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by Rejoin EU Party in London, Greater London, United Kingdom

We did it
On 27th February 2024 we successfully raised £670 with 22 supporters in 35 days

Brexit is unfairly hurting London but politicians just aren't listening. We're going to change that. We're running in the Mayoral Elections.

by Rejoin EU Party in London, Greater London, United Kingdom

UPDATE: £8,000 Matching Funds announced

We are extremely excited to announce that we have received £8,000 in match funding. That means that from now until we reach the eight thousand mark, our Match Fund Donors will double your donation. 

If you give £100, they will too. Doubling the power of your donation. But there is a catch - if we don’t reach £6,000 on the crowdfunder my mid February they’ll pull out. Help us reach that goal in time and chip in to the Rejoin campaign.


London has been abandoned by Keir Starmer and Rishi Sunak. London has been left to face the savage realities of Brexit, while politicians waste time, ignoring the people, battling each other for personal power. We’re looking for funding to run a loud and proud campaign to put real pressure on those politicians because no more will London let Brexit hurt us. Help us crowdfund to run in the London Mayoral and broadcast the Rejoin message to millions. 

£9,500 of lost income for every household in London says the GLA. Enough to feed a family of four for a year.

That’s just a number however, the real Brexit harm is felt in homes across the city. Last year the winter saw astronomical energy bills which forced many to freeze in their own homes. People have never relied on food banks like this before - and the vast majority of those that don’t have still been forced to change their shopping habits, not able to buy the food they want. Did you know that treats like Spanish hams to Italian cheeses imported to Britain are set to double this year thanks to a new Brexit rule

There are 300,000 less jobs in London due to Brexit and no easy way to get work abroad in Europe, which, to his credit, Sadiq Khan recognises

This means that London’s young people have less of a future than before Brexit. Parents might never see their children get a real meaningful job. Young people see a world out to get them, stealing their jobs, their futures and their lives. 

This doesn’t even begin to touch the industry that keeps Britain afloat, the financial sector. Companies and investments are leaving the UK at an alarming rate. The numbers are shocking, and you can read all about that even in the Brexit backing The Telegraph

What's our plan?

This year is the year of elections. That means we, the citizens of London, have an opportunity to demand what is ours. More importantly we can add to the real tangible mounting pressure on Westminster so whoever is the Prime Minister Next year knows that London wants an end to Brexit misery. 

In addition to our work for the General Election we want to stand in the London Mayoral and Assembly elections. Even though we are small, because of the change to the voting system, we can have real sway on the results. London is a city of pro-Europeans, yet the Conservatives have stood a pro-Brexit candidate. In this election everyone’s vote matters. 

The real impact of this election is our party exposure. If we raise our target, raising the minimum deposit to stand, we will be able to broadcast our message across London. We will get press coverage and we will put pressure on politicians to address Brexit. If we exceed the target we boost the campaign fund and give us the ability to push the message, through campaigns, to the millions of people in London. The message that Brexit must be reversed. 

Who are the Rejoin EU party?

We are a small single issue party set up to apply pressure at the ballot box to get Brexit undone. We’ve been steadily campaigning in various elections and also stood in the Mayoral and Assembly elections in 2021 where altogether we got almost 100,000 votes for Rejoin. 

Our current party leader is Brendan Donnelly, a former Conservative MEP, working with former labour and Lib Dem members, going to show how politically diverse we are as a team. Coming from all walks of life and from all sides of the political spectrum we are united with a common cause: To turn around the terrible impacts that Brexit has had on our lives. We’ve all been personally affected by Brexit, we’ve all seen the cost of living crisis exacerbated by Brexit, but some of us have lost businesses, some of us have been blocked from studying abroad. WE are united with a common cause: Rejoin the EU. 

Incidentally if you like to Join the Rejoin EU Party click here.

Disclaimer: The funds raised will be used by our candidate for Mayor of London to finance their deposit. The Rejoin EU Party holding company will issue a financial instrument to that candidate to evidence that transfer. In the event of said candidate not standing, the Rejoin EU Party will require said person to return the funds to the party account to be used on other Rejoin EU campaigns.

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