local Reform UK general election campaign

by Maria Bowtell, Reform UK - Prospective Parliamentary Candidate in Bridlington, England, United Kingdom

local Reform UK general election campaign
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On 20th June 2024 we successfully raised £1,214 with 26 supporters in 28 days

Raising money for leaflets, banners, posters and more. Lets get the news out there! VOTE REFORM UK for BRIDLINGTON AND THE WOLDS We Can Win!

by Maria Bowtell, Reform UK - Prospective Parliamentary Candidate in Bridlington, England, United Kingdom

The General Election is going to be here in no time! 4th July 2024!!

The constituency of East Yorkshire long held by Conservative Gregg Knight but with boundary changes and current polling, the New Constituency named Bridlington and the Wolds has a perfect opportunity to say NO MORE to the illusion of choice and the absurdity of only being able to vote for the least worst!

I need your help! the country needs constituencies like ours to be brave and to vote for what they believe.

The biggest hurdle I face as your Reform UK Parliamentary Candidate, is that we're not funded in the way the conservatives or Labour are. We're relying on local people like you to chip in and support. 

With your support I intend to purchase enough leaflets to cover each home at least once, put up numerous posters and banners in prominent areas as well as car stickers and rosettes. 

We have very little time to make the biggest impact so any amount of support you can offer will be hugely appreciated!


A little about Maria Bowtell your Reform UK Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Bridlington and the Wolds (which covers Market Weighton, Driffield across to Flamborough, Bridlington and down past Hornsea to Mappleton ....and everywhere in-between!)

I'm a locally born and raised Old Bridlingtonian. I love our rich coastal and farming communities as well as our unique market towns and highstreets.

The people of East Yorkshire deserve better! The infrastructure is already struggling and the inequalities in just healthcare as one example leaves the NHS services fit to bursting point, yet all these new houses need to be built. Yet we need these houses, mortgages and rents are sky high because demand is so high, with little thanks to broken immigration promises from the conservatives. There hasn't been a week go by recently that I haven't had an email as a councillor of someone in dire need of housing. Our roads are in 'Managed Decline' and our hospital is powered by air source heat pumps and solar panels just to have empty wards and reducing outpatient appointments year on year.

It's because of these issues and the fact I want to be the best role model I can be for my son that I'm standing. I want him to play his part in a nation that he is proud of and that he can watch go from strength to strength. Not to watch it crumble before his eyes with no hope of owning a home and little to no opportunities due to businesses withdrawing from the UK markets because of rollercoaster business rates and unstable government decisions made by first past the post career politicians.

My background is in project management after a few years of working for the banking sector I went into IT and from a management and process development position I moved to work on an international innovation project with plant breeders. I have also worked in estimating, construction and most recently food quality management while undertaking my work as an elected Ward Councillor for East Riding of Yorkshire Council. 

I have put my name forwards to become an MP because I was taught that you can't complain if you're not willing to step up and help yourself.  - Same applies, you can't complain if you didn't vote! (honestly I've complained even though I did because I don't know one promise from 2019 that has been kept by the conservatives!

If you're in support of Reform UK and by association 'Me' please donate so I can spread the word that Reform UK can and will win in Bridlington and the Wolds on the 4th July 2024!

Thank you for reading this far and I am happy to answer any questions you may have on politics locally or nationally as well as how the money will be spent to get the best results.

Many blessings,

Maria Bowtell

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