Lilian Baylis Playground

by Old Lilian Baylis Play in London, England, United Kingdom

Lilian Baylis Playground

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To raise funds to upgrade the playground on the social housing side of the development, to make it the centre of play for all children.

by Old Lilian Baylis Play in London, England, United Kingdom

The whole idea behind the Lilian Baylis Old School development was to make it a community and this hasn’t been the case. After our story exploded in the media about segregated play and changed laws nationally, we wanted to make sure there was a space for all children from our development, whether that be from private ownership, shared ownership or social housing, to be able to play together in an attractive, inviting and fun play area.

The current playground is not fit for purpose or used due to broken equipment, broken and poor lighting, dangerous flooring and uninspiring play features.

We are raising money to upgrade the playground, making it the central hub of the development for the growing families within it. One that can lead the way for all other current and future developments to aspire to.

After the limit on play for millions of children around the world this last year; and the importance of play for children’s development,  we think it’s imperative kids get to play freely and safely outdoors and want that for our community.

We understand our community is not just our development, it’s the surrounding areas, so our playground would be open to all and we would welcome all children from the surrounding estates.

We have a team of children and play experts ready to lend their time to make this playground the envy of the city. So please get donating and be part of something special! 

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