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by London Dance Academy in London, England, United Kingdom

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Using the latest technology, we'll bring our studio to you 24/7. Take total control of how you train with Live and On Demand classes

by London Dance Academy in London, England, United Kingdom

We're still collecting donations

On the 15th February 2021 we'd raised £10,054 with 106 supporters in 28 days. But as every pound matters, we're continuing to collect donations from supporters.

 New stretch target

Adapt our practices and premises to the “new normal”, whilst still providing an essential service to the local and global dance community.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, London has seen a rise in depression, obesity, suicide, addiction and loneliness, which is why it is more important than ever that people have access to our services.

Exercise should be accessible to everyone.

With enforced reduced capacity, coupled with understandable reluctance to attend live classes during a global pandemic, it is becoming increasingly difficult to provide these essential services.

We have a strong commitment to supporting young people. We currently subsidise classes for local university dance societies and we would love to do more to help young people develop their creative skills and talent across further disciplines.

Our challenge is twofold; firstly to reassure our clients by updating our premises in a way that inspires more confidence in direct access.

Second, to provide high quality online services to allow greater access to those who cannot attend in person. Creating a high quality recording/streaming studio allowing us to provide our services more effectively online, further building on our commitment to young people by providing affordable recording studio access to local youth groups.

The world is changing, and we’re about to take an exciting leap forward. We've had to ask ourselves a lot of hard questions this year. With dance studios like ours sadly closing down, our response is to focus on our evolution.


What is LDA(Play)?

Our brand new service will bring London Dance Academy to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. LDA(Play) will offer on-demand classes from a wide range of dance & fitness disciplines, which will allow you to have complete control over how, where and when you train. You will be able to access the platform on mobile, tablet and desktop - more information on how this works will be available at the end of the campaign. 

LDA(Play) will be launching with at least 30 classes in April 2021. Every month we'll be adding around 30 new classes, regularly providing you with fresh content.

To give you an idea of the classes that will be available within the first couple of months, we've attached an overview below:



Limitless Creativity to Train Wherever You Like

If you could describe your perfect dance studio, where would it be? Now you can train wherever you like with LDA(Play). We’ll bring you the classes - where you train is up to you. The only limit is your imagination.


24/7, 365 Access

Never miss a class again - press a button, boom! We're in your room!


Your Pace, Your Choice

London Dance Academy has always promoted learning at your own pace. This is just taking it one step further, giving you even more freedom. With LDA(Play), we are giving you the ability to play, pause, rewind and fast-forward our classes to match your lifestyle.


Become the Best Version of Yourself

The talent and experience of our teachers is the backbone of London Dance Academy. We have a reputation for having some of the best teachers in our industry. This may seem biased, but when you come to a class, you will soon realise their wealth of knowledge, and their enthusiasm to share it with you really speaks for itself!


What is LDA(Live)?

When you feel like having more personal attention from your teacher and real time laughs with friends, you can join any of our interactive, live classes. LDA(Play) and LDA(Live) together give you the ultimate training experience online.


Why are we developing this?

With our studio temporarily shut due to COVID-19, providing consistent work for our teachers, ensuring we all have a studio to come back to and supporting our students and industry is paramount.


Our limited-edition apparel will be made by us at the studio, screen printed by hand, designed by our team and inspired by our teachers. Each t-shirt and tote bag will be unique, the colour and gradient will change due to the thickness of ink, so expect a one of a kind item.

We'll post updates keeping you involved in the design process, so that you can comment on the colours you like best.

Here are some of the designs we are working on, what do you think? Feel free to leave a comment.


Overview of the Pledges


Who are London Dance Academy?

London Dance Academy is a legendary dance studio in Old Street, offering innovative classes in dance, pole, yoga, circus and fitness. We cater for all levels, from complete beginners to professional dancers.

We began in 2005 as ‘LAP’, teaching in gyms and dance studios across London. Since then we have taught over 50,000 students from a variety of backgrounds.
We opened our own studio in 2012, helping to regenerate Shoreditch and just 2 years later we were voted 'best local fitness joint' by The London Guide.

Our City Our Responsibility

Some of the accomplishments we are most proud of are being invited by both London Mayors to be involved in the DOT.London and London is Open campaigns.

Our CEO, Melissa, was asked to close the speeches at the City of London Creative Arts Dinner in 2019, sharing her experiences with graduates wishing to enter the industry.

We choreographed the Aerial Yoga finale for Stella McCartney & adidas for London Fashion Week. Our teachers have performed at the Brit Awards, and we recently hosted a promotional event with Sony, Elle and The Metro to promote the movie 'Hustlers' with Jennifer Lopez.

We believe fitness should be fun and accessible for everyone; we've always offered subsidised and free classes and continue to support organisations that directly help those who need it.

Our classes have always promoted a healthier work-life balance through the power of movement. We continue to protect the heritage of London’s independent dance schools by supporting our local community and economy. We provide employment, as well as a safe, inspiring place for people to train and create.

Structure and Routine

Since the beginning of the pandemic the world has seen a rise in depression, obesity, suicide, substance abuse, loneliness and heart disease.

We will continue to adapt our practices and premises to the “new normal”.
LDA(Play) and LDA(Live) are the next steps for us to help you maintain structure and routine.

Our ethos is and has always been inclusivity. We pride ourselves on providing classes for everyone, regardless of ability, budget or confidence levels. 

We regularly hold events that support artists. “Gloria! Digital Pride Festival” was a shining example of what our values represent - an event to celebrate with our LGBTQ+ community, providing work and support for performing artists throughout Europe, bringing unity and laughter when we needed it most.


Because We Believe

This is more than just a campaign asking for donations - this is a call to action to help us ensure a bright and glorious legacy for the future of Dance worldwide.

Because You Belong

We all met at London Dance Academy, some of us have been friends for years due to our shared love of dance, zest for life and common values.

Since 2005 you have been our driving force and we want to give you something solid to look forward to.

Our journeys continue to evolve, but in our hearts we’re all part of the London Dance Academy family.

We Believe - We Belong - We are London Dance Academy

From the tips of our pointed toes, to the bottom of our poles, thank you for your amazing support!


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90 Minute Workshop with Melissa

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1 month LDA(Live) online unlimited (£199) + 6 months of LDA(Play) (£119.94) + Limited edition, hand printed tote bag (£10) & ethically sourced cotton T-shirt (£25) + 2 hour Workshop (£25). Saving you £163.94.

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1 month LDA(Live) online unlimited (£199) + 6 months of LDA(Play) (£119.94) + Limited edition, hand printed tote bag (£10) & ethically sourced cotton T-shirt (£25) + 2 hour Workshop (£25) + hand printed, one of a kind hoodie (£45) for the first 20 supporters. Saving you £208.94.

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