingham Park. Any amount you can give whether £1, £5, £20 or £50 will be fantastic. THANKYOU

Who is involved in the project

Here is some of us behind BPCG {photograph Courtesy of the Sheffield Telegraph): Linda, Zoe, Charlie and Kerensa. Then there is Glyn, Michael and Tom too. Come and join in! More volunteers always welcome.

Why do we need these sporting facilities?

  • Bingham Park’s activity area is currently unsafe and in a state of major disrepair.
    1618860720_before_bpcg.jpgThere are no nearby sports facilities so there is huge gap in provision of facilities for physical activities in the Park leaving young families with no space for ball games or learning to bike ride and teenagers with limited options.
  • Houses in the surrounding streets have small and steeply sloping gardens so free access to flat, hard surfaces is vital to enable local people to come together to play games and sports. The significant decline in the activity area has lead to some anti-social behaviour and vandalism. 
  • Sport facilities are difficult to reach on other side of the city and are often expensive. People told us they were hard to get to or finding time was difficult. These new facilities will be on most people’s doorstep and easily reached on foot or by bicycle, reducing carbon emissions.

Community Involvement & Consultation

 BPCG is all about enabling the local community to be involved in the re-development of the facilities in Bingham Park, both in decision making about what sort of facilities people would like to see in the park and to help raise the funds to pay for the renovation.

Bingham Park is a park for Sheffield, much like Endcliffe, people who use the park are from Greystones, Ecclesall and Sharrow and Broomhill with around 15% from disadvantaged households. Youngsters from High Storrs walk through and enjoy the park and come from across the city. We wanted to reach out and include everyone. 

Between 2016-2021 we have run community consultation days, online and paper questionnaires, social media and open meetings and reached out to schools, statutory bodies and community groups to find out what people wanted. We have talked to a lot of local people, families, and young people are is so much energy and passionate support for Park. These consultations have informed and guided the decisions made on the shape the renovated facilities should take. The result of our community consultation was clear: 40% wanted Basketball/Netball and 30% wanted somewhere for scooter and skateboards and others just wanted a fabulous hard ground to ‘learn to ride a bike or play games.

Who are the facilities for

Everyone! The new facilities will  create opportunities for everyone to access free sporting facilities to encourage community cohesion, reduce social isolation and promote health and well-being of our communities especially . We want to encouraging more people from all backgrounds and promote sports in under-represented groups:

  • Access will be free at all times and regular free sessions provided. 15% park users are from deprived areas.
  • There is a fast growing number of families in the local area  with local schools all increasing in size by around 50% over recent years. Altogether around 25,000 people of all ages are living, working, attending school and visiting the park – many will benefit from the revitalised park facilities.
  • The park is very popular, the multi use activity space from the resurfacing Area 1 which has been the most fantastic success. It is used extensively on a daily basis by all ages, young primary school children right to adults in their 50s and 60s, develop their skills creating a wonderful sense of community. We want to create more of this!
  • Bingham Park is unique in that Parks Tennis share the same fence(!) and local Bowling Club are less than 100m with the Porter Valley and its cycle routes ‘peak district to city centre’, just 200m away. We are working with our Bowling and Tennis partners to encourage cross participation and interest. There are plans to run regular sessions to, in particularly encourage female participation and also the over 50s sessions and beginners especially in sessions in sports currently dominated by younger males and vice versa. We would like to see a bowler to come and try netball or a skater to give basketball or bowling a go!

Why netball/ basketball court?

Our consultation showed 40% of community wanted a basketball or netball court. Netball and Basketball are hugely popular Sheffield sports with multiple local leagues offering competitive and social clubs for all ages. This project will provide the only multi-sports and basketball/netball facilities in the area. 

Endcliffe Park, 5 mins walk to the edge of it, however there are no hard ground sport facilities in Endcliffe Park. The nearest Basketball Court is in Millhouses Park, 2.5 miles away.  The nearest Netball Court is 2.2 miles away. For most other facilities there is a charge. Netball and basketball are in high demand across Sheffield. 

The plan is to renew the fencing, paint court markings and erect high quality multi use basketball/ netball posts to create a space for the enjoyment of all.

Exciting Plans for Free Sessions

Basketball UK and England Netball have joined as partners to BPCG and we can look forward to a range of amazing basketball and netball sessions including walking netball, back to netball and open netball evening leagues in the summer. Access will be free and open to everyone.

Here is a link to the Walking Netball Sessions.

  • A mini skateboard park. 

Skateboarding in Bingham Park has been a real success since 2019 since we resurfaced the end court . We want to build on that enthusiasm and turn one of the old tennis courts into a small skatepark. The skateboarders themselves have come up with a design that includes a small ramp, ledges, and rails. We want to create a high-quality small space that will work for skaters of all ages and ability levels. The ledges will  double up as seating for parents of younger children so they can sit and chat while their kids skate.' Join the Bingham Park Skate Project at 

  • Children’s scooter and cycle track 

Almost very local child learns to ride a bike in Bingham! BPCG resurfaced this end court in 2018 thanks to a mini campaign when we raised £8,000. It is used all the time by locals on scooters, bikes, and skateboards. A great success! 

This area (end court) will be further developed to create a Learn to Ride area which will integrate areas of flat-land and small bumps for younger users to learn and progress. We will also create and integrate this cycling area into the skatepark with specialist design. Wall will be further repaired to create seating and fencing replaced 

Why donate?

  • It is an amazing project 
  • It is exactly what our local community has asked for
  • Without donations the project won't happen!!! It is entirely run by the volunteers of Bingham Park Community Group.  We are so thrilled that so many people have already donated. Amazing! We hope our community will keep supporting. We really need your support to make this project happen. Keep giving and keep sharing. Thanks for all your wonderful donations.

So what will happen if we don't manage to raise the money? 

  • The old tennis courts will continue to decline and eventually will go the same way as the other old courts and be changed to sloping grassland.


Some thoughts on Bingham in the Pandemic.

Our local parks have become even more important to us during the Pandemic. There has been an increase in number of visitors to the park as the outdoors is the only and the safest way to meet. Fresh air and exercise are so important for our mental health. We have all been so grateful that Bingham Park was there for our daily walks! The Pandemic has increased stress and anxiety in all groups. This is even more so for young people and teenagers especially as their return to school now involves wearing masks all day long!!! They need a space to be free and to meet together. The stress and anxiety from the pandemic particularly around teenage mental health - exercise is proven way of addressing mental health and finally we are confident it will further reduce anti-social behaviour.

The onset of the pandemic also saw a huge rise in activity from activity groups and Bingham Park has became an even more vital resource for exercise and activity. New groups have begun to use the space including fitness groups and one to one exercise mentoring as they find themselves shut out of their usual gyms and fitness clubs. We have had several enquiries from other groups wanting to use the space for dance and other fitness clubs. 

Please read on if you want to learn even more

Netball/Basketball Court-Further Information

  • This project will provide the only multi-sports and basketball/netball facilities in the area. Endcliffe Park, 5 mins walk to the edge of it, however there are no hard ground sport facilities in Endcliffe Park. The nearest Basketball Court is in Millhouses Park, 2.5 miles away.  The nearest Netball Court is 2.2 miles away. For most other facilities there is a charge. Netball and basketball are in high demand across Sheffield. BPCG have key partners in England Basketball and England Netball.
  • England Basketball reports Sheffield as in the top 10 of 326 local authorities for demand for basketball. Current indoor and outdoor courts do not meet the demand for the sport. Local Groups have campaigned extensively to increase facilities and have made it clear that the courts at Bingham Park will assist be used extensively to develop their aims to increase participation in Basketball across the area.


  • Netball is thriving in Sheffield and there is significant demand for facilities. School leagues and adult social leagues are looking for new members and actively looking to run sessions to encourage local people to join these sports. 
  • England Netball, a key BPCG partner, has an ambition to grow participation in the game by an average of 10,000 participants per annum and to establish England Netball as the number 1 team in the world by winning the World Netball Championships! 
  • Our partner at England Netball tell us that the new netball courts at Bingham Park will assist England Netball to really help achieve the aim of participation growth as  there is a real need across the city for accessible court space.
  • England Netball hope to ensure sustained use of the venue  over the long term by encouraging regular Netball activity at the site for the following netball programmes and  activities including:-

- Walking Netball – daytime usage targeted at the older population and friends of the park ∙ Back to Netball – daytime session targeted at mums which we hope will link to a mums league and an evening session targeting 19-50 year olds who are new to the game ∙Open Netball – there is potential for a summertime evening league to run regularly  

- Last year saw our 100,000 back to netballer take to the court, and we have Netball sessions across most parts  of the city now, Bingham Park will open up access to Netball for ladies across the area. We are primarily a female  only sport and are proud to engage women in physical activity. Since the Vitality Netball World Cup in July 2019, 160,000 ladies have either started to play, or played more netball  due to the impact of the world cup. 

Skatepark -Further Project Need and Information.

BPCG believe the development of a formal mini skatepark will be a real asset to the area. We are fully supported by SkateboardGB to assist us in our ambitions.

The redevelopment and resurfacing of Area 1 in 2018 has been the most fantastic success. The area provides a much needed smooth flat surface and is being used on a daily basis, It has been a wonderful focus for teenagers on bikes and skateboards and young children who are learning to ride a bike or scooter and or starting on a skateboard.   Some of the older children are teaching and helping the younger children to develop their skills creating a wonderful sense of community.  There are also a number of skaters in their 50s and 60s. All groups are enjoying the space and playing alongside one another and establishing new links and bonds between the age groups sharing and using the space regularly.

SkateboardGB and BPCG believe that skateboarding, our strategic aspirations and the projects we aim to develop and deliver, aligns to DCMS and Sport England’s Vision and Outcomes within Towards an Active Nation in the following way:

Physical Wellbeing

  • Potential to engage a large cross-section of people who are not into traditional sports to get up and active.
  • It also has low barriers to entry – it is relatively cheap to begin to skateboard
  • Largely youth focused, skateboarding creates positive exercise and lifestyle habits
  • Allows participants to practice balance, coordination and strength

Mental Wellbeing

  • Skateboarding appeals and gives a positive, physical outlet to groups within society who are less likely to confront their mental wellbeing
  • Its link to other outlets such as art and music mean it has far-reaching mental health benefits including increased confidence and self esteem
  • The effects of Skateboarding on mental health have been proven to be positive – see “Go Skate Project Report” Brighton & Hove Council

Individual Development

  • Skateboarding is all about developing individual skill supported by an inclusive skating community
  • The lack of team element means there is no social pressure and boarders are encouraged to learn and grow at their own pace

Social & Community Development

  • Skateboarding has far-reaching positive social benefits for the community, providing solutions to difficult issues in a proactive way e.g. teen boredom and anti-social behaviour
  • Far-reaching socio-economic benefits e.g. reduction in crime, youth outlet
  • Skateboarding is non-discriminatory as it’s based purely on talent.  74,000 girls skated in 2016 and participation is on the rise (+24% in the past 6 months)
  • The sport isn’t age related. Whilst 85% of skateboarders are aged 16 and below, in the last year we have seen an increase of 23,000 adults getting back into skateboarding following the announcement of its inclusion in the Olympic Games. Many introducing their children to the sport and taking part together.
  • Skateboarding is inclusive of disadvantaged or minority groups
  • The effective development and use of public skateparks will be key to ensuring skateboarding improves local and community inclusion rates
  • Low cost to access

Economic Development

  • Potential value to the economy of £180m a year
  • Contributes to the growth of local economies by supporting small local skate shops and skating related businesses
  • Provision of skate parks offer the opportunity to regenerate run-down areas within community
  • Skateboarding engages hard to access millennial market and their disposable income
  • Individuals looking to make a career from skateboarding and providing jobs in the local community

Providing for Cyclists in Bingham

There is an amazing cycling community in Bingham Park with amazing energy and enthusiasm around cycling and many local cyclists exploring creative ways to enjoy their cycling in our local park. The Bingham Park’s project is creating several opportunities for cyclists. Halfords has seen an 89% increase in their cycle to work scheme and 33% say they will use their bikes more after lockdown.  Sales rise in bikes: kids 45%, junior 67%. The Pandemic has got people cycling, and we need to stimulate and maintain this growth with better facilities.

Area 3 (end court) will be a Learn to Ride area which will integrate areas of flat-land and small bumps for younger users to learn and progress and also create and integrate this cycling area into the skatepark. There will be a  specialist design to achieve this along with painting lines and designs.

Ridesheffield plans to run cycling sessions to encourage and improve cycling skills for youngsters and older riders.

BMX/Skatepark Opportunity. The provision of cycle area would provide a natural progression of young cyclists to the skatepark, to continue to develop their skill set and potentially lead into a passion for BMX freestyle.  Sheffield itself has a long and deep rooted BMX history with many riders from the area having an influence on riders across the globe for the past 15 years or so.

Cross Usage & Encouraging more people from a range of different backgrounds in under-represented groups The connectivity between a cycle area and skatepark have shown huge benefits, with cross usage of users between all 'wheeled' activities. The mini skatepark will be an amazing opportunity for local cyclists to enjoy evolving their skills on small bumps or more adventurous on the larger curves. 

High demand The local area is densely populated with young families, with huge demand for this type of facility, as there is little flat ground in the area for youngsters to learn to ride and develop their cycling skills. Almost every local child learns to ride a bike in Bingham! With many gardens being sloping and steep, these flat areas are essential to the local community.

Cycling like skateboarding attracts young people who tend not to engage in regular sports like  football, and cricket. and are currently missing out on the initiatives being delivered by other providers 15% of our users are from low income families. We are also attracting and focusing on increased participation from young and older female riders. Access will be free at all times and regular free  sessions provided. 

The co-location of all these sports in the same location will  encourage cross participation and interest throughout along with regular sessions run to encourage female participation and also over 50s sessions and beginner sessions in sports currently dominated by younger males and vice versa. Access to National Cycle Network. Porter Valley and our parent charity, Friends of Porter Valley and its national cycle routes ‘peak district to city centre’, just 200m away via a resurfaced cycle friendly path.

Sense of Community. BPCG resurfaced Area 1 in 2018 thanks to a mini campaign when we raised £8,000.The redevelopment and resurfacing of this area has provided a much needed smooth flat surface and is being used on a daily basis, by teenagers on bikes and skateboards and young children who are learning to ride a bike or scooter and or starting on a skateboard.   Some of the older children are teaching and helping the younger children to develop their skills creating a wonderful sense of community. 

Read on To Find Out More About BPCG and the Plans & How to Join In!

A bit of history and what has happened in the park so far?

Originally there were 9 courts, established in 1930s. There they stood until 2016 when we heard Sheffield City Council, who own the land, proposed to convert two of the courts to Parks Tennis for 'pay to play' courts, and the rest would go and be converted to grassy slopes!  

This is when BPCG came in!!  After BPCG’s first campaign in 2016 to keep the tennis courts, Sheffield City Council listened to us.  Sheffield Parks Department made an agreement with Bingham Park Community Group for three of the old courts to be left for BPCG to fundraise and redevelop as a Free Multi Use Games Area for the local community. 

So in 2017 Parks Tennis started up their pay to pay courts, the Council removed 4 courts and converted to grass landscaping and then BPCG's three courts were left. In 2018 BPCG had raised some funds to resurface the end court which is really well used and here we are with the final plans for netball/basketball, skatepark and scooter/cycle track. 

Sheffield City Council as owners of the park land have been vital to this development and  have continued to support and advice our project all along the way. They also provide access and support in allocating contractors and agree and continue to maintain the site in the long term.  

Our Partners and Charity

BPCG operates as a part of the charity Friends of Porter Valley(FoPV). FoPV are our parent charity and we share in their vision to ensure Bingham Park is there for the enjoyment of all and the benefit of future generations. The committee and members of FoPV have been an amazing support to BPCG both financially and in their time and support. 

We would like to thank all our volunteers, donors, (including local community, JG Graves Charitable Trust, Sheffield Town Trust)  the Sheffield Parks department, England Netball, England Basketball, Cycling UK, and Friends of Porter Valley and many others for their invaluable support in BPCG

The Volunteers?

BPCG has no paid staff and is entirely run by 15 skilled and committed volunteers from the local community. Everyone is welcome to join. The volunteers are a complete mix of people drawn together by our love of Bingham Park. We are local teachers, parents, grandparents, young people, teenagers, members of FoPV, local Councillors, members of Netball South Yorkshire and Basketball England, and packed up by a whole bunch of other supporters who love our park, our community, basketball, netball, skateboarding and cycling and just being outdoors!

Do you think you could help? Please Donate.Come and join us, new volunteers are joining all the time. Follow us on Facebook - @BinghamPark. 

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 If you require any further information please do contact our Volunteer Fundraising Team at [email protected]

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£20 Skateboard Lesson by one of our local experts.

A 30 min free one-to-one Skatepark lesson for a child or adult which will be provided by one of our superb local skaters. It will take place at Bingham Park current resurfaced area or at the redevelopment Skatepark when it is complete. Your choice! This will take place following Covid guidelines and can be taken at a later date if you prefer when further restrictions have been lifted.

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The Park has 25,000 visitors a year. The new facilities will be advertised, used and supported by Basketball England, England Netball and SkateboardGB Show your support for your local community and park.

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A £5 Voucher to spend at the Fabulous Greystones GILMOURS COFFEE SHOP on Greystones Road, opposite Greystones School.

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40 min Netball Lesson by a Netball England Coach

A free 40 min Netball Lesson provided by one of one of the professional coaches of !Netball England! It will take place at Bingham Park soon to be development high quality Netball/Basketball Court. This will take place following Covid guidelines and can be taken at a later date if you prefer when further restrictions have been lifted.

£30 or more

25 limited edition Project Swish basketballs

Basketball England are donating a fabulous 25 limited edition Swish basketballs as rewards for our crowd funder. Donations of £30 or above. Details of the ball here and Grab them whilst you can!!

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