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The club needs your help to fund its way through the coming hockey season and establish a long term plan that secures its financial future.

by Luton Town Hockey Club in Luton, United Kingdom

We're still collecting donations

On the 4th November 2023 we'd raised £25,006 with 112 supporters in 42 days. But as every pound matters, we're continuing to collect donations from supporters.

 New stretch target

- Go into schools and promote hockey.

- Increase Inclusion and cover overheads such as increasing pitch hire costs to allow additional sessions 

- Promote hockey to the local areas and in Socio-economic deprived areas.

- Try and promote hockey to those that are not already affiliated with other sports, and offer a different option to which is not being taught in schools.

Who We Are!

Established in 1992, Luton Town Hockey Club is a social, friendly club with a thriving and ambitious youth development programme. Alongside the junior programme the club currently runs 3 men's and 2 ladies sides with plans to expand participation of the sport within the town.



Following troubling economic struggles, COVID, increased expenses and the doubling of the cost of hockey pitch hire in the town, unfortunately Luton Town Hockey Club is, for the first time in its history, starting to struggle financially.

Without external economic support, Luton Town Hockey Club is currently facing uncharted waters, where it may be sent to the depths of the deep sea and not able to return.

We are appealing to those that can help support us through these troubling times, to allow us to continue to be a mainstay within the community and provide children and adults the access to a sport that provides not only a home, but an inviting safe space to be themselves and be a part of something that pulls the community closer. 

What will we do with funds raised!

Funds raised will be used for the increasing cost of pitch hire and equipment purchases. It will also allow the club to get into the community more by allowing us to put on additional events.

It will allow us to focus efforts to increase inclusion and cover overheads such as increasing pitch hire costs to allow additional sessions 

We will promote hockey to the local areas and in socio-economically deprived areas.

We will aim to promote hockey to those that are not already affiliated with other sports, and offer a different option to which is not currently being taught in schools.

Diversity & Inclusion

As you probably know Luton Town itself is a home to a wide variety of cultures and socio-economic backgrounds. We are proud to say that our club represents and celebrate diversity in all of its forms. Currently we have members from a huge variety of backgrounds including White British, Asian, Mixed Caribbean, White Irish, Asian British, Mixed African, Asian Indian, Asian Pakistani, Black African to name but a few. We also welcome those from the LGBTQ+ and have member representatives. 


As a a Hockey Club we want to continue to support our local community by giving back where we can. Please find below the types of support your donations will be giving to the local area.

Engaging with the Community

Local Schools

Luton Town Hockey Club has a long background in introducing local schools to sports such as hockey. 

As a club, we firmly believe we have to do our part to provide an alternative option to the UK's main sports such as Football, Rugby, Netball, Tennis etc.... 

Your donations will aid the financial aspects of these school visits, including expenses such as coach hire and equipment costs.

We have recently run a hockey festival alongside Luton School Games to promote our sport within school and give children the opportunity to try Hockey for the first time.


Half-Term Camps

On the back of the schools, we will be able to provide Half-Term Camps, which can provide alternative childcare options to families, while allowing children to learn valuable skills such as Teamwork and Communication.

These half-term camps are the perfect place for children to pick up a hockey stick for the first time and find a hobby and passion in which to thrive. We are continuing to further develop our inclusive club no matter your sporting ability, race, religion or economic background.


This Girl Can

Luton Town Hockey Club has is a big supporter of the Lottery Funded, Sport England Campaign, that allowed women to get active and play sport in the right way for them. 

As a club, we ran sessions inline with this campaign which saw an uptake of Ladies Memberships and allowed women to fall in love with a game that continues to lead the way in gender equality.


Community Outreach

Park Run

Throughout the year, the club loves to get involved within the local community. One way we have done this is via donating our time to be stewards at a local Park Run.

Although this activity does not need capital, the money that we raise through this project will enable us to be a mainstay in the community and in turn increase the reputation of the club throughout the town. This only has positive benefits on the local community as it means things such as, an increased number of people donating their time to the local community, while also providing the local community with the support it needs.


Food Bank

The Club supports our Luton Foodbank with collecting donations at Asda.


Bryn's Memorial and Macmillan Fundraiser

Each year, Luton Town Hockey Club host a 7-a-side hockey tournament and fun day in memory of Bryn, a player and coach who sadly lost his battle with cancer in 2019. This day welcomes all club members, existing and new, and the return of past members to play hockey and raise funds for Bryn’s chosen charity, Macmillan.


Caption: Bryn’s team, comprised of his friends made through LTHC and his wife Maxine (centre)

International Success!

By supporting us, you could be supporting a future super star. Our success isn't just local....

Luton Town Hockey Club has been home and a place where its members have thrived and pushed their boundaries. We have been fortunate to have members of this club go on to have some great International Success! Find out some more about a couple of those talented players below.

LTHC has not only been a springboard for the following individuals but for many others that had access to the club at whatever stage in their hockey career. There are a number of players at LTHC that have and are currently still growing  that have made their way through the England Development and Senior Programs, representing their local county, regions and national teams with their affiliated age group.

Emma Whitehall - GB Masters U45


"The last 35 years at Luton Town Hockey Club have given me so many happy memories, poignant moments and friendships that will last a lifetime. It is a friendly, welcoming and sociable club, with a unique ‘family’ feel, offering opportunities for competition, fun and fraternising both on and off the pitch."

Jordan Homann - England U16/18


"Having started my hockey experience in the Luton Youth section, I have achieved England status at u16/18"

"Hockey has given me so many opportunities in life like being able to go to a top university, to private school, to represent England and travel Europe. My journey and love for the sport all started at LTHC. The club have had such an important role of introducing me to hockey and developing me into the player I am today. It is great to still be able to come home to such a welcoming and supportive club. LTHC will always be my hockey home and where I hope to finish my hockey career."

Michael Crowson - England Masters


"Luton Town HC has always been my club. Not only have we achieved sporting success on the field over the many years I have played there, it has always provided inclusive quality hockey to all. It is the place where I have made lifelong friendships and remains a key part of my life."

Luton and its Economic Deprived Areas

Help us, help our Town.

Out of the 121 Neighbourhoods in Luton, 34 of them were among the 20 percent most-income deprived in England. 

Using the money generated from this project we will be able to reach out to these areas of the town as we are based in the centre of Luton, close to the most deprived areas. We will be able to keep hockey costs down for children and families, pitch costs themselves are making the sport unaffordable for our town.

According to the report Crime Rate and Safety in Luton "Luton is the most dangerous town in Bedfordshire, and is among the top 20 most dangerous overall out of Bedfordshire's 127 towns, villages, and cities.

When children and youth take part in sport they are less likely to fall into exploitation and harmful situations. "Sports participation is found to have a greater effect on violent crimes...". This finding is consistent across all specifications. The results indicate that a 10% increase in sports participation is associated with a fall in violent crimes between 0.97 and 1.56%." We want our town to be better and we want our children in our town to feel safe.

As a sports club we can play an integral part to safeguarding children and playing a part of the 'jigsaw' that is built around a child. We can't support children if we are unable to run regular training sessions, provide children with high aspirations and significant role models.

Your donations would go a long way in making this possible and potentially have an unrivalled positive impact on the youth of today.

Our Club




This project offered rewards

£1 or more

LTHC 2023-24 Membership Initial Payment

Please select this reward if you are looking to make your initial payment for your 2022-23 season membership.

£10 or more

£15 Tuck Shop Voucher

£15 voucher which can be redeemed in part.

£20 or more

Luton Junior Tournament Team Entry - RRP £25

Entry into the March 2024 Junior Tournament

£25 or more

Manicure or Pedicure - RRP £30

Manicure or Pedicure, based in Luton by Diana Nails& Academy Luton. Time/date of booking to be discussed directly with Beautician

£25 or more

1 Hour of Ironing - RRP £30/hr

Tired of ironing? Get 1 hour of ironing done for you by one of our very own player!

£30 or more

1 Player Entry for 2024 Summer League - RRP £35

Entry into LTHC Summer League for a Single Person. This is an all ability league run by LTHC to encourage those to get into hockey and play with family and friends

£30 or more

2023-24 Social Membership

One Social Membership for the 2023-24 season. This will give you

£35 or more

KS2 Primary Online Tuition - RRP £45/hr

Key Stage 2 Primary Teacher - to give 1 hour of online tuition. Qualified and experienced Primary School teacher. Times/date to be discussed directly

£35 or more

1hr Primary School Online Tutition - RRP £45/hr

An hour of online tuition for Primary Based Education by a qualified and experienced Primary School Teacher. Topic/theme to be discussed prior to lessons.

£45 or more

£50 Club Shop Vouchers

£50 Voucher to be redeemed from the club on all club kit!

£50 or more

Player Sponsorship - Men's 1 - RRP £60

Sponsor a Player for the 2023-24 season.

£50 or more

Player Sponsorship - Ladies 1's - RRP £60

Sponsor a Ladies 1's player for the 2023-24 season.

£50 or more

Sports Massage - Male Therapist - RRP £55

1 hour Sports Massage RRP £55 (Luton Based)

£50 or more

Sports Massage - Female Therapist - RRP £55

1 Sports Massage - RRP £55 (Luton Based)

£50 or more

1-2-1 Craft session - RRP £60

One to one art/design/craft session. Am or pm, approx 2 hours. Learn, design, create, make. Bespoke session. Indoors or outdoors. Young or old. 1 or 2 people. WithCr8tive121 with Artist Victoria Walker @vcr8tive

£50 or more

1 hour Online Keyboard Lesson - RRP £60

Learn how to play the keyboard with a 1 hour online Keyboard Lesson with Chris Jarvis.

£55 or more

EarlyBird Membership 2023/24 - Goalie w/ Kit

1 Membership for the 2023/24 season for a Goalie with Kit usually £60

£80 or more

Family Photo Shoot by AEB Photography - RRP £100

This covers a 60-90minute family photoshoot at home (can be moved to an outdoor location on request), 1 USB provided with all photos. (additional items can be requested for a fee - Bedfordshire based only)

£80 or more

Xmas Hamper - RRP £100

Xmas Hamper - RRP £100, includes wine, sweet and savoury food, which will be crafted and delivered by a Luton Town Hockey Club Member.

£90 or more

Juniors Under 9's Membership - Full Season

1 Membership for a full season of U9s 2023/24

£120 or more

Early Bird Membership 2023/24 - Unemployed

1 Unemployed Membership for the 2023/24 season usually £130

£130 or more

Early Bird Membership 2023/24 - Uni Student

1 Membership for a University Student usually £140

£130 or more

Junior Over 9s Membership - Full Season

Junior Over 9s Membership for a Full Season

£220 or more

Early Bird Membership 2023/24 - Half Season

Half Season Membership to LTHC for the 2023-24 season usually £230

£240 or more

Early Bird Membership 2023/24 - Colts

1 Full Membership for a Colt for the 2023/24 Season usually £250

£250 or more

LTHC Coaching Project

LTHC have been working with schools to offer Hockey Coaching for the day. LTHCs coaches will come to you and offer coaching at whatever level of hockey you require for 1 school day.

£250 or more

Early Bird Membership 2023/24 - P/T Employment

1 Part Time Employment Membership usually £260

£275 or more

Early Bird Membership 2023/24 - New Senior

1 New Senior Membership for the 2023/24 usually £285

£440 or more

Early Bird Membership 2023/24 - Full Membership

Full Membership to LTHC for the 2023/24 season usually £460

£1,000 or more

Umpire Sponsorships - RRP £1,500

Your company logo will be displayed on all Luton Town Hockey Club umpiring shirts until the end of 2025-26 season

£1,500 or more

Training Kit Sponsorship

Your donation will provide new training bibs and training equipment for the whole club and in return you will have your company logo or name printed across each official training shirt and bib until our new kit is released for the 2026/27 season.

£15 or more

Home Cleaning (1hour) - RRP £20/hr

Household cleaning services by Starkey Sparkles. Can purchase multiple sessions. Job / requirements to be discussed in person prior to job.

£20 or more

Crochet Lesson - RRP £30

1 hour at home beginner crochet lesson in person, by Sophie Stitches. Materials provided. Luton based only. Date and time negotiated directly.

£35 or more

Bespoke Birthday Cake - RRP £50

A bespoke birthday cake from Becca Bakes. Delivery in Luton only. Date and design to be discussed with the Baker Directly.

£45 or more

Afternoon Tea for 4 - home delivery - RRP £60

A vintage afternoon tea delivered to your home for 4 people. Crockery, set up and food provided. By Molly Makes. Luton Based only. Dietary requirements discussed prior to order. Includes a selection of sandwiches, cakes, scones, jam, biscuits, cream and tea.

£50 or more

1hr Record Factory Tour for 4 people!

A ONE OFF! - Local Business, Diamond Black have offered a guided tour through the Record Plant famous for its production of Vinyl records. Date / Time to be negotiated directly with company

£5,000 or more

Club Coaching Sponsorship

This will be a sponsorship for the LTHC coaches. Your donation will contribute to the costs of coach hire for the whole of the hockey club

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