Lighting Up Christmas

by Garden Quarter Association in Chester, England, United Kingdom

Lighting Up Christmas

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To bring whatever Christmas cheer we can to the neighbourhood

by Garden Quarter Association in Chester, England, United Kingdom

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All money will go into the Garden Quarter accounts, used to fund community projects and activities

This time each year the Events Committee of the Garden Quarter Residents and Traders Association begin finalising plans for the Christmas Market (our biggest annual fundraiser) and the musical extravaganza that is the Garden Lane Lights Switch-On. Normally these are preceded by a number of fundraising events across the year. Unfortunately, in these times of social distancing, we have been kept quiet and will be kept quiet for the foreseeable future. But if we can't be heard, we can at least be seen and so plans remain to mount trees along Garden Lane and to light up our busiest thoroughfare throughout the cold, dark month of December.

However, this costs money. We are often grateful for contributions from our traders but this year it is felt they have been struggling more than most while still (when rules allow) providing valuable services. We are therefore asking for support from any members of our wider community who could help in any way. Halloween proved that there are many among us who still want to make things happen - if you can't afford to help financially but have ideas then please share them via our social media pages or by emailing [email protected] or [email protected].

A depleted bank balance will not stop Christmas from coming but a healthier bank balance will allow us to begin planning for the community events and street parties post-Covid. While we are not able to organise any large social events this year, we are still planning to create some activities, whether socially distanced or online. Watch this space!


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