Lino Prints for Lebanon (Menna w Fina)

by Rachel Smith in Tripoli, Tripoli, Lebanon

Lino Prints for Lebanon (Menna w Fina)
We did it
On 14th September 2020 we successfully raised £4,686 with 124 supporters in 28 days

Support Lebanese communities during complex crises - and treat yourself to an original artwork in the process.

by Rachel Smith in Tripoli, Tripoli, Lebanon

New stretch target

The extra money will allow Menna w Fina to support more people - whether that is through direct distribution of essentials, or towards a larger aim of growing and producing food for the community. 

In the aftermath of the devastating explosions in Beirut on 4th August, the situation in Lebanon is looking bleak. Even before this unprecedented disaster, people were already suffering the crippling effects of hyperinflation and the most severe economic crisis since the country's independence, coupled with the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. Friends in Tripoli, Lebanon's second city, have been telling me the reality of the living situation for almost a year, and I have felt helpless to support in a tangible way. Thankfully, the internet and social media makes it so much easier to connect people in need directly with people willing to help, and I hope this project will do just that.

This project presents an opportunity for you to donate directly to a community initiative working in two of the poorest neighborhoods in Tripoli, Lebanon. Money raised by this print sale will go directly to Menna w Fina - a community initiative run by trusted community leaders - who respond to people's most urgent needs.

In exchange for your kind donations, you get the choice of one of two hand-printed lino cuts. Both lino prints represent images of Fairuz فيروز - "the First Lady of Lebanese singing" - an icon in Lebanon and throughout the Middle East. These lino prints are handmade (by me) and produced in a small flat in Dalston.


Option 1: 'Le Beirut'


Option 2: 'Fairuz in the Morning'

Art for the people. What could be better?

Who do Menna w Fina support?

Tripoli is Lebanon’s second largest city, with Bab el Tabeneh and Jabel Mohsen being the poorest areas of it. Unemployment has long been rife, and the majority of people in these communities live in overcrowded, damaged homes together with extended family - often subsisting on a day-to-day basis on money generated by the one or two family members able to find work from selling coffee in the street or working in small businesses or shops.

Life for people in these impoverished communities is now more precarious than ever. Whilst some degree of recovery was made following previous years of war, the recent revolution and COVID-19 lockdowns combined with the latest economic crisis mean costs have skyrocketed. The Lebanese Lira in which wages are earnt was for many years pegged securely to the dollar, but in recent months has suffered near 80% inflation (meaning that what is officially a salary of $300 now only buys around $60 worth of goods). As most food and commodities are imported, less is now available, and many are unable to afford basic necessities like infant formula, hygiene products, and food.

Menna w Fina is a local initiative powered by working groups within these communities that work to identify the most urgent needs and priorities at the time, and design and rapidly implement appropriate, sustainable responses. 100% of the funds raised from this print sale will go to where support is needed the most.


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£25 or more

Le Beirut

Le Beirut Lino cut of Fairuz hand-printed on Hosho Japanese paper with water-based ink. 143mm x 199mm Delivery September 2020

£25 or more

Fairuz in the morning

Fairuz in the morning Lino cut of Fairuz hand-printed on Hosho Japanese paper with water-based ink. 143mm x 199mm Delivery September 2020

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