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To make a film with themes around mental health and female empowerment to be sent to international film festivals and to be released online

by Elementi Media in Bournemouth, England, United Kingdom


Hi! We are Elementi Media - a small group of passionate filmmakers, bringing films with beautiful stories to life, led by our director Ilze Millere and producer Carl Bradshaw. Our vision is to create films that celebrate the creative and the thought provoking and sharing stories that move and challenge. Our first film, the short experimental drama Promise, was screened in three international film festivals, and our second film, the 45-minute long Quadratura, has just been selected in its first two festivals.

We have gathered a whole team of enthusiastic, talented and hardworking filmmakers who we can proudly call our friends. We've successfully worked together on projects before and we are all driven by the passion to create films that are somehow unique.

Watch our first short film Promise:

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Limerence is a dark modern fantasy with the elements of psychological drama, mystery, romance and suspense. It is a fairytale for adults.

Limerence is a story about love and obsession. Its themes are power, passion, loneliness, witchcraft, mind and dreams.

It teaches that everyone must fight their dark side and enjoys a little bit of power, and that you can’t ask for love before learning to love yourself first.

Limerence follows Gilda as she falls in love with her dream girl Roysia. After gaining dangerous powers with the help of a mysterious Book, she tries to make Roysia hers, not realising how changing one life will impact many others.

There are two parallel dimensions in the world of Limerence – Ruheya (from the German ‘die Ruhe’ which means ‘silence’) and Renuan (from the German ‘Raunen’ which means ‘whisper’).

Ruheya is known as ‘the silent world’ as it is more ordinary, rational and modern.

Renuan is often called ‘the world of whispers’ as people are more open-minded to things that aren’t ordinary, everyone knows how to use magic and is surrounded by deities and demons.

The main character Gilda lives in Ruheya but was born in Renuan where her parents are from, which is why she is is connected and drawn to the magical, dark and mysterious, even though she doesn’t understand why.

The story of Limerence is told through three complex female characters - Gilda, Roysia and Hedi. Just like all the other characters in this film, they all fit a traditional fairy-tale archetype to create that fairy-tale atmosphere, inspired by the Brothers Grimm.


We have three core values we will be concentrating on while producing Limerence - mental health, equal gender representation and sustainability.

Limerence is more than a fantasy film - it is a project tackling, representing and raising awareness for 3 important issues, and the 1st one of them is mental health.
Limerence will represent loneliness and PTSD symptoms and the results of growing up with anxiety and struggles around sexuality, and will therefore raise awareness and educate audiences about mental illnesses.
We are also going to collaborate with Dorset Mind to raise awareness of the support they offer locally and to make sure that we represent mental health issues in this film accurately and with sensitivity!

Led by a female director and 1st AD, with women leading all the artistic departments and with strong female characters in the centre of the story, Limerence will be a project that offers a fair representation of women in the film industry. The story itself will also offer a complex representation of gender and sexuality, breaking away from stereotypes.

In the top-grossing 100 films (2018), only 4% of directors were women and only 31% of protagonists were female characters (Center for the Study of Women in Television and Film).

With a skilled and hard-working cast and crew consisting of men and women from different backgrounds, Limerence will celebrate diverse talent.

As our director Ilze is passionate about zero-waste lifestyle, she is dedicated to make Limerence as sustainable as possible. This will be done with steps like buying food and other products for the cast & crew in local markets and refillable zero-waste shops, sourcing costumes and props in charity shops and avoiding the use of single-use plastic during the production.

As the majority of the film cast and crew are vegetarian or vegan, there will also be a limited use of animal products during this production.

There will also be regular posts written on a blog called ZeroSet, designed to talk about sustainable film sets and run by Ilze.


Limerence is an ambitious project with ambitious goals. Our budget has been roughly calculated by the producer Carl to figure out how much funding we need to secure and where it will go.

As you can see, the majority for the funding is going for accommodation and location because those are both combined into one place. Our plan is to hire out a manor in the woods which would provide us with all the locations needed for filming, as well as with the accommodation for the cast and crew to spend their time during the filming.

Other important areas are costume and set design because those are essential to creating the look and the atmosphere for the film. We aim to produce a dark, gritty fantasy film that resolves around the red, green, black and white colours and earthy tones, and that has elements of vintage, magic and paganism. 

Finally, there is money needed to pay for the services of our cast and crew who have already started to work on this project and are dedicated to make it as good as possible. 

To raise this money, we have been reaching out to other companies and film producers who would be able to support Limerence. We have already been meeting people and started conversations with them. 

And of course, we are looking for your help. Whether you can donate some money or know someone who can or you just share Limerence and talk about it to others - we will hugely appreciate the help. If you believe in our values, if this project sounds like something you'd like to see - please help us out! Thank you very much :)


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